Mayhem Berserker Warrior Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Swinging around a hulking piece of metal, the Berserker is packed with high damage skills which makes him a force to be reckoned with.



The Mayhem Icon Mayhem Berserker is an absolute powerhouse with a permanent attack speed, movement speed and damage buff at hand. This offsets the sluggish nature and makes them agile. It comes at the cost of some effective HP, though the benefits far outweigh the negatives.


Mayhem Berserker Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High DPS
  • +Permament combat buff providing speed and damage
  • +Push Immunity on skills
X Weaknesses
  • -Long animation locks
  • -Full damage rotation takes several seconds
  • -Less effective health than Berserker's Technique

Berserker Skill Build

The following image shows the skill build of choice and the desired stats. There are three variants below depending on your available skill points.


Berserker Skill Rotation

While not having a static rotation, every dps window should be opened with Red Dust Icon Red Dust. Not only does it provide damage to yourself and your party, but also boasts a massive crit chance buff with the use of Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit. This should be followed up with any combination of the following skills:

In the event that you do not have those cooldowns available just use any other abilities to utilize the buffs from Red Dust Icon Red Dust. You can also use Chain Sword Icon Chain Sword with Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit and Swift Attack Prep Icon Swift Attack Prep to boost the crit rate and speed of the next followup attack.


Berserker Important Tripods

The tripods for Berserker are almost all set out for extra damage since Mayhem Icon Mayhem does not require gauge building. The most important tripods can be found on Red Dust Icon Red Dust:

  • Damage Amplification Icon Damage Amplification provides a flat damage buff for the entire party
  • Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit grants you a massive crit chance buff for 6 seconds, further amplified by higher tripod levels.
  • Hell Blade Icon Hell Blade provides a high damage boost through Deadly Blow Icon Deadly Blow in combination with Mayhems HP reduction.
  • Sword Storm Icon Sword Storm provides a high damage boost through Flame Storm Icon Flame Storm also in combination with Mayhems HP reduction.

Berserker Stat Priority

Mayhem Berserkers have the choice to mix and match both Critical and Swiftnessto make up a build and playstyle they prefer.

  1. Critical — Increase your critical strike chance. If you run sets without crit rate it is recommened to invest more into the stat to offset the lack of critical strike sources.
  2. Swiftness — Improves the speed and cooldowns and pairs nicely with the identity from Mayhem Icon Mayhem. This is the stat to go for players who use extra sources of crit such as set effects or card sets. Beware that the improved cooldowns may lead to mana hunger which can potentially leave you out of mana.

Example stat distributions are:

  • 60% Critical, 40% Swiftness
  • 50% Critical, 50% Swiftness
  • 40% Critical, 60% Swiftness

You should try and find the stat combination that feels best for you and match your stats according to your own likings.


Berserker Pet Stats

The offensive stat of choice depends on your own build choice above. The simple rule here is: Your highest stat should be further boosted through your pet. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Berserker Gear Sets

The gearchoice goes hand in hand with the stat distrubition as mentioned above. For players who choose a high value of critical, the Harsh Oath is the preferred pick. Players who prioritize Swiftness will want to get the Preordained Dilligence set.


Berserker Gear Tripod Priority

Most of Berserkers skills are straight forward and will be equipped with damage improving tripods. The only exception here is Red Dust Icon Red Dust due to its all in one package buff/debuff loadout.

Increasing Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit will massively increase your damage output and should be top priority, thus making Red Dust Icon Red Dust the keystone.


Berserker Engravings

The Mayhem Icon Mayhem allows Berserkers to have a permanent buff and also comes with the special perk of reducing your max HP to 25% whilst granting extra damage reduction. This opens up options for other engravings otherwise not suitable.

  • Grudge Icon Grudge is a staple for any DPS and should be taken as the second Engraving.
  • Champion's Tenacity Icon Champion's Tenacity is a perfect fit with Mayhem as it will be permanently active, resulting in a free damage engraving without drawbacks.
  • Both Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon and Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll are good options to further boost the damage output.
  • Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain is another suitable choice due to movement speed from the buff and Swiftness. Be aware that you will most likely not cap out by yourself unless you run a specific set or stats.

There are some alternative choices which may be cheaper or easier to build in, but are not best in slot or will be suboptimal:

  • Increases Mass Icon Increases Mass works well because of the built in speed. Due to Berserkers slow nature it may make it feel clunky again despite all the attackspeed.
  • Precise Dagger Icon Precise Dagger can be used in a pinch to increase your critical strike chance but is definitely not the best DPS engraving.

Berserker Runes

Runes are used to further offset the long animations and high commitment skills from Berserker. As such the most commonly equipped run is Galewind Icon Galewind. Other runes can also be used but are not required to make Berserker functional.

Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm increases your stagger, pairs well with Tempest Slash Icon Tempest Slash to provide a good amount of Stagger burst.

Bleed Icon Bleed works best on short cooldowns such as Chain Sword Icon Chain Sword.

Rage Icon Rage or Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge can be used to Shoulder Charge Icon Shoulder Charge to provide auxiliary bonuses such as speed or cooldown reduction. These options very much depend on playstyle and preference, so choose according to your liking.

Galewind Icon Galewind is a staple for any DPS, especially for Berserkers. This is most often used on your longer casting abilities such as Finish Strike Icon Finish Strike, Hell Blade Icon Hell Blade, Strike Wave and Sword Storm Icon Sword Storm.


Berserker Gems

Since Berserker is packed with alot of hard hitting abilities, setting up the gems is a fairly straight forward task. The following skills should use both damage and cooldown gems:

This leaves one slot unused and that should be used for a cooldown gem for Red Dust Icon Red Dust


Berserker Tips

Berserker has alot of high damaging abilities but most of them make you stationary or require windups. Be ready to commit and always have an escape option at hand.

Almost every ability has Stagger, making Berserker ideal for Staggerchecks. Just make sure you actually have cooldowns available.

Due to the long cooldowns it is often smarter to find a rythm that matches with Red Dust Icon Red Dust to maximise your damage output.

Dark Rush (your identity skill) has Stagger, Destruction and even Push immunity, make use of that in moments where you could be knocked down.



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