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The Rate/Improve my deck thread.

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I've decided to try to build a Warlock deck built around synergy with Wailing Soul. Here is the draft I've come up with:


Mortal Coil x2

Darkbomb x2

Zombie Chow x2

Ancient Watcher x2

Ironbeak Owl x2

Dancing Swords x2

Earthern Ring Farseer x2

Ogre Brute x2


Bloodmage Thalnos


Wailing Soul x2

Power Overwhelming

Antique Healbot

Sludge Belcher x2

Siphon Soul

Anima Golem x2

The Beast

Ragnaros the Firelord


As stated before, the main purpose of this deck is to use Wailing Soul to remove the negative effects of your minions like Dancing Swords and Ogre Brute, and Zombie Chow. Ironbeak Owls are extra silences to use on minions like Ancient Watcher, Anima Golem, The Beast, and Ragnaros. It also aims to gain strong tempo by playing powerful minions early, and then removing the drawback, like Anima Golem. The Power Overwhelming is mainly used as removal, since the death effect it brings can also be removed through silence. It also employs many of warlock's sufficient removal to help control the board, and the excellent hero power helps to gain the important synergy pieces, Ironbeak Owl and Wailing Soul. I'm thinking of trying to add more removal in the form of Hellfire, Shadowflame, and Big Game Hunter, and maybe shuffle the healing in the form of Earthern Ring Farseer and Antique Healbot.

The highest rank I've reached is rank 6, and I have Naxxramas.

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I've been playing since the beginning of December and find myself in a weird sort of place in my cards. I've beaten Naxx (didn't buy it yay!) and have been buying packs with quest gold. I'm looking to improve my decks, particularly my shaman, mage and rogue ones as they are the ones I do the worst on. Most of the guides I've looked at either go for the complete basic builds or low to mid budget. I have better cards than basic of course but not enough to reach low budget. I'm at a loss for where to look or how to improve my decks at this stage. Any advice, preferably personalized to my decks (which I can post if need be) would be lovely.


Mortal Coil × 2
Soulfire × 1
Voidwalker × 1
Young Priestess × 1
Demonfire × 1
Acidic Swamp Ooze × 2
Nerubian Egg × 2
Shadow Bolt × 2
Dalaran Mage × 2
Hellfire × 2
Baron Rivendare × 1
Gnomish Inventor × 1
Voidcaller × 2
Feugen × 1
Floating Watcher × 1
Sludge Belcher × 2
Stalagg × 1
Boulderfist Ogre × 2
Dread Infernal × 2
Kel'Thuzad × 1

Innervate x 2
Goldshire Footman x 1
Wild Growth x 2
Swipe x2
Mark of the Wild x 2
Echoing Ooze x 2
Savage Roar x 1
Orgre Brute x 2
Starfall x 1
Loatheb x 1
Feugen x 1
Stalagg x 1
Dark Whispers x 1
Sludge Belcher x 2
Starfire x 2
Maexxna x 1
Stormwind Champion x 1
Ironbark Protector x 2
Kelthuzad x 1

1 Avenge
2 Blessing of Might
2 Eye for An Eye
2 Humility
2 Mad Scientists
2 Echoing Oozes
2 Seals of Light
1 Spider Tank
2 Scarlet Purifiers
2 Truesilver Champions
2 Blessing of Kings
2 Hammers of Wrath
1 Feugen
1 Stalagg
2 Consecrations
2 Sludge Belchers
1 Boulderfist Ogres
2 Guardian of Kings

1 Timberwolf
1 Leper Gnome
2 Webspinners
2 Unleash the Hounds
2 Beastmasters
2 Hunters Marks
2 Undertakers
1 Baron Rivendare
1 Call Pet
1 Misdirection
2 Animal Companions
1 Deadly Shot
2 Kill Commands
2 Ironfur Grizzlies
2 Multishots
1 Explosive Shot
2 Sludge Belchers
1 Tundra Rhino
1 Maexxna
1 Kelthuzad

2 Backstabs
2 Deadly Poisons
1 Clockwork Gnome
2 Betrayals
2 Saps
2 Acidic Swamp Oozes
1 Goblin Autobarber
1 Loot Hoarder
2 Unstable Ghouls
2 Fans of Knives
2 Anubar Ambushers
1 Piloted Shredder
2 Assassin's Blades
2 Assasinate
2 Sludge Belcher
1 Boulderfist Ogre
1 Kidnapper
1 Maexxna
1 Sprint
1 Kelthuzad

