Xinyan Guide and Best Builds

Xinyan Guide and Best Builds for Genshin Impact

Xinyan is a 4-star Pyro Claymore character in Genshin Impact who while being a DPS, also provides shielding to support your team. Our Xinyan build guide will focus on her Best Artifacts, Team Comps, Ascension Materials and More.

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D Rating
Pyro Element
Claymore Weapon
Laura Stahl EN Voice Actor
Takashi Chiaki JP Voice Actor

Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Able to provide shielding while being a DPS.
  • +C2 guarantees the ability to CRIT on their Elemental Burst while also making easy shields.
X Weaknesses
  • -Split scaling forcing you to choose building her with either ATK or DEF.
  • -Weaker shields than most other Characters.
  • -High Energy Recharge requirements in many situations.
  • -Elemental Skill requires you to be fighting 2-3 enemies to fully create her shield.

Physical DPS Xinyan

Xinyan's main build is as a DPS, focusing on ATK stats with the added benefit of being able to create small shields to nullify damage while on-field.

BiS Weapon Redhorn Stonethresher
Alternative Weapons
  1. Verdict
  2. Serpent Spine
  3. Skyward Pride
  4. The Unforged
  5. Song of Broken Pines
  6. Luxurious Sea-Lord
Best Artifacts
  1. Pale Flame + Bloodstained Chivalry — 2 Piece
  2. Pale Flame — 4 Piece
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: ATK % / Energy Recharge
  • Goblet Stats: Physical DMG
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT DMG > CRIT Rate
Substat Priority
  2. CRIT Rate
  3. ATK %
  4. Energy Recharge
  5. DEF %
Talent Priority
  1. Normal Attack
  2. Elemental Burst
  3. Elemental Skill

Xinyan primarily wants weapons which boost her ATK, with Redhorn Stonethresher being her best option and weapons such as Verdict and Serpent Spine being great alternative weapons.

Her best artifact set as a Physical DPS is the 2 piece effects of Bloodstained Chivalry and Pale Flame which both boost Physical DMG by 25%. 4 Piece Pale Flame is also essentially as powerful but requires you to effectively manage the artifacts stats. With regards to stat prioroties, CRIT DMG tends to be a little more important than CRIT Rate because of Xinyan's second Constellation Impromptu Opening which provides a guaranteed CRIT for the Physical DMG of her Elemental Burst.


Shield Support Xinyan

Xinyan can also be built as a supportive character instead of an offensive character, instead focusing on building up DEF % to increase her shield strength.

BiS Weapon Sacrificial Greatsword
Alternative Weapons
  1. Whiteblind
  2. Favonius Greatsword
  3. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
Best Artifacts
  1. Tenacity of the Millelith
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: DEF % / Energy Recharge
  • Goblet Stats: DEF %
  • Circlet Stats: DEF %
Substat Priority
  1. Energy Recharge to Requirements
  2. DEF %
  3. ATK %
Talent Priority
  1. Elemental Skill
  2. Elemental Burst
  3. Normal Attack

Xinyan is much easier to build as a Shield support with her BiS weapon being Sacrificial Greatsword so that she can maintain 100% uptime on the Shield generated by her Elemental Skill. This therefore helps support her best artifact set Tenacity of the Millelith which requires the Level 3 shield to attack regularly and ensure that Tenacity of the Millelith is always providing both the ATK gain for the party and the Shield Strength for Xinyan.

Xinyan's Shield scales off of DEF, which is your best stat outside of ensuring you reach your Energy Recharge requirements.


Xinyan's Energy Recharge Requirements

Listed below are some recommendations for Xinyan's Energy Recharge requirements. The majority of the time she is paired with Bennett and therefore follows the "Double Pyro" row.

Scenario On-Field DPS Support
Solo Pyro 190 - 220% 165 - 175%
Double Pyro 170 - 190% 155 - 165%
Triple Pyro 150 - 170% 140 - 150%

Xinyan tends to have different requirements if she is on-field or played as a support. As a support she should ideally be using Sacrificial Greatsword meaning she can use her Elemental Skill twice in a rotation, this gives her more Energy even if she is off-field more.


Combos and How to Play Xinyan

Xinyan's Elemental Skill Sweeping Fervor deals Pyro DMG to nearby opponents and hits different levels depending on the amount of opponents hit:

Shield Level Ascension 0 Ascension 1
Level 1: Ad Lib 0 - 1 0
Level 2: Lead-In 2 1
Level 3: Rave 3 2

As shown in the table, at Ascension 1 with the passive "The Show Goes On, Even Without An Audience...", the required number of enemies is decreased. At level 3: Rave, the shield will also occasioanlly deal Pyro DMG in an AoE around Xinyan.

