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Resto Shaman help me improve plz - updated logs for BRF

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Does anyone know what Raid frames this shaman is using?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN_iwHuWa_A  It also looks like he is using TellMeWhen. I like how the debuffs pop out, I just dont like frames that are click to heal. Gets way to complicated for me trying to remember what combination of keys are bound to heal what.


It's almost certainly Vuh'do from the way it looks. WeakAuras can do all the same things as TellMeWhen, providing that you program or import the relevant auras :-)


I tried using vudo but I got confused in the setup, I know healbot is click to heal so I wont use that one either. I dont mind my Elvui - I just still can't figure out how to show other healers heals. Like if I priest has renew up, I want to see it, if they are bubbled show me. Im sure this can get a little crazy tho with all the druid hots. I tried Grid2 since Grid isnt working, but again I'm lost in the setup and give up. 


I think it's just one of those things which you have to practice hard the first time you use it, but once you've got used to it you can't go back. It's much like using a Naga or a G600 - weird at first and your first raid or two are pants, but once you get over the barrier you just play better overall. I'd recommend that you spend a week running Heroics or *shudder* LFR to properly trial that kind of system.

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Riesen - thanks for your comments. I look forward to seeing some logs. Especially any tips you have on M-Tectus and M-Brack please.





Sorry for my late respond. I went on a holiday and totally forgot to reply before leaving.

Also it seems like our Raid Leader been lazy with enabling the Logs so I don't have a log :/ But we will do the boss again at Wednesday and will then log the encounter myself.


About the M-Bracken/Tectus. I only tried Tectus once (before leaving) so I don't have any tip about it. But about Bracken, I actually run with the same talents I do on Twins. (will include more about those further down).

But basically I really like the Conductivity. Also, I didn't think it was an healer issue but an group issue.

Players find it hard to stack to get the blue mushroom to spawn on the green mushroom, also they had issue to interupt the damn add. I later made a macro to interupt him if players had issue with the tsunami.


It's hard to actually give any tips since we probably dont have the same healer setup or  the same Healing Team leader xD

But, best is to save you Ascendance for Infesting Pores > if you think one of your healers wont be able to heal everyone up with their healing CD. (e.g, our Druid was going to pop Tranq alone on the first pores, so I decided to pop Ascendance which made the healing easier). 

Elemental blast > Ascendance > Ancestal Swiftness > healing rain > your rotation.




About EB / High Tide / Conductivity. Stoove manage to mention some of the things.

Basically regular heals proc with Conductivty (healing wave/ healing surge).

High Tide: I use the Glyph of chaining along with riptide (if possible).

Most of the encounters, I manage to stay at the top by simply using Riptide > Unleash life > Ancestral Swiftness > Chain Heal.

Though, in a progress guild, you should only use it if it's necessary, but can be really fun in pugs ;p


Elemental Blast, Even though I dont find mana as an issue, I still get more mana with it to e.g spamm some extra Healing Surge.

Also I'm a huge with 500 extra stats you can get.

Unleashed fury is good, but I like EB more. Even though Mana is not an issue most of the time, it can come a encounter when Mana will be an issue. E.g Twins if Paladins don't have  BoP ready and to many players ran into Fire or got hit by Shield Charge. Since I run with Glyph of chaining, I can pop healing surge once or twice before using it again.



About the Video, have in mind that Twins is not a DPS race. I personally think you should show your leader the video since it will increase your healing even more and wont even affect the raid. I will also try to record our fight or even stream it if possible so you can see how easy the boss actually is.

I have to admit that our raid first ran like idiots all over the place and made the encounter harder than it is.


To be entirely honest, even if your HPS ain't at max, it's usually a Team issue. At our first down, we had to sort several things out. Stampeding "rawr" at the right moment. Hunter's Fox at the right moment. Remember to stack at the right moment.

Avoid shit at the right moment. Also, if you took a look at the video, it's actually better to get one stack on the fire than running like a bloody idiots 10miles away.


It also seems like we downed the boss before the time I mentioned, totally forgot about it. My HPS is terribly and the tactic I mentioned were not used. So, if players can avoid shit and you use other spells properly (not mainly for your side) It's possible to down the boss without being an access to the raid. I think I had ilvl 650 with some blue gear.


I can probably mention the healing setup we used on Twins along with my CDs if you want. 