2 Mirror Images
2 Flamecannons
1 Frostbolt
2 Acidic Swamp Oozes
1 Kobold Geomancer
2 Mad Scientists
1 Snowchugger
2 Duplicates
1 Ice Barrier
1 Dalaran Mage
1 Cone of Cold
2 Fireballs
2 Polymorphs
2 Ogre Magi
2 Water Elementals
2 Sludge Belchers
1 Archmage
2 Boulderfist Ogres
2 Flame Strikes

2 Executes
2 Whirlwinds
2 Fiery War Axes
2 Cleaves
2 Acidic Swamp Oozes
1 Micro Machine
1 Shield Block
2 Ogre Brutes
1 Raid Leader
1 Tinkertown Technician
2 Korkron Elites
1 Piloted Shredder
2 Arcanite Reapers
1 Feugen
1 Stalagg
1 Loatheb
1 Stormwind Champion
1 Kelthuzad
2 Spectral Knights
2 Sludge Belchers

Priest- this one I have crafted things for, but I'm trying to figure out what to put in it so it's slightly incomplete.
1 Silence
1 Holy Smite
2 Inner Fires
2 Mind Visions
2 Power Words: Shield
2 Northshire Clerics
2 Divine Spirits
2 Shadow Words: Pain
2 Shadow Words: Death
1 Velen's Chosen
2 Lightspawns
2 Holy Novas
1 Feugen
1 Stalagg
2 Temple Enforcers
1 Mind Control

Shaman- this one has pretty much no board clear so I rarely use it.
2 Ancestral Healings
2 Rockbiter Weapons
1 Ancestral Spirits
1 Crackle
2 Reincarnates
2 Acidic Swamp Oozes
1 Annoytron
2 Flametongue Totems
1 Vitality Totem
2 Hexes
2 Windspeakers
2 Bloodlusts
1 Loatheb
2 Sludgebelcher
2 Spectral Knights
2 Boulderfist Ogres
2 Fire Elementals
1 Kelthuzad

Pretty sure that's all of them. I use a lot of Naxx cards as they are some of the best I have so far and not sure what to replace them with. Any help would be lovely.


All my non Naxx, non class specific and nonbasic cards.

Leper Gnome × 2
Shieldbearer × 1
Crackle × 2
Annoy-o-Tron × 2
Dire Wolf Alpha × 1
Loot Hoarder × 1
Micro Machine × 1
Recombobulator × 1
Wild Pyromancer × 1
Youthful Brewmaster × 1
Gnomeregan Infantry × 1
Harvest Golem × 1
Ogre Brute × 2
Silverback Patriarch × 2
Spider Tank × 1
Tinkertown Technician × 1
Mechanical Yeti × 1
Mogu'shan Warden × 1
Piloted Shredder × 1
Antique Healbot × 1
Stranglethorn Tiger × 1
Force-Tank MAX × 1




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What do you think about including more card draw in the form of Azure drake in the Legendary Fast Naxx/GvG druid deck? I've followed your suggested deck except I've replaced The Black Knight with a Sylvanas and I've also inserted a Bomb Lobber in place of Harrison Jones. I just do not know what else to replace for it, or if I've already replaced something wrong.

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I have created my own take on the Legendary Warrior Control due to dust efficiency and I refuse to spend money on this game.

Execute x 2

Whirlwind x 2

Fiery War Axe x 2


Slam x 2

Armorsmith x 2

Cruel Taskmaster x 2

Shield Block x 2

Acolyte of pain 

Frothing Berserker x 2

Warsong Commander

Death's Bite

Kor'Kron Elite x 2

Arcanite Reaper

Faceless Manipulator

Siege Engine

Cairne Bloodhoof

Iron Juggernaut

Dr. Boom

Grommash Hellscream

Ragnaros the Firelord


I have had the game for a while now so I do have other legionaries I can but not to many.

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How do you post the pictures of decks on here?

Take a screenshot, upload it to a imghost, and click the little picture frame icon on the toolbar :)

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I am currently looking to improve my Pirate Rouge deck. I am well aware that it is not incredibly effective in the current meta (or at all), but I was just wondering how I would build it in order to reach it's maximum rank.

