Beginner's Leveling Guide for Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Last Epoch's experience systems for both Character levels and Skill levels. With this guide you will learn to level quickly and efficiently so that you can take on the end game.



Experience is your primary means of progression within Last Epoch. There are two separate categories of Experience (EXP), character experience and skill experience. Character EXP is obtained through questing, rewards, and defeating enemies. It will not only improve the strength of your character by increasing stats, but also provide you with passive points as you increase in level. Leveling up will open opportunities for more builds as you steadily gain access to new skills. Skill experience will allow you to progress through unique Skill Trees for individual abilities you choose to specialize into, further strengthening your build, and allowing for diverse gameplay options. This guide will give you everything you need to know to maximize your EXP gains and explain all of the relevant systems and mechanics to help you find success in your leveling journey.



EXP can be obtained through a variety of avenues. If you follow the main story you will see that finishing quests results in significant EXP gains, but this can become exponentially more efficient if you take advantage of clearing large groups of enemies, especially Elite-type enemies.

The maximum level in Last Epoch is 100. Whenever you level up you will receive an increase to Health, Mana, and a passive point that can be put into any of your Mastery passives trees to receive a variety of offensive and defensive bonuses.

Passive Respecing


Skills are the abilities that each Class has access to in Last Epoch. You are able to specialize into five unique Skills and each of those has their own individual level. The base maximum level for a skill is 20, with higher levels possible with certain gear affixes. Each one will level up individually and receive points that can be allocated into a unique Skill Tree for every skill. These points will help to add identity to a build, develop synergies, and make your character stronger so that they may face more difficult content.

To gain EXP for a skill you must have it as one of your five that are active and use it within combat while you are leveling your character.

Skill Respecing


All Skill can be respecialized. If you wish to respec a Skill, you can remove all the points and reallocate them or you able to unspecialize the Skill completely to select a new one. Be warned, you will have to relevel Skills that you choose to respec.

To learn more about how Respecing works for Skills and Passive Points, please refer to our Respecing Guide.


Leveling Methods

Although you will be able to level up in any content you choose to complete in Last Epoch, some will be more efficient when it comes to the EXP gained versus overall time spent.


Monolith of Fate

Clearing an Echo within the Monolith of Fate will provide experience points simply from engaging with the content. But, there will be some Echoes that provide a Tomes of Experience bonus once it is completed. This will prove to be one of the best ways to grind EXP. If you happen to receive an experience gain modifier within an Echo that is also rewarding you with Tomes of Experience you will see some of the largest EXP gains that Last Epoch has to offer.



You are able to farm Arenas for fantastic EXP gains. As you push more waves you will scale your experience gains. The higher the waves you push, the more EXP that you receive.



While the Monolith of Fate and Arenas may prove to be better methods for quickly leveling up, the campaign is a great focused method for leveling your character. The Campaign offers Quests and Enemies to defeat while keeping you engaged through its story. This will be a great way to level when you are just starting Last Epoch, but the campaign alone will not take you all the way to level 100.


Experience Modifiers

You will gain experience points through essentially all content within Last Epoch. However, if you wish to level more quickly so that you can spend your time in the most efficient way possible there are a variety of game mechanics that will help to enhance your EXP gains.



Shrines will randomly spawn within maps and can give an array of personal buffs. Occasionally you will find a Shrine that provides a significant (50%) EXP buff. This can be a nice small duration EXP gain at times that you will encounter while progressing through content.


Monolith Modifiers

The Monolith of Fate is one of the best ways to push levels in Last Epoch. Within the Monolith there will be modifiers that you encounter. One of the available modifiers is one that will significantly increase the EXP you receive.


Enemy Level and Rarity

The primary source of EXP you have across any type of content is from defeating enemies. There are two ways that you can increase the EXP received from enemies; their level and their rarity.

Enemy Level is dictated by the level of the map you are on. Push into the highest level maps you can efficiently clear to receive the most EXP.

Enemy Rarity will modify the EXP you receive after defeating them. You will encounter Magic enemies, most commonly, but you will also see many Rare enemies. These enemies will be significantly stronger in exchange for better loot and experience gains.

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