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Thanks Riesen, been told we're not going to do M-Twins any more, trying for progression to get Tectus or Bracken down before BRF comes out. We attempted Tectus 1 night last week and the RL pretty much gave up. Banged our heads against a wall for 3 hours straight never trying to adjust his strategy or take feedback for adjustments. Similarly did the same on Bracken last night. I thought M-Bracken was 10x easier (at least to see), way more fun of a fight and could be an easier kill. 


On M-Bracken out of 24 attempts we died 13 times to missing the Decay interrupt, 5 deaths to not enough healing on Infesting Spores. Granted 5 of the 13 deaths to decay was a combined with seconds later infesting spores. I find it funny our RL is going to blame low dps and not enough healing to our wipe fest last night and not 1 single mention of missed interrupts, when 11 of those misses was on the RL; yet granted 7 of those 11 anyone else in the raid could have helped on interrupts too. Honestly though as far as I'm concerned if an interrupt is missed its pretty much a wipe anyhow regardless of healing. Correct me if I'm wrong?!?


Last night I went with AS, EB and HT talents. Thought I did well at using EB each time it was up, tried to time my AS with 1st Infesting Spore to toss down HR and Asc - started doing this about 1/2 way through our night and use my HTT for 2nd InfSpr.

First few attempts I was on the bottom again as other healers were near double my HPS, as we got more past the first 1.5 min of the fight and we were dying I noticed other healer #s going up. To me I felt like I was robbing the meters, but got tired of being on the bottom and since I think this is what the other healers were doing I decided to do the same thing. To me it seemed like other healers were hitting their big CDs just before death to make their #s look better, so sadly I started to. At least I wasnt on the bottom anymore throughout most of the rest of the night, I was usually 2 or 3 out of 5 healers (1 of each class: Shaman, Monk, Druid, HPally, DPriest [who was Holy 1/2 the fight]).


Who knows what we're going to do tomorrow night...easy Kargath kill then hopefully back to Bracken.


I'm going to look tonight, but if anyone happens to have a raid healing CD suggestion list for M-Bracken please share. I liked the one Stoove provided for Twins, maybe he can find one for Brack wink.png If we have 5 adds that come out and I'm hitting my 2 CDs at 1:00 and 2:00 min marks, I'm picturing a very ugly middle - hopefully with 5 healers if we space them out properly it wont be too bad. 

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twins is a lot easier than the other two, what was the specific reason for giving up on twins?

i looked at your most recent m twins logs on 1/18, you have 50% overhealing on HTT and 80% overhealing on ascendance. rather than using your big cds when your raid leader tells you (spores/quake) wait until the damage goes off a decent amount. not only are you wasting well over half of your huge cds, you aren't benefiting from your mastery (your main stat).

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We got Twins down on the 18th, 10 wipes, 1 kill then 5 wipes on Tectus.

I'll post the logs again, I didn't do well I died twice during that fight... 1st to whirlwind w/ pulverize - I got sucked into ww popped ghost wolf trying to run away and just didn't see the pulverize come down, lastly to pulverize that also killed 9 people at the very end. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NQ3JjGLXpwAfxY1b#fight=11&type=healing

If you look at our problems during this fight - its pretty ugly as well. I watched a replay of this fight and we dont stack well, people run all over a lot of times. This past week I was really just testing out CBT, though I think I'll be going back to High Tide on most fights. 

It was my bad for never hitting SLT, I was trying to time it when I didnt have Asc up for Enfeebling, but that didnt happen, I wasnt close enough (too busy dodging fire or pulverize). I dont like to drop SLT when there is only 2-3 people around, but I know not using it at all is worse.

I think one of our big problems is having 0 ZERO healing direction in Mythic. We have a healing officer, they just dont ever do, set up or say anything. Yes I can pop my CDs when I think its best rather than waiting on the RL to call out, but after looking at logs the healers completely missed any big CDs for nearly 2min in the middle of the our M-Twins kill. I hit my HTT 7 seconds after priest PW:Barrier and then a pally hit Dev Auro 5 seconds after my HTT. I know we need much better coordination and I think we run too many healers 1/2 the time, which usually would leave me on the bottom and asked to either dps or step out.