This is the current build I have:

1x Cold Blood

2x Conceal

2x Deadly Poison

1x Bloodsail Corsair

2x Southsea Deckhand

2x Blade Fury

2x Eviscerate

2x Bloodsail Raider

2x Captains Parrot

1x 1-Eyed Cheat

2x Ships Cannon

1x Fan Of Knives

1x Southsea Captain

2x Tinkers Sharpsword Oil

2x Dread Corsair

2x Assasins Blade

1x Captain Greenskin

2x Salty Dog

What Cards should put in/take out in order to improve it?

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Hi guys

This is my 1st self built deck.

I have mostly classic deck cards, very few GvG. So far this deck has been amazing for my win rate. Good early game control, mid game snowball or late game power it all depends on my initial draw.

My core cards are "Mana Wyrm" , "mana addict" and "master swordsmith".

Deck list below

2 x Arcane missiles

2 x Mirror image

2 x Mana Wyrm

2 x Arcane explosion

2 x Frostbolt

1 x Frostwolf grunt

1 x Mana adict

1 x Master swordsmith

2 x sorcerer's apprentice

2 x Arcane intellect

2 x Dalaran Mage

1 x Shattered sun cleric

1 x Tauren warrior

2 x Fireball

2 x Ogre magi

1 x Booty bay bodyguard

1 x Frostwolf warlord

1 x Gurubashi berserker

1 x Lord of the arena

1 x Storm wind champion

What do you guys think?

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Hi, I'm still fairly new to Hearthstone (have had it for a while but only play intermittently until recently) and wanted some feedback on my constructed deck that I've had the most fun with.


First, I just recently finished Naxx and have only done the Rogue class challenge. I also unfortunately don't have a lot of Legendaries or many cards that require crafting (as I haven't played all that much). My current Rank is 18 (15 being the highest I've achieved).


Second, thank you in advance for the help.


My deck is a Rogue "Mech Army" theme with the following cards:


2 x Backstab

1 x Prep

1 x Deadly Poison

1 x Clockwork Gnome

1 x Cogmaster

1 x Blade Flurry

1 x Annoy-o-Tron

2 x Goblin Barbers

2 x Mechwarpers (1 Gold)

1 x Micro Machine

1 x Demolisher

1 x Harvest Golem

2 x Iron Sensei

1 x Spider Tank

1 x Tinkertown Tech

1 x Tinker's Sharpsword Oil

1 x Arcane Nullifier X-21

1 x Cult Master

1 x Enhance-o-Mechano

1 x Mech Yet

1 x Piloted Shredder

2 x Assassinate

1 x Piloted Sky Golem

1 x Sprint

1 x Foe Reaper 4000 

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Hey i just got back playing and i was thinking of building a tempo rogue deck ive so far put together 28 cards which are:


Backstab x2

Preparation x2

Deadly poison x2

Southsea Deckhand x2

Blade flurry x2

Eviscerate x2

Sap x2

Fan of knives x2

Earthen ring farseer x2

SI:7 Agent x2

Tinker's sharpsword oil x2

Violet teacher x2

Azure drake x2

Piloted shredder x2


And i really dont know what else to put in the deck and if i should remove some of my current cards. I have no arcane dust left atm but i will keep farming and was wondering what i should do with the deck ATM without arcane dust cause i really wanna try it and if you could give me some cards to strive for so i can climb upp the ladder!

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Hi Sottle,

First of all, thanks for your guides and deck-lists, it really deepen my understanding of the game and make it more enjoyable.

In the last season, I managed to hit rank 5 mainly with your standard decks (e.g. Sea Gaint Zoo, Mech Mage, Ramp Druid etc) with small adjustments (due to lack of some of the legendary). I own most of the cards up to epic in every set, in terms of legendary the only useful ones are Dr Boom and Piloted Shredder.

Normally, I complete the daily quests to gain the rewards, but there is a gap in my class choices at the moment as I do not have a good deck for paladin and warrior. I do not own Grommash, shield slam and other legendary so I did not go for the Raging Worgen OTK deck or Control Warrior. I am excited to see you doing this in the forum, and it reminded me of a enraged warrior that I worked on in my early days of hearthstone and  I want to see if can be improved on. The theme is really simple, but I fail to identify what kind of deck it is, it is not fast enough to be an aggro deck, don't have enough big minion to be a mid range deck, I guess this is probably some kind of tempo deck? Another concern I have is the deck seems to be lacking good minions at the 4 mana spot, do you have any suggestion. Also, one Brawl or two Brawl? I interested to see if you have to build an enraged theme deck without access to big legendary cards, how would you do it. Or do you think I should not bother and just use the mech warrior deck without Grommash instead?


