Berserker's Technique Berserker Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Swinging around a hulking piece of metal, the Berserker is packed with high damage skills which makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Introduction to Berserker's Technique Berserker

The Berserker's Technique Icon Berserker's Technique Berserker is a high burst package with massive crit rates built in alongside attack and movement speed derived from the Berserker Rage.


Berserkers Technique Berserker Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High DPS
  • +Massive stat gain through Berserkers Rage buff
  • +Push Immunity on skills
X Weaknesses
  • -Long animation locks
  • -Full damage rotation takes several seconds
  • -Identity downtime and buildup

Berserker's Technique Berserker Skill Build

The following image shows the skill build of choice and the desired stats. There are three variants below depending on your available skill points.


Berserker's Technique Berserker Skill Rotation

Red Dust Icon Red Dust is at the core of every rotation for Berserker to amplify and maximize the damage. Ideally, the rotation looks as follows:

Red Dust Icon Red DustStrike WaveBloody Rush Icon Bloody RushFinish Strike Icon Finish Strike

This rotation allows you to use three of your hardest hitting abilities with the buff from Red Dust Icon Red Dust for maximum damage output. As usual, the game is not static, bosses move, you may get hit, so learning and understanding the windows for those rotations is key.


Berserker Important Tripods

The Tripods are a mix of gauge building and damage amplification in order to regain your Berserker Rage as quickly as possible. The most important Tripods can be found on Red Dust Icon Red Dust:


Berserker Stat Priority

Berserker's Technique Icon Berserker's Technique lives of a high Specialization for higher Berserker Rage duration, higher damage on Bloody Rush Icon Bloody Rush and faster gauge building to re-enter the Rage. Often times a mix of Critical and Swiftness are used to provide a more stable flow of combat. Your Specialization should at least be at 1200 for optimal buff and Rage rotations.


Berserker Pet Stats

The offensive stat of choice is Specialization. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Berserker's Technique Berserker Gear Sets

The gear choice is bound to the Engravings selected. For players who choose Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon, the Preordained Diligence is the preferred pick. Players who run other damage Engravings can also use the Harsh Oath set.


Berserker Gear Tripod Priority

Most of Berserkers skills are straightforward and will be equipped with damage improving Tripods. The only two exceptions are Red Dust Icon Red Dust due to its all in one package buff/debuff loadout and gauge building skills such as Tempest Slash Icon Tempest Slash or Wind Blade Icon Wind Blade.

  • Increasing Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit will massively increase your damage output and should be top priority, thus making Red Dust Icon Red Dust the keystone.
  • Focus Icon Focus increase the gauge gained when using Wind Blade Icon Wind Blade and helps you to rebuild your gauge faster, allowing you to enter the Rage state quicker and more often.
  • Focus Icon Focus increase the gauge gained when using Tempest Slash Icon Tempest Slash which also acts as another gauge builder.

Berserker's Technique Berserker Engravings

The Berserker's Technique Icon Berserker's Technique removes the debuff after your Rage buff expires, allowing you to re-enter as soon as your gauge is filled up again. It also improves your critical damage. Most often it is left at level 1 to counter the debuff, as the damage scaling is outclassed by other Engravings. You can also choose to max it out if you so desire.

  • Grudge Icon Grudge is a staple for any DPS and should be taken as the second Engraving.
  • Both Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon and Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll are good options to further boost the damage output.
  • Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain is another suitable choice due to movement speed from the buff and Swiftness. High upkeep for the buff is recommended to get the most out of the Engraving.
  • Spirit Absorption Icon Spirit Absorption is also a common pick, often used in combination with Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain to cap out on the damage buff, which happens at 140% movement speed.
  • Awakening Icon Awakening serves two purposes: It is used when a specific relic set is chosen, the Dominion Fang Set, and it also links in very well with your rage timer, as your first Awakening ability builds a huge amount of gauge, allowing you to almost instantly return to your Rage state when timed right.

Berserker Runes

Runes are used to further offset the long animations and high commitment skills from Berserker. As such the most commonly equipped Rune is Galewind Icon Galewind. The other aspect is the gauge building, thus Wealth Icon Wealth is often used to improve the gauge building properties of certain skills.

Wealth Icon Wealth is used on skills such as Tempest Slash Icon Tempest Slash, Wind Blade Icon Wind Blade and Mountain Crash Icon Mountain Crash to further improve the gauge building.

Rage Icon Rage, Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge or Protection Icon Protection can be used to Shoulder Charge Icon Shoulder Charge to provide auxiliary bonuses such as speed or cooldown reduction. These options very much depend on playstyle and preference, so choose according to your liking.

Galewind Icon Galewind is a staple for any DPS, especially for Berserkers. This is most often used on your longer casting abilities such as Finish Strike Icon Finish Strike, Hell Blade Icon Hell Blade, and Strike Wave.


Berserker Gems

Since Berserker is packed with a lot of hard hitting abilities, setting up the gems is a fairly straightforward task. The following skills should use both damage and cooldown gems:

This leaves one slot unused and that should be used for a cooldown gem for Red Dust Icon Red Dust


Berserker Tips

It is important to understand when and how to rebuild your gauge to maintain your identity for as long as possible. Finding the sweet spot where your Awakening is available to rebuild the gauge is crucial.

Berserker has a lot of high damaging abilities but most of them make you stationary or require windups. Be ready to commit and always have an escape option at hand.

Almost every ability has Stagger, making Berserker ideal for Stagger checks. Just make sure you actually have cooldowns available.

Due to the long cooldowns, it is often smarter to find a rhythm that matches with Red Dust Icon Red Dust to maximize your damage output.