Lone Knight Gunlancer Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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The Gunlancer uses both a gunlance and a shield to both destroy their enemies and protect their allies. Gunlancers come jam-packed with an arsenal of support actions, as well high damaging skills, making it versatile in all environments. Gunlancer comes in two playstyles, Combat Readiness and Lone Knight.


Lone Knight: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Gunlancer's skills are split between either Normal (blue) skills or Gunlance (red) skills. While using Solo Knight Icon Lone Knight, our Gunlance skills are buffed by a flat amount and our Crit Damage is buffed considerably, making them more potent to use. Due to this, this version of Gunlancer will only use blue skills for utility purposes and all of the damage is going to come from the red skills.


Normal Skills

The blue skills we use for Solo Knight Icon Lone Knight are only there for utility, providing us with synergy buffs, personal buffs, or party mitigation.

  • Bash Icon Bash: This is effectively your spam skill. It should be used on cooldown to maintain the buff it gives, Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction. It also serves as a counter, but should never be held for that purpose, sinice we have another counter in our kit, explained below.
  • Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred: Every burst window should start with this attack, ideally with Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance off to generate Shield Meter, then toggled on to ensure our burst rotation isn't interrupted. This skill provides one of the best synergy buffs in the game with Open Weakness Icon Open Weakness and also functions as your taunt, allowing you to get your front positionals with ease.
  • Nelasia's Energy Icon Nelasia's Energy: At base, this skill provides a 25% damage reduction to all party members, but this skill is capable of doing so much more. Shout of Purification Icon Shout of Purification serves as a party wide cleanse for tripod row two, while row three has the option between a party wide shield or a party wide Attack Speed buff. The majority of the time you will want to take the shield, but if you know your group doesn't need it, feel free to take the synergy instead.

Gunlance Skills

Solo Knight Icon Lone Knight utilizes their Gunlance skills to deal an explosive amount of burst damage. Due to Crit stacking and our class engraving, Surge Cannon Icon Surge Cannon and Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger make up more than 50% of our overall damage.

  • Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger: Deals a ton of damage and moves you forward by a considerable amount. This should always be the first attack after your initial prep of Counter Gunlance Icon Counter GunlanceBash Icon Bash to ensure you're up against the enemy for your other skills.
  • Surge Cannon Icon Surge Cannon: Deals a ton of damage and pushes you backward with each explosion. This is used after Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger since the previous skill puts you as close to the enemy as you're going to get, and this ensures all your attacks land.
  • Dash Upper Fire Icon Dash Upper Fire: This serves as a reliable counter with added mobility. We take Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep as this allows you to use the skill twice in your burst window. A staple in a Lone Knight's build.
  • Gunlance Shot Icon Gunlance Shot: Deals a moderate amount of damage. Feel free to run Tenacity Icon Tenacity if you want the push immunity to greed mechanics a little harder, which can be paired with a Protection Icon Protection as well. Make sure to take Close Explosion Icon Close Explosion so it can take advantage of the damage boost from Super Charge Icon Super Charge.
  • Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance: With Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance being less accessible on this build, Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance allows you to greed boss patterns more reliably as well as deal a ton of damage through Bombardment Spear Icon Bombardment Spear.
  • Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet: The alternative to using Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance. I don't recommend this one, mainly because it will absolutely destroy your mana if you spam it. Basically it's only used for Destruction checks, or to proc things like Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge Runes or Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline stacks. Throw this on accordingly if you think you need it for a specific fight.

Awakening Skills

While most classes in this game have a definite Awakening to choose from for a specific engraving, Gunlancer can freely cycle between theirs given the situation and needs of the group.

  • Guardian's Protection Icon Guardian's Protection: Possibly one of the most abusable Awakenings in the game, this skill places a large bubble on the ground that party members can stand in to receive 40% damage reduction on top of Super Armor. If you want to see how strong this is, use this during Deskaluda when the green tethers attach to your party members. Fair warning, people tend to not know what this does, or they don't expect it to happen and will still run away from it when it's used. May be worth pinging people to stand in it when it's placed.
  • Lance of Judgment Icon Lance of Judgment: Pretty straight forward, provides a 10% Crit Rate buff to all party members inside of it's radius for 10 seconds. Either plan the usage out with a premade, or try to use this after a boss has been knocked down after a stagger check to make sure people abuse the buff entirely.


Below is a table consisted of recommended tripods for each skill. Prioritize resource generating tripods with the eventual goal of having 18 max level tripods.
Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Bash Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction (N/A) Ready Attack Icon Ready Attack (High) Bell Strike Icon Bell Strike N/A (Optional)
Charged Stinger Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (High) Charge Enhancement Icon Charge Enhancement (High) Last Charge Icon Last Charge (High)
Surge Cannon High Explosive Shot Icon High Explosive Shot (High) Overcharge Icon Overcharge (High) Focus Fire Icon Focus Fire (High)
Shout of Hatred Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Shield Icon Shield (Low) Open Weakness Icon Open Weakness (N/A)
Gunlance Shot Nimble Movement Icon Nimble Movement (Low) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium) Close Explosion Icon Close Explosion (Medium)
Dash Upper Fire Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium) Extra Shell Icon Extra Shell (Medium)
Counter Gunlance Sturdy Armor Icon Sturdy Armor (Low) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium) Bombardment Spear Icon Bombardment Spear (Medium)
Nelasia's Energy Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Shout of Purification Icon Shout of Purification (N/A) Survive Icon Survive (Low)










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