Our other problem is our raid attendance. First time we 18 manned M-Kargath and 19 manned M-Twins. So we pretty much need to take everyone that logs on and do our best. At least the RL realized this issue yesterday and starting on Friday nights we are going to be pugging Heroic in hopes of recruiting. RL said he's opened recruitment on everything except tanks. Now I'm extremely worried about my raid spot. We already have too many healers and if he's opening for healer positions I can only guess that means to potentially replace me. RL before acknowledged that shamans are the worst healers atm. I've been practicing this past week pugging H and plan to heal on our pug nights in hopes of doing better on the meters and also hope we either have more people in raid or less healers so I can show that I'm not really as bad as I may appear at times.

Does anyone know if I create my own account on Warcraft Logs - can I start logging every fight I'm in so I can see my healing later? 


I've looked at the rankings on Warcraft logs and overall Shamans are on the bottom 5 of 7 fights whether its Heroic or Mythic. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/6/#metric=hps&bracket=3 Yes there are some very good shamans out there that do well, but with this expansion I'm starting to wish I kept playing my Disc Priest sad.png I've been spending a lot of time this week reviewing other shaman logs with my ilvl and at least 5 total healers. I'm sure I need to spend more time learning each fight and when the big dmg comes so I can time when I plan to drop things instead of waiting. I think this should help me, if we're going to potentially have 2-3 healers hitting big CDs around the same time, I need to pay better attention to my DBM timers and see when the dmg is coming and try to be one of the 1st healers to hit the CD.  

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I'd personally try Brackenspore before Tectus.

Yes, Decay is pretty much a wipe. Even though people wont die, it's just a mana waste for healers or a CD-waste.

Basically things you'll need later during the encounter.

That's why I made a macro to interupt. Surely it makes me focus on another thing as a healer but it was necessary.

/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Wind Shear
It might be better macros, e.g target Fungul Flesh-Eater ~, but I personally thought it would be easier to also track the decay cast with the focus on. Simply I cast it when I saw that a player wouldn't be able to interupt it.
Anyway, in a good group, any other DPS (range) or tbh melee should be able to interupt it. The main issue with us was during the tsunami (We have a Brewmaster as Tank and when he rolls, it takes some time for the add to react.)
About our healing CDS. We run with Me (obviously), Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin.
 Infesting spores: (we always stay on Green Mushroom, obviously).
1st) Tranquility. (I pop Ascendance here)
2nd) Healing Tide, Spirit Link, DK's Anti Magic Zone.
3rd) Divine Hymn, Amplify Magic, Smoke Bomb.
4th) Power Word : Barrier, Amplify Magic, Anti Magic Zone, Devotion Aura.
This is the rotation we're trying to follow. But if we manage to stack properly at the Green Mushroom so the Blue one pop near, our DPS can pop their CDS at different scenarios. We also pop Rallying cry when we think it's necessary. (depends if we miss the blue mushroom or not) and our Mana %.
It might be my item lvl, but I usually win the HPS. On Heroic and Normal, I always win here since I can spamm my spells when the Blue Mushroom is up.
During our first Mythic tries, I was oom most of the time, but after playing more casually, my mana was ok and I still do decent HPS, tbh I win most of our fights. 
I have to admit that winning the recount is something that triggers me ;p Being on top is something that makes the game more fun xD But it's not necessary. It's better to save your mana instead of trying to heal everyone up asap by wasting mana with Healing Surge (since the other healers can probably heal them up with their instant casts). Also with our CDS, I still manage to win the HPS on Brackenspore. 
There's not any huge incoming damage on the DPS until Infesting Spores or Spore Shooters. Surely the tank take huge amount of damge but the Disc Priest and Holy Paladin manage to hold them up so it's just overhealing from my side.
I'm going to give you a +1 for using the EB on CD ;p not every Shaman can that xD. Also I think you can follow our setup with the healing CDS. Also, remember to tell the DPS to drop their CDs too!
And tbh, the fight is intense as a healer but I personally felt that it was an overall issue. 
*Players failed to interupt
*Players failed to avoid shrooms
*Players failed with the gun
*Players failed with the breath
*Players failed with the tsunami
*Players failed to prioritize adds
PS: You actually have a higher itemlvl than me now xD I haven't seen how you raid, but I get a feeling that it's mostly a team issue and not a healer issue.
Being a healer for some time and people find it easier to blame on the healers than theirself. Surely healers can also fail with the mechanics but I don't feel "hasted" or "exhausted" when we do these bosses. I play my game and do the best I can.
Despite my ilvl, I'm usually the one that dies last since I avoid the mechanics. Got some complains from the guild for that but best tool here is to link the damage taken count.
And about your healing CDs (took a look at it again while writing). I guess you can follow our list but use the Monk instead of our Holy Priest.
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So first off good news after talking to the healing leader last night I have absolutely nothing to worry about, I'm not losing my spot. He notices I stay alive more than the rest of the healers and at high damage times I really put out the healing, "giving the others healers a run for their money". Now I can breathe again! happy.png