Deck List:
2x Inner Rage
2x Execute
2x Whirlwind
2x Warbot
2x Battle Rage
2x Slam
2x Amani Berserker
2x Cruel Taskmaster
2x Acolyte of Pain
2x Frothing Berserker
2x Raging Worgen
1x Tauren Warrior
2x Warsong Commander
2x Death's Bite

1x Brawl
2x Gurubashi Berserker

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Last season I reached rank 9 with Paladin, aiming to improve further. I have access to the Naxx cards (except for the last Wing), and also to the BRM so far. I have some legandaries (Bloodmage, Harrison Jones, Hogger and Onyxia, all from card packs, I crafted Silvana's which used basically all my dust). Other than that, I only have some epics (e.g.Sword of Justice, Faceless, Blood Knight) but quite a range of rares and commons. Out of the cards typically included in other Paladin Decks I am missing Big Game Hunter, Coghammer, Tirion, Lay on Hands, Piloted Sky Golem, and the Legendary cards)


I mostly play Paladin, however, I want to remain rather flexible (therefore I dd not craft Tirion).


My deck consists of the following cards:


2 x Shielded Minibot

2 x Equality

1 x Aldor Peacekeaper (do not have 2 unfortunately)

2 x Muster for Battle

2 x Blessing of Kings

2 x Truesilver Champion

2 x Hammer of Wrath

2 x Consecration

2 x Quartermaster

1 x Avenging Wrath

1 x Guardian of Kings


1 x Wild Pyromancer

2 x Knife Juggler

1 x Blood Knight

1 x Azure Drake

2 x Sludge Belcher

1 x Faceless Manipulator

1 x Harrison Jones

1 x Silvana's Windrunner

1 x Emperor Thaurissan



I feel quite comfortable against all classes, except face hunter (I tend to loose every game). Surprisingly, I do not have that many issues with card draw (I do not have lay on hands, divine favor but I feel that there is no real need to include them). Looking at the curve, I feel that I should include some more 3 mana cards, but I don't really know which. The second Quartermaster is most often quite useful, although that is the card which could probably most easily be replace by some other card.


Any suggestions are very welcome, Thanks.

Edited by Horn

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I have two decks to show, first will be a Paladin Control deck, it works reasonably well, and I've gotten consistent wins with it, but feel it can be improved. I have Naxx, no BrM yet. no real epics and not many rares but I have 400 arcane dust.

Hand of protection x2

argent squire x2

clockwork gnome x1

elven archer x1

equality x1

ironbrak owl x1

knife juggler x1

shielded minibot x2

Muster for battle x2 (I call it Mustard for fun :P )

Big game hunter x1

flesheating ghoul x1

truesilver champion x1

consecration x1

hammer of wrath x1

defender of argus x1

antique healbot x1

bootybay bodyguard x2

frostwolf warlord x1

sludge belcher x2

maexxna x1

guardian of kings x2

stormwind champion x2

Basic idea is to keep stable with Hero power and early drops, heal in the later turns, and buff my (now plenty) Recruits. Right now I'm thinking of taking out Knife Juggler and crafting the quartermaster, because the juggler usually doesn't get much synergy because it gets killed too quick.

But at the same time I also want Tirion Fordring to further compound my late game, however uncommon arcane explosions are, incase my recruits get wiped.

Have a warrior and druid deck that work pretty well too, but can also be improved.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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what do you think of this one?


im not sure about bloodlust .. but its kinda ok isnt it?


EDIT: i replaced both bloodlusts with 1x faceless manipulator and 1x lepre gnome

Edited by loupla11295

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Hello! I'm fairly new to hearthstone, less than a month now. Mage seemed like the obvious choice, when I got a few awesome pulls. I've been streamlining more towards a mech mage build, and am loving it. I'm saving dust for a second blast mage and azure drake. I also lucked into a pyroblast.


Just looking for any other improvements. I don't have any other epics or legendaries yet, but a number of rares.

No Naxx, no brm.


Thank you!