Xinyan's Elemental Burst is very unique in the fact it deals both Physical DMG and also Pyro DMG. This does however come with the downside of scaling off of different things.


Xinyan's Best Team Comps


Xianyun Plunge Team

Main DPS Support Support Support
Xinyan Bennett Furina Xianyun

As a Claymore character, Xinyan has higher Plunging Attack scaling than most of the characters in the game. This makes her a good candidate for Plunging teams with Xianyun. Alongside great DMG buffs from Furina and Bennett as well as Elemental Infusion from C6 Bennett she can deal powerful Plunge Attacks.


Superconduct Xinyan

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
  • Rosaria
  • Kaeya

This team focuses on her Physical build, allowing her to deal damage through the Superconduct reaction using Cryo and Electro characters. Fischl and Raiden Shogun are the ideal Electro characters for this providing great off-field Electro DMG and also lowering Energy Requirements. Rosaria is the best option for off-field Cryo application as well as Physical RES Shred at C6. Kaeya is an alternate option if you do not have Rosaria or she is being used in another team.


Xinyan Support Teams

Main DPS Sub DPS Support Support
Lyney Xiangling Bennett Xinyan
Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Hu Tao Xingqiu Yelan Xinyan

These are a few examples of teams in which Xinyan can be a more supportive unit for. Lyney greatly benefits from having exclusively Pyro characters in his team while the increased interruption RES can help with Charged Attacks. With Hu Tao on the other hand Xinyan provides Pyro as well as defensive support instead of Healing as Hu Tao deals increased DMG below 50% HP.


Xinyan's Ascensions, Talents and Constellations

Xinyan's Ascensions Xinyan's Talents Xinyan's Constellations

Xinyan's Ascension Passives and Materials

Unlock Ascension Passive Explanation
With Character A Rad Recipe

Decreases the number of opponents Sweeping Fervor must hit to trigger each level of shielding.

  • Shield Level 2: Lead-In requirement reduced to 1 opponent hit.
  • Shield Level 3: Rave requirement reduced to 2 opponents hit or more.
1st Ascension "The Show Goes On, Even Without An Audience..." Characters shielded by Sweeping Fervor deal 15% increased Physical DMG.
4th Ascension "...Now That's Rock 'N' Roll!" When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a DEF-boosting dish, Xinyan has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Xinyan requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension. Starting from the second ascension they gain ATK % as she levels, giving a total of 24% Bonus ATK at the final ascension. The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Source Quantity
Mora 420,000 Mora
Boss Material 46x Everflame Seed
Ascension Material
Local Specialty 168x Violetgrass
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • 30x Silver Raven Insignia
  • 36x Golden Raven Insignia

Xinyan's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a simplified explanation of how they work.

Type Talent Name Brief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Dance on Fire Normal Attack deals 4 strikes, Charged Attack is a continuous spin attack and Plunging Attack is a standard Claymore Plunge.
Elemental Skill Sweeping Fervor

Deals Pyro DMG in front of Xinyan and creates a Shield based on the number of enemies hit.

The Shield infuses Xinyan with Pyro and has additional absorption against Pyro DMG.

Elemental Burst Riff Revolution Deals DMG in an AoE around Xinyan dealing both Physical and Pyro DMG.

To upgrade a single talent to level 10, it costs:

Source Quantity
Mora 1,625,500 Mora
Special Material 1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material 6x Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Gold
  • 21x Guide to Gold
  • 38x Philosophies of Gold
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • 22x Silver Raven Insignia
  • 31x Golden Raven Insignia

Xinyan's Constellations

Xinyan's Impromptu Opening (C2) is a great Constellation for her because of the fact it instantly allows you to create a Level 3 Shield when her Elemental Burst is used. Wildfire Rhythm (C4) is also really good due to the fact it lowers the enemies Physical RES allowing her to deal a lot more DMG on Physical builds.

# Name Explanation
C1 Fatal Acceleration When Xinyan CRITs, her ATK SPD of Normal and Charged Attacks increases for 5s by 12%.
C2 Impromptu Opening Creates a Level 3: Rave Shield when Riff Revolution is used.
C3 Double-Stop
  • Increases the Level of Sweeping Fervor by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Wildfire Rhythm Using Sweeping Fervor will decrease the enemies Physical RES by 15% for 12.
C5 Screamin' for an Encore
  • Increases the Level of Riff Revolution by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Rockin' in a Flaming World
  • Decreases Stamina use of Charged Attacks by 30%.
  • Charged Attacks gain extra ATK based on 50% of her DEF.


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