Riesen - we actually happen to have 4 total shamans in our raid me, 2 ele and 1 enh. Two things to also note we only have 1 healer priest now and hes our healing leader - usually runs disc just wanted to try out holy on a few pulls [anticipating a big nerf to disc in 6.1]; 2ndly our monk healer also has a paladin healer (giving us 2 Hpals) and for whatever god forsaken reason our RL puts up with him randomly wanting to change out toons multiple times during raid nights. He is a padding meter MoFo. First guild I've ever been in that allows 1 person to gear 2 healers, drives me insane - least neither of his toons wear mail!


Definitely wasnt my best M-Kargath kill last night, but I did manage to get in 20 EB casts, surprisingly ended up at my 2nd highest cast. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8BYpWAfC14HGJPc9#fight=1&type=casts&source=16 I noticed my mana didn't really drop much, I probably could have spammed CH and HS all fight, maybe I should have... Did I maybe EB too much allowing my HPS to drop? 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like Shamans have the shortest # of instant casts and the longest cast time of spells? I was trying to figure out why my active time is always so high but my # of casts are lower than the rest. For example last night on Kargath our priest active time was 99.29% with 271 casts, while I was 99.19% with only 151 casts, druid 93.36% with 201. I mean come on man... Looking at our total night 1 kill and 25 bracken wipes, out of all the healers I had the best active time 90.37% and still the lowest # of casts 1552, 2nd to me was the priest 88.75% at 2211. 


Being able to get my HPS higher is still my main priority - you said you were usually the highest HPS - is there any particular string of casts you do in order that you think helps increase your HPS? 


Last night we finally were given healing assignments for M-Bracken and I was asked to heal the raid 1st, then shrooms 2nd. I tried to HS the blue as much as I could, think I found myself having to CH the shrooms more though to keep some raid members up. I think our best attempt was only down to 64% before we'd either miss an interrupt,die to spore shooters or infest. No idea what we're going to do tonight, we dont seem to be improving on Bracken at all after 6 hours and 50 attempts. I suggested we try M-Butcher but was shot down saying our dps isnt good enough. We have 10 over 30k, 3 of those can do over 40k and the rest are over 25k. I thought it'd be worth a shot but doesnt look like I've convinced anyone. 

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I would like to point at one thing, Toulip: you shouldn't compare your amount of casts to druid's or disc's. Their main spells that are doing most of healing are instant (with 1.5 sec GCD only) - Rejuv, Lifebloom, Wild Mushroom, Swiftmend for druid and PW: Shield for disc.

Shamans do not have instant casts without CD (we'll not take glyphed Riptide on account). So nothing here really to compare with HoT classes.


I would pay your attention on the overheal that you are doing.

82% on HTT, almost 60% on CH, 67% on HW, 73% on HR - looks like, hm... a lot...


I went to look at some of your Brackenspore attempts - your overheal is pretty high.

Here - 64% of overheal from Healing Wave. It's a single target spell, you should see if the person you try to heal actually needs healing. So what's the reason for this overheal?

Same with Riptide - 48% overheal.


Maybe you should rethink a bit your spell usage instead of competing with druids and discs on amount of casts?


I hope it didn't sound rude or offensive, my only intention is to help smile.png

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Pandacho - one thing that was made strictly clear last night by our RL was that no healer was allowed to pop any big CDs without him asking for one. Every time I put down HTT was at the request of our RL, I had zero say in this. I did hope to spend some time this afternoon looking at other shaman logs for this fight and check their casts, though it wont be the same since we dont have the kill. 


Is overheal a factor in HPS? 


I was trying to figure out how to pull it up in the logs to see which individual players I made what casts on. Not sure if a lot of that HW is coming from me directly healing the shrooms? 


I was told to always keep riptide up on the 2 tanks, at least the 1 physically tanking the mob (just like Earth Shield, main tank should always have ES and RT on them), leaving 1 more RT for someone else. Our 2nd tank didnt take as much dmg as often last night so I did find myself putting RT on others more. I did go with High Tide talent too and really tried to make sure before casting CH that my target had RT on them. Sounds like I'm possibly casting too may RTs just to get them out there on any 3 people as I am always trying to RT a player when its off its global cooldown.