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So, i am a hearthstone player who is not new but am not exactly old either, and i have this shaman midrange/aggro/burn deck that i want advice on i dont have any legendaries besides the nax cards (wanted dust for stuff back when i was newer) but anyway here is my list (No brm)


2 Lightning bolt

2 Rockbiter Weapon

2 Crackle

2 Windfury

2 Mad Bomber

2 Feral Spirit

2 Hex

2 Lava Burst

2 Lightning Storm

2 Arcane Golem

1 Defender of Argus

1 Jeeves

1 Doomhammer

1 Azure Drake

1 earth Elemental

1 Loatheb

2 Madder Bomber

2 Molten Giant

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I have been playing hearthstone for a while and have spent a good amount of time on the game. I am not the best player, but consider myself decent. This deck is my favorite to play and I have been tinkering with it forever. Just looking for any suggestions or fun combos to potentially add. Its a control warlock deck or something. I don't really know, but it seems to do fairly well. Thoughts??


2x power overwhelming  

2x voidwalker

2x dark bomb

2x annoy-o-tron  hello hello hello

1x iron beak owl

1x big game hunter

2x earthen ring farseer

2x shade of naxxramas

2x hellfire

2x Implosion

1x shadowflame

1x antique healbot 

1x leeroy jenkins

1x loatheb

2x sludge belcher

1x siphon soul

1x emperor thaurissan

1x dr. boooom

1x ragnaros the firelord

1x lord jaraxxus

1x mal'ganis


my favorite lethal is Leeroy Jenkins with two power overwhelmings. 14 dmg for 7 mana or for 4 mana if you have emperor out there before hand!!


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Hi! Bit of a newbie though gaining some experience. Need help improving my current deck. I am a rank 19. I only have a few GvG cards, mostly vanilla.


1 Arcane Missiles

1 Mirror Image

1 Goldshire

1 Leper Gnome

2 Frostbolt

1 Unstable Portal

1 Annoy-o-Tron

1 Knife Juggler

1 Master Swordsmith

1 Pint-Sized Summoner

1 Sorcerer's Apprentice

1 Arcane Intellect

1 Ice Barrier

1 Mirror Entity

1 Vaporize

1 IronFur Grizzly

1 Kirin Tor

1 Fireball

1 Polymorph

1 Defender of Argus

1 Ethreal Arcanist

1 Sen'jin

1 Spellbreaker

1 Azure Drake

1 Booty Bay

1 Frostwolf Warlord

1 Lord of the Arena

1 Flamestrike

1 Ravenholdt

1 Stormwind



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Hi Sottle! :) Druid is and always has been my favourite class, I just love how it plays - having said that, I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with my deck. I've invested a fair amount of dust into this and it performs decently at my rank (13-11), but not perfectly. It started off as a full ramp, and then I turned it into a more hybrid force-savage deck. The deck is:

2 Innervate

1 Zombie Chow

2 Wild Growth

2 Wrath

2 Savage Roar


2 Shade of Naxxramas

2 Swipe

2 Keeper of the Grove

2 Piloted Shredder

2 Azure Drake

2 Druid of the Claw

1 Loatheb

1 Sludge Belcher

1 Force of Nature

1 Emperor Thaurissan

2 Ancient of Lore

1 Ancient of War

1 Dr. Boom


Is the issue that my deck isn't focused enough on either being rampy or token? I did do some netdecking but I believe mine is slightly altered due to budget issues. What changes, if any, do you recommend? Or should I just stick with this one and push through the ranks? :D Any advice would be great!


I have Naxx and GvG and most of the commons and rares in the game, and I can craft an epic or two if needed. I have a number of legendaries, but not all. Most notably I do not have Cenarius, Sylvanas, Ragnaros, Black Knight and Ysera.


I am currently rank 11. Thanks again!

