Gunslinger PvP Build Guide

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Welcome to our Gunslinger PvP guide for Lost Ark. This guide will cover the core aspects of how Gunslinger plays, ranging from skills, stats and general build decisions to tips and pointers on how you as a player should approach the class. Whether 1v1, 3v3, solo or tournaments, this guide should give you a fundamental understanding of Gunslinger's core concepts.



With sharp eyes and a nimble step, the Gunslinger uses her weaponry to raze all in her sight.

Access to three different firearms and accompanying skills means Gunslinger is never out of her element. Pistol stance allow for excellent mobility and mid-range threat, rifle stance provides high damage and long-range utility and shotgun stance has destructive AoE damage at close range. Gunslinger has a total of 16 skills to work with at a time and low cooldowns on pistol skills, meaning she is never without something to do.


Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High mobility
  • +Effective at any range
  • +Strong space dash
X Weaknesses
  • -Low health and defense
  • -Reliant on paralysis
  • -Lacks a fast/safe push skill


Gunslinger is versatile but shines in the mid-range where she can catch unaware opponents or retreat back rifle stance distance if needed. Although a "ranged" class, she has a hybrid playstyle of engaging and disengaging at will to always be in an advantageous situation.

Pistol stance contains the majority of Gunslinger's mobility and utility. Pistol skills are very low damage but have equally low cooldowns to compensate, making them the backbone of Gunslinger's gameplay and most of the match will be spent using them. Key skills include Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker and AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade as they are vital for comboing and hit confirming, as well as Quick Step Icon Quick Step and Death Fire Icon Death Fire, which are incredible multi-purpose skills that encompass Gunslingers high speed gameplay, functioning as both catching and repositioning tools.

Rifle stance is where most of Gunslinger's damage comes from. The range and immunities these skills provide mean opponents will need to spend Pushes or Hard CC skills to stop her. Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe is Gunslinger's highest damage skill along with the Tenacity Icon Tenacity pod making the skill Push Immune. Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot is one of Gunslinger's most defining skills and understanding its use is important for enforcing Gunslinger's ranged threat.

Shotgun stance provides Gunslinger with explosive AoE and damage. These skills are a mid-point between pistol stance speed and the power of rifle stance. Shotgun skills typically have more pronounced weaknesses and counterplay, with Last Request Icon Last Request being as damaging as rifle skills, but lacking the range and having no immunity. Gunslinger does not often spend points in shotgun skills, as although they have their strengths they do not compliment her gameplan well; the need to be in close range along with either long cast times or lack of immunity leave Gunslinger too vulnerable considering her low health and defence.

Gunslinger is a powerful threat to any team, being able to take of the role of both a harasser, with her shotgun and pistol skills allowing for quick access to the enemy backline for bursting, and a disruptor with her rifle skills enabling ranged peel and zoning.



For a high-level overview of Gunslinger:

  • A primarily ranged class with unmatched speed and versatility, being able to take on the role of a harasser, disruptor and main damage dealer.
  • Reliance on paralysis means Gunslinger has to focus on catching the enemy unaware or focus on assisting the frontline while maintaining safe spacing in the neutral game.
  • Has the choice between Eye of Twilight Icon Eye of Twilight - one of the highest single target damage Awakenings in the game - or High-Caliber HE Bullet Icon High-Caliber HE Bullet, a high damage AoE Awakening with the addition of utility in the form of a knock-up.