I do find myself stop casting a lot if once I start a heal the player is filled before I can get the cast off. I did CH more than usual last night too, but knowing I was on raid duty and being asked to heal the shrooms I was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 


BTW - no worries, constructive criticism away - only way I'm going to learn. By no means do I try to come off like I'm too good for advice. Thx

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I was looking forward to send my HPS at bracken Mythic, but it seems like our Guild Leader and some other players left the guild so we're currently running with alot of recruits. We didn't manage to get a better try than 40% on M-Brackenspore. Also it was a lot of wipes. Even wiped on Twin Ogron and Kargath a lot and I tried to save my mana a lot during that fight since players failed with the mechanics. I did win the M-Kargath fight but are not "OK" with my rotation.


During HC, I only went Resto at Imperator but managed to win that fight. Though, the healing was REALLY hard. 

I can't say that I have any great tip to win the HPS, I guess the main reason is that the other healers sucks =/

They got the gear (even higher than mine) but nothing seem to happend. The Resto Druid are only doing decent HPS when he pop Tranq. etc, etc. 

Best is probably to pop your CD's when you find them beneficial.


Also it's true that we have the longest spell cast. I personally stack haste a lot to be able to actually do something, Though, crit might actually be better and will re-consider it in Blackrouck Foundry.

And at Bracken, I only seem to win when we actually get a long fight. If we wipe after the first infesting spores or 2nd/ 3rd, I usually don't win. Winning the HPS is indeed fun but why waste it when you can get gear? ;p

Also, I have to admit that I was not really triggered to do my best here since some of my friends left the guild and I already knew it was a wipe. Though, I will give a better attitude tomorrow and do my best ;p


Another tip I can give about M-Bracken is to not pop your healing CD to early. We had a Druid that popped it directly which ended with players having 40% hp after infesting spores. Best is to pop it at 4-5 stacks. Some players even pop it at 6 stacks.



Hmm, what else.. 

I don't know what tactic you use but we used to keep the mushroom at 80% then pop it. Though, today we had a single healer taking care of it. Also some guilds run with 3 tanks. We will actually try it tomorrow and see what happends.

I'd also urge you to try M- Twin Ogron again. I actually ran with Rushing Streams and still did decent HPS. 

Our recruits found it hard to stack so I used it instead. Think I got at 2nd place though I actually failed at the end xD

Might've won that one.




I don't want you to think I'm a pro or anything. Any retard can avoid mechanics and I personally don't think our guild healers push it to the limit. We have several recruits and I guess they're not used to everything. But I I'm a big fan of the Glyph of Chain Healing. Not only does it increase the jump distance, but it also make me save my mana by not spamming it.

I might actually go for Unleashed Fury on our next try at Bracken. Stay tuned ;p

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Get a mechanical keyboard and spam like your life depended on it my friend.



Hahaha, I am going to have to try this. I've had my wish list of mechanical keyboards, but I dont know which ones have quality and affordability. They all seem to be pretty expensive...


You have any suggestions?

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 Toulip, on 28 Jan 2015 - 11:00 PM, said:

Pandacho - one thing that was made strictly clear last night by our RL was that no healer was allowed to pop any big CDs without him asking for one. Every time I put down HTT was at the request of our RL, I had zero say in this.

I was told to always keep riptide up on the 2 tanks, at least the 1 physically tanking the mob (just like Earth Shield, main tank should always have ES and RT on them)

Well, it always makes me sad to hear that healers can't take part in making healing decisions sad.png

Anyways, I'll write my opinion here and maybe you'll be able to bring it to your RL in some way.


In my raid group on Brackenspore fight specifically we use two RLs, adding a healer announcing through the fight healing of different shrooms and raid moving to them. Same with the CDs.


I looked into your last log and pulled out all the deaths in all 25 attempts together, filtering all the deaths after the first 2 in every try. I wanted to see what was the reason for your RL to insist on this kind of tanks healing - maybe they were dying first in every attempt?

This is what I saw

While your Pala tank really was dying more than any other player, this is not true for the other two.

So I looked who was healing him and with what spells. Here

Your tanks had CoW and Shields from disc, Beacons, HoP, HoS from holy pala, Lifebloom and two Rejuves from druid.

And all this with like 50% of overheal. So your Riptide definitely wasn't an issue. You should be allowed to decide such a things by yourself.