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Hi everyone. I just recently made this deck with no real purpose other than for fun and surprisingly, it did really well on the ladder, even against those annoying Zoo Hunters and Handlocks. 4 straight wins; from rank 19 to 17-2 stars. Let me know what you think and if I could make any improvements that would allow this deck to be absolute boss mode. I have all vanilla cards, all BrM and Naxx cards, and most GvG cards. Thanks bunches happy.png



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Hey guys. Just started playing hearthstone about a month ago. Made it to rank 15 on the ladder for May and looking to hopefully improve that result for June. This is the current deck I am running:

Clockwork Gnome x2
Frostbolt x2
Annoy-o-Tron x2
Mechwarper x2
Snowchugger x2
Harvest Golem x2
Spider Tank x2
Tinkertown Technician x2
Fireball x1
Polymorph x2
Gnomish Inventor x1
Goblin Blastmage x2
Mechanical Yeti x1
Piloted Shredder x1
Azure Drake x1
Piloted Sky Golem x1
Flamestrike x2
Dr Boom x1
Sneed's Old Shredder x1

I haven't got Naxx yet so I don't have Loatheb or any other legendary's that might suit a fast deck. I do have Sylvanas Windrunner though and was running her until I got Sneed. I'm having trouble deciding whether to use Clockwork Gnomes or Cogmasters or one of each. Any and all tips would be appreciated!

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Hi there, would appreciate if anyone could give advise to improve my deck, my deck is base on the rogue basic deck, but i can't climb above rank 19, stuck at rank 19 one star current level 42. My deck as below.


Backstab x 2

Deadly Poison x 2

Sap x 1

Shiv x 2

Acidic Swamp x 2

Faerie Dragon x 2

Kobold Geomancer x  1

Fan of Knives x 2

Headcrack x 1

Shattered Sun Cleric x 1

SI:7 Agent x 2

Chillwind Yeti x1

Gnomish Inventor x 2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x 2

Assassin's Blade x 2

Assassinate x 2

Boulderfist Ogre x 1

Sprint x 1


I can be reached at [email protected]



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Hello, I’m a new player to hearthstone. I really need help with my Shaman and my Warlock deck, in particular the warlock. 

-Deck Image, or Decklist for Warlock:

2 corruption

1 power overwhelming

1 soulfire

1 abusive sergeant

1 blood imp

1 flame imp

1 young priestess

1 darkbomb

1 demonfire

1 amani berserker

1 drain life

1 sense demon

2 shadow bolt

1 earthen ring farseer

1 shattered sun cleric

2 hellfire

1 imp-losion

1 shadowflame

1 chillwind yeti

1 summoning portal

1 bane of doom

1 darkscale healer

1 doomguard

1 faceless manipulator

1 siphon soul

1 argent commander

1 sunwalker



2 ancestral healing

2 rockbiter weapon

1 ancestral spirit

1 windfury

1 acidic swamp ooze

1 bloodfen raptor

1 crazed alchemist

2 flametongue totem

1 novice engineer

2 hex

1 earthen ring farseer

1 emperor cobra

1 ironfur grizzly

1 mana tide totem

1 shattered sun cleric

1 gnomish inventor

1 windspeaker

1 doomhammer

1 bloodlust

1 booty bay bodyguard

1 darkscale healer

1 frostwolf warlord

1 stormpike commander

1 agent commander

1 fire elemental

1 sunwalker


-Available Cards (just a general idea is fine, "I have most Rares", "Good Vanilla Set, but few GvG cards" etc.

         I have quite a few rares, all vanilla for shaman and very few GvG, if any. I have 1 legendary, but I hate playing him (Baron Geddon). Too much damage for warlock and can't really afford to keep him out for long.

- Do you have Naxxramas? No

- Your current rank on ladder.

         My rank is 20. I have been stuck here playing either the warlock or shaman for days now. It seems like I just can’t get it to work. I would gain a star then lose it the next game. Vicious cycle. Please help. My email is [email protected].

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Hola. I just started strategic deck building recently before I just threw together cards I like and hoped for the best. My best deck was a Hunter deck which I was able to use multiple big minima and buffed small minions to overwhelm opponents. I only reached rank 16 at its peak. Im trying to figure what to fix/change about it and was wonder what possible total renovations could be made around the savannah highmanes or gahrzilla.

