Pinnacle Glaivier Gearing Guide for Lost Ark

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Brandishing two weapons, a Glaive and a Spear, Glaivier offers fluid gameplay at both close and mid-range. Packed full of utility and being one of the more mobile advanced classes in the game, Glaivier comes in two playstyles, Control and Pinnacle.


Pinnacle: Accessories, Card Sets, Engravings and Gearsets

Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle's buffs and the amount of Dual Meter generation scales off of Specialization with secondary stats in Crit or Swift depending on your personal preference. You'll have a few Relic gearsets and a selection of engravings to choose from depending on your build choice or preference. The buffs granted from Pinnacle synergize with certain engravings like Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain or Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon.


Card Sets

Card sets are shared across both engravings for Glaivier. In the early game you can use cards that help with survivability such as Field Boss II Icon Field Boss II, We'll Meet Again Icon We'll Meet Again and Forest of Giants Icon Forest of Giants. For optimal damage you'll want Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation at 18 or 30 awakening, though is quite a late game goal. Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff provides additional Critical Rate and is a solid stand-in as you gradually work towards Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation.



There's several options for engravings dependent on Relic gearset, preference and budget. Below is a series of recommended engravings that you can ponder over before making your build.

Engraving Priority Rec. Gearset Description
Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle Necessity N/A Required to use at Level 3 and the buff scales with Specialization. Scales horrendously at Level 1.
Grudge Icon Grudge Very High N/A This is a staple damage engraving. As a DPS you should be using this as an immediate slot-in for your setup.
Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon High Nightmare, Salvation Has good scaling with Flurry Stance's Critical Rate, but does poorly when in Focus Stance due to its high Critical Damage.
Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll High N/A Flat Attack Power bonus with healing penalty, standard choice but scales worse with other additive Attack Power engravings.
Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain High N/A Grants the max (18%) damage bonus when in Focus Stance. With runes or party synergy you can also reach the cap in Flurry Stance.
Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass Optional N/A Cheap 18% damage increase but does penalize Focus Stance for not having Attack Speed. Can be mitigated by using Salvation or buffed via Yearning,
Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline Optional N/A This is only taken with Crit as your secondary substat and should be prioritized as a Level 3 engraving.
Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush Optional Entropy Huge damage increase if you can hit back attacks consistently, replaces Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon when using Earth's Entropy gear set.


Starting in Legendary gear, you'll want the Preordained Diligence set from Argos to give you additional Critical Rate. You can use the 2-piece gear from Valtan Normal but it's only recommended if you intend on parking your character at 1415. Once you obtain Relic gear, popular options include Nightmare & Salvation with niche builds using Earth's Entropy.

  1. Nightmare: This set provides the highest amount of damage at the expense of watching your MP usage and having to use your Awakening early in an encounter. To combat the increased MP usage you can use Runes, food items, tripods or a support's buffs to ensure you don't enter Boundless Mana and lose a truckload of damage.
  2. Salvation: A close alternative to Nightmare, it provides an additive damage buff and Attack Speed once at max stacks. It also provides Take a Break; a useful safety net but penalizes your by removing all stacks reducing DPS until they are built again.
  3. Entropy: Aims for the absolute extreme in damage potential that requires extremely high Back Attack uptime. The bonuses of this set also don't affect each stance fully. Critical Rate is useless in Flurry Stance while the extra Critical Damage makes your Focus Stance skills a potential huge DPS loss if they don't crit. There's a plethora of requirements to use this gearset, but the damage is high enough to make one consider it. Definitely play it at your own risk.

Accessories and Stat Distribution

You'll be primarily running Specialization with sub Swiftness or Crit. Between the two it's up to player's discretion.

  • Spec/Swiftness or Spec/Crit Necklace
  • 2x Spec Earrings
  • 2x Spec Ring
  • Spec/Swift or Spec/Crit Bracelet


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