And maybe your tank (tanks) should look into their rotation and damage mitigation usage. I can do it too, if you want and feel that it's necessary.

Or maybe your RL should rethink the strategy you are using for this fight.


Regarding Overheal and HPS.

There is a connection between two.

First of all, how to look into your Overheal on specific spells and targets:

1. Click on Row Healing button
2. You will see now all the overheal as a blurred area
3. It's the same as a numbers in Overhealing column but in graphic appearance
4. Click on the specific spell you want to research
Then you'll get this picture with all the people you healed with this spell and overheal you did on every one of them:


What I actually want to say is that Overhealing more than ~40% is a sign that something goes wrong and needs your attention.

If all the healers in fight have very big Overheal, it's a sign that your raid is running with too many healers. If together with it you are not able to kill the boss - additional healer affected you raid dps abilities.

If only you have unreasonable big Overheal comparing to the others, you should question your spell and talent choice for the encounter.

If you have unreasonable big Overheal for a specific spell you should look what's wrong with it. For ex., if it's Healing Rain - look where you place it, if it's single target - check at whom you were casting - maybe this person already had shields, HoTs, etc. Or maybe you (I don't mean you specifically but any healer) just spamming 'rotation' without looking around.


Btw, I personally use CBT for the Brackenspore fight. The damage pattern in this fight is a bit weird and the totem is always nicely charged from shrooms healing and spread the healing much better than myself on really injured people. smile.png

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Thanks as always Pandacho - I dont have experience tanking and our 2 tanks are the GM (RL) and Asst GM, by any chance could you be so kind as to analyse my tank's CDs? 



We ended up having to wait on a raider last night so we did Twins again - got him down in 3 attempts with 19 people. We barely can maintain a 20-man mythic group so we always take whoever is online and healers we are not short on. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Pnz8k71vYLXQ6WAH#fight=10&type=healing&options=8 and after looking at the raw healing for this kill, I was 4th on overheal trying to be really careful. I unglyphed for Glyph of Healing Wave since this usually seems to be 100% overheal on me and swapped in Glyph of Chaining which I thought worked well on this fight.


Brackenspore last night wasnt any prettier. Even though Healing leader said I was safe yesterday, today RL tells me I'm not. Even though he hasnt even checked the logs yet, he's saying I'm not doing stuff other shaman are. So I'll be spending time trying to figure out what this means... He's still calling for the CDs that I can't control. Last 2 nights me (and druid) were assigned to heal the raid 1st, shrooms 2nd; our priest was supposed to be on the tanks and the 2 pals were on shrooms and tanks. Not sure how I'm being called out when we had bad heals on the tanks and shrooms when this wasnt my 1st responsibility. I did still pop Asc and SLT on our attempts, ugg who knows time to look at logs. 

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Well.... I looked into your last log with 22 Brackenspore wipes. I went through the first 10 including Replay and then jumped to the last wipes.

What I saw actually has nothing to do with healing.

People are dying try after try from Call of the Tides (1-shot), from Exploding Fungus (1-shot), from uninterrupted Spore Shots.

Actually so many people are dying all the time from Infesting Spores that I want to ask you whether it's what you are doing when a wipe is called? Because I watched replays of those tries and it looks like your raid is never stacked near the Living Mushroom on Infesting Spores.

I think it's too early to talk about any healing problems when people can't do properly fight mechanics.

it seems to me that your RL is not very familiar with healing Raid CDs. I remember that you said that RL has to call for CD -  I don't see him calling for HTT, Tranquility ot Revival on Infesting Spores.

I don't really understand why you are not assigned to Shrooms healing duty, why Disc does not cast Clarity of Will on them and how your assignments work at all.

But, well... it's not my call to tell to your RLs how to manage fights.

Anyways, as I already said, your raid should learn to avoid damaging mechanics before there'll be any point to adjust healing mechanics.

Hope, I didn't write too harsh - didn't mean to offend. smile.png

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Pandacho - I guarantee you, you're not being too harsh I promise! Some of the raiders have been nicely trying to tell the RL exactly what you said, but he just wont listen, its "never his fault". 


I saw you post one of your log comparisons in another thread and decided to take a look to compare with myself. We're running Heroic tonight, thought I might use your setup on some fights.

- Looks like majority of the time you run CBT, except High Tide on Butcher and Twins. I actually liked CBT and with the help of Stooves WA from his blog got pretty good for a week at putting down CBT/HST together throughout fights. 