Here's eye deck:

Explosive trap Ironbeak owl

Scavenging hyena Nerubian egg

Animal companion x2 Ironfur grizzly

Deadly shot Questing adventurer

Kill command x2 Chillwind yeti

Unleash the hounds Defender of argus x2

Houndmaster Lost tallstrider

Tundra rhino Piloted shredder

Savannah highmane x2 Senjin shieldmaster

Gharzilla Antique healbot


Storm wind champion

Sea giant x2

Molten giant

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Okay guys, first off let me apologise for deserting this thread for so long. I'm going to go through now and answer all the posts from June, and promise you guys i'll keep up with in the future :)

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      A guild formed with an ambition for progression and a love for M+ we decided to make the move from Silvermoon Alliance and form a guild to take our focus to the next level, Cutting Edge in 10.1 being the next step.
      We believe in building a guild by recruit players of a similar goal and mentality whether it be for raiding or for push score in Mythic plus. We value loyalty, honesty and a positive attitude towards setbacks. Communication skills are an absolute must.
      Raid Schedule
      Wednesday 20:30-23:00 Sunday 20:30-23:00
      Current Progression
      9/9HC 5/9M
      What are we looking for recruitment wise?
      We're currently open to recruiting DPS classes listed above, as we aim to solidify a stable 25-player roster. We're looking to provide competition to existing members and choose the best 25 players to proceed with for next tier.
      Contact Information:
      Discord; tomsen and lora1506
      Think you'd be a good fit?
      If you believe that you are a player that is looking to achieve the same goals as us then why not contact us and see if we can achieve our goals together!
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      This thread is for comments about our Shadow Priest Leveling Guide.
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about our Holy Priest Leveling Guide.
    • By HSEnthusiast
      Today, we're recapping the four Shaman cards revealed by Gamespot. We also have some dev clarifications on how they work.
      If you missed our previous Warrior recap, you will find it here.

      What a way to kick things off; this card looks insane! The dream is that Drakuru takes out two of your opponent’s minions, resurrects them on your side, and survives combat somehow. You’re looking at a 5-for-1 exchange on board.
      In the more likely scenario that it doesn’t survive, that’s still a complete flip of the board state. Even if it’s trading into a single big minion on the opponent’s side, that’s still a 2-for-1, with that 1 on your side being a big tough-to-kill minion. The only worry is that there will sometimes be late-game scenarios where the 6/8 stat line won’t be enough to get you any resurrections, but I’m hopeful those are few and far between.
      Still, even if the Big Shaman archetype doesn’t catch on for Shaman, I expect this card, in particular, to find a home in Renathal Control Shaman lists. This card is doing much of the same work that Sylvanas and Insatiable Devourer are without having to run through the trouble of infusing first.

      Once again, another big expensive card and a solid showy effect to go along with it. Obvious deathrattle/reborn synergy, as well as good with big minions in general. At 10 cost, it will take up your entire mana pool for the turn, though there are things you can do to play around that as a shaman.
      We’ve gotten some clarification from the devs on the mechanics of this one:
      All the copies summoned die at the end of the effect trigger after having attacked. Unfortunately, it won’t be some corruption-style aura effect that a cheeky Showstopper effect can silence off. Your copies are made from your hand from left to right until no more board spaces are available. Beware that Colossals will summon their appendages and take up potential board space from your other copies. Windfury minions will only attack. Sorry Drakuru, no double freebies for you ? Minions that enter Dormant won’t attack, but they won’t die either! The interaction of getting free dormant minion copies on board is interesting, but is there enough to build a deck around? In standard, there is Gangplank, Slimescale, and Pelican Divers, but outside of From De Other Side “synergy,” they might not be worth it. In Wild, at the very least, there is meme potential with getting Magtheridion and The Darkness out with this and getting their battlecries to awaken both copies when you play them out the turn after.
      There’s obvious synergy with the other big cards revealed here, with Prescience loading up your hand with some beefy bois, getting get off reborn, lifesteal and deathrattle value, summon a minion from Overlord Drakuru.

      That’s a lot of keywords for a single card, but they work together to become the stuff of nightmares for any board-based aggro deck. Taunt and lifesteal make this a nightmare to trade into, and even with enough removal to clear the main body and the reborn one, the deathrattle effect still will hit for 3 twice and heal you for 6. So while the 3 attack won’t be anything to write home about, plopping this down will buy you a good deal of time. There’s also the possibility to make use of the leftover reborn 3/1 body to evolve into a 9 or 10 drop.