- Looks like you spec into EB 100% of the time (which I've decided is probably best as well). 


- Could not always tell, but guessed when I didnt see an AS cast that you had the EotE talent. You use EotE on Butcher, Tectus and Imperator. This makes sense. 


- Noticed you rarely cast HW, usually CH is in your top 2 casts (with RT). I was honestly told a month ago I needed to cast more HW, that I was casting CH too much and not to use it on Butcher!!! For a few weeks I almost thought this other shaman was trying to sabotage me. Especially looking at the new tier gear set bonus' it looks like we'll be casting a lot of CH in BRF. 


Will be interesting to see how the redesign to EotE talent will work. I wonder if this means we'll be able to put SLT down and then another one immediately? I may try to get on the PTR tonight after raid and test this out if I can.

Now, your Lava Burst, Riptide, Unleash Life, and Spirit Link Totem have 2 charges and other effects that reset their cooldown will instead grant 1 full charge.


This sounds like nothing is changing WoW just decided to re-word it from cooldown to recharge?


  • Riptide: Instead of having a 6 second cooldown, this ability now has a 6 second recharge with a maximum of 1 charge.
  • Spirit Link Totem: Instead of having a 3 minute cooldown, this ability now has a 3 minute recharge with a maximum of 1 charge.
  • Unleash Life: Instead of having a 15 second cooldown, this ability now has a 15 second recharge with a maximum of 1 charge.

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Well, I have my play style and it's not really the one which is recommended in general smile.png

The thing is that I never run out of mana, so I can afford HS and CH extensive usage. But doing this you have to do sort of permanent 'calculations' during all the fights what to cast and when and to track heals of other healers, personal CDs of raiders, tanks CDs, etc.

Here's an example of what I'm tracking in healing frames. It is an alts guild run in Normal, so I'm on my Disc (Nascente), but on shaman it's the same only with much more Weak Auras and no battle text.



For me +30% crit to HS from TW is > than fast cast of HW and +500 secondary & +1000 Spirit buff of EB > than other Tier talents could provide. I try always to use UL before casting of CH, so it's another +30% to healing.


This is the reason actually why I'm careful about forcing people to use specific spells. We do have our play styles and while there are non-debated things like dropping totems on CD, extensive usage of CDs, keeping 100% uptime of Riptide, the healing spells are more of a personal choice. If you can spam HS all the fight without overhealing and going OOM - your choice.


BTW, here is my personal list of talents and spell usage for HC Highmaul smile.png

CBT(!)+Chain Heal

H: HTT twice + Chain Heal + HS  + EB(!) + HST

CBT + HS + Riptide

CBT (!) + EB + NO HR! + Chain Heal 

Twin Ogron
EB + Ancestral Swiftness + Chain Heal 

CBT + EB + Glyph of Riptide. More HR. HTT+Asc from the first fire

CBT + EB + no need in many CH - better HS

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Pandacho - Looks like you use Elvui as well - what about your raid frames? All a girl wants is to be able to see other healers current spells on targets... 


I'll have to figure out how to show the cast/icon of your spells and the target's spells on the cast bar. 


I went back to the logs I compared yesterday between us to look at mana consumption. We're pretty close on most fights, I think as long as I continue to use EB frequently it wont be a problem. The only fights I recall having any mana issues on were Butcher, Ko'ragh and Imp, but I know I also CH a ton on Butcher and not enough EB. 


We havent run Heroic in over 2 weeks. Did a mostly alt 13man run of it last week where I was dps most of the time with 2 healers, had to step in and heal on Bracken where I was super excited to have beaten our Disc priest and meter cheater H pally! but of course no one ran logs that night. I'm going to try to run my own personal log tonight as long as I have time to install the warcraft log client after work before raid. 


In case you're curious what logs I'm comparing between us here are some of my better kills:

Butcher https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/compare/AMgzTG1jQyxthRmr/2FMqgZ3w4XWJADvt#type=healing&fight=5,12&source=23,15

Ko'ragh https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/compare/AMgzTG1jQyxthRmr/2FMqgZ3w4XWJADvt#fight=9,17&type=healing&source=23,15

Imp https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/compare/dLgcVyXYv7TNb4zW/2FMqgZ3w4XWJADvt#type=healing&fight=24,25&source=8,15

I've learned a lot over the past few weeks so I'm hoping I can put my $$ where my mouth is tonight, course who knows how many healers will show up that could mess up my plans. 


Thx for the HM set up! Does the (!) mean anything in particular?

Edited by Toulip

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Pandacho - Looks like you use Elvui as well - what about your raid frames? All a girl wants is to be able to see other healers current spells on targets... 


Thx for the HM set up! Does the (!) mean anything in particular?


Ah smile.png The thing is that it's not a doc that I just wrote in one go. I started it from Normals, adding and changing stuff, then for HCs and a bit of M. The (!) mean that when checked my best fights in Rankings percentile, I found out that I used the opposite talent to what I thought would be best for the fight. So it was for me to pay attention and retalent. 


My UI based on ElvUI - that's right.


Healing frames are VuhDo where I customized the tracking bouquets. Rewrote them for the other players HoTs, disc Shields and Weakened Soul, personal damage mitigation abilities for classes, tank abilities and raid healing / mitigation CDs. The numbers in the middle left show current absorption on target (for ex. 189 means that this player has 189K HP absorption shield on him). And I added glowing red outline to track tanks switching.

I also adjusted build-in buffs and debuffs that VuhDo shows - deleted unnecessary and annoying stuff (like hunters Rapid Fire), added some Highmaul bosses debuffs that worth tracking in my opinion. 


Cast bars are Gnosis - awesome stuff.


Black pass where I keep chats, meters and spells - CBH_Viewport


Annoying sound in background when I'm staying in crap - GTFO


DBM, WA and our guild announcer for dispels and interrupts (so I'd be able to shout at guys to dispel more^^). That's it for raids.



This is my best kill of HC Butcher: Logs

On the fight you compared to, I tried to play with glyph of Riptide. Wasn't a good idea. But casting HTT and Asc early into the fight helps me a lot to keep mana high and spam CH and my CDs are back for the Enrage phase.

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Not even going to link my logs from last night, came in 2nd on Kargath and 3rd on Imperator. No idea WTF happened to my computer, not like anything was different but I was pretty much in the red for 1/2 of Butcher, restarted computer and was still lagging terribly up through Brack, Tect and Twins. Finally got better on Ko'ragh but I think I spent too much time with glyph of RT trying to dot everyone and did eh. Whole guild was a bunch of tools...we pugged a bunch of players, it was terrible. Oh well BRF next week, cant wait! 

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Can anyone recommend a good website to find resto BiS gear? 


Icy-V doesnt show our tier gear at all 

MaxDPS not sure I believe it when it ranks 655/670 gear higher than our 680 tier gear and half the sections show error msgs

WoWBiS doesnt have a listing for resto, only the 2 dps specs


I've seen some other sites but they are not updated. I want to make sure I'm coining the right bosses. Not wasting anything in normal BRF, 2/10 in heroic so far. Happy we 1-shotted H-Beastlord so I'll be trying for the trinket every week. Course I've seen some people say the 2-655 trinkets off Blackhand are good too. 

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Can anyone recommend a good website to find resto BiS gear? 

I'm using AskMrRobot with custom weights and filters. Never had any problem with it.

Got this today. And after you get the list, you can click on every piece and see what's around it. Maybe you'll decide than some piece that is pretty close is better for you or easier to get.

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Right now I'm using 670-Winged Hourglass and 691-Mythic Warforged Mark of Rapid Replication. I know ilvl doesnt mean everything but it is hard to replace with something so much lower ilvl. Have the Heroic 670-Shards of Nothing and 670-Emblem of Caustic Healing sitting in my bags. 


I've already saved up enough mats to upgrade my Hourglass as soon as it's available (yay scribe alt). 

Some of the shorter BRF fights I'm more than OK on mana so I thought switching to an Intellect trinket over MRR might be the way to go until I get the Chew Toy. 


Pandacho I'll have to revisit AskMrRobot this weekend. Thought the last time I tried using their website it wanted me to pay to be able to use certain sections of their website and gear itemization being one of them. (I know Best in Bags was a premium feature that required $$).


Interesting to see its saying a Staff is our BiS over MH/OH. 

Edited by Toulip

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Ah, right, I paid! XD

Completely forgot about it because it was something like 9$ for a year.

Anyways, if you don't want to pay, you always have a 1 week free trial with all the features included (at least it was this way).


And I want to remind once more - AMR does not show anything you didn't put into it - it uses for operations and BiS lists your custom stats. So if you didn't customize them - you'll be surprised ^^.

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