      This card will get you 2 Mana 2/3 Ghostly Apparitions with the Undead minion type, which can matter for cards like Unliving Champion, or Invincible, for instance. Suppose you trigger the secondary ability here both times. In that case, that’s a pretty sweet deal right there, advancing a Big Shaman win con in 2 ways: The taunt on the Ghostly Apparitions advances your gameplan of stalling the game out until you can stabilize on board enough to play the 5+ Mana minions you’ve tutored out of the deck.
      We’ve theory crafted 3 potential builds that can use this package of Shaman cards.
      First, consider diving head first into the Big Shaman theme, bringing in Vanndar Stormpike and forgoing all other sub-5 cost minions to get max value out of Prescience and From De Other Side. We’re also going to run with the evolve subtheme to take advantage of any leftover bodies that we might get from Stoneborn General, Overlord Drakuru, or Blighblood Berserkers. The departure of the Knights of the Frozen Throne set will make evolving 10 drops better again now that there are no more Snowfury Giants in the Evolve pool, and we get to re-roll for the generally better bodies from the 10 costs. We’re adding in some early-game removal to compensate for the lack of early drops so we can better survive the early game.
      Deck code / link: 
      Next, let’s try to use the standard Renathal Control Shaman archetype that’s doing rather well in the meta as a starting point. One safe idea is to look at slotting Overlord Drakuru and potentially Brightblood Berskerker and From De Other Side into this standard XL Renathal Control Shaman as ways of fighting back on board while getting your infuse cards stacked up.
      Deck code / link: 
      We could instead also try and drop all the duplicates from the list and convert it into a Reno deck, as the deck was already playing a lot of one-offs. That gives us just enough room for one of each of these bad boys, which together with Reno will up the turnaround potential of the deck at the cost of a little bit of consistency. Doing so we can end up with this list:
      Deck code / link: 
      Why not use both and make it a Reno-thal deck? Prescience and Windchill will try to compensate for the loss of card draw from droping one copy of Gorloc Ravager and Famished fool. We are adding in Convincing Disguise to have still enough evolve effects around. The idea of including Bracing Cold and Far Sight is to hopefully discount From De Other Side or the evolve cards so we make use of any leftover bodies in the same turn. Ozumat’s in here not just to get us up to 40 cards, but because it’s a near guaranteed board clear combo with From De Other side, if you manage your hand and board space just right, that leaves you with all its appendages afterward.
      Deck code / link: 
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      March of the Lich King, set to release on December 6th, is Hearthstone's third expansion in the Year of the Hydra. Blizzard gave us an early sneak peek at some of the Warrior cards revealed today that we discuss in our latest post.
      Today, we'd like to dive into the Warrior cards revealed by Inven Global.

      Pretty straightforward card. The effect gives us much more value the larger the minion is. It gets really scary with the potential follow-up with Bulk Up giving you this massively overstated minion in hand twice. Or If you can get this on Mor’shan Elite, that’s another nice double dip of value.

      Honestly, this feels like it was tailor-made to be the ideal target of Last Stand, as your opponent can’t easily get rid of it with cheap removal. It lets you use your stats immediately by letting you trade in and stabilize with a big taunt. It might not be too shabby on its own, as the 3 effects make it an annoying wall most opponents will be forced to trade into.

      Wow, they’re really not holding back with hand disruption this set. One (nearly) guaranteed discard is pretty impactful and becomes a must-remove card in any control matchup. This card will absolutely crush the hearts of some Big Spell Mages in the coming months, that’s for sure.
      It should be noted that this discard, the devs have confirmed to us that it will trigger your opponent’s “Whenever you discard a card” effects. So try and clear a Discard Warlock's Tiny Knight of Evil and perhaps try to play around having Suffocating Shadows or Soul Barrage trigger in that matchup. 

      To round off the control toolbox from this expansion, we’ve got a pretty unique effect here. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being too easy to play around for savvy opponents. You could pre-empt this by running out a Blademaster Okani first and baiting out your opponent into playing a small spell first. But still, while the effect will only be as game-changing as your opponent’s last spell, getting any meaningful spell off seems pretty nice.
      Putting it all together, we have put together an interesting Taunt Control Warrior decklist to try out:  AAECAQcMmu0D784EvIoE2fkDqIoEiN8E784E0qwEmu0DlJUEzJIFiKAECcWSBZTtA47tA5+fBImgBIagBJDUBMSSBcuSBQA= . Slotting in Varian seems like a natural addition to any deck with Silverfury Stalwart and Tealan hops along to be the one divine shield minion you might want to have in your control deck. Rokara and Remornia are just good cards and they’ll go a long way to having your Mor’shan Elite’s active. The rest of the deck is the classic Control Warrior shell that will hopefully give you the armor and removal needed to live long enough to throw down your double-stated taunted win conditions.
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