Gunslinger PvP Comp Viability

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Due to Gunslinger's general strength she is effective in a number of team compositions but shines best when paired with a supportive class along with a frontliner that provides a lot of pressure. Even if this paradigm isn't present, Gunsligner still functions well with double melee and can function well with another ranged. Issues only arise when there is no frontline as this can lead to Gunslinger being easily focused down and forces her to spend her cooldowns to run away as opposed to being used to harass.


Gunslinger PvP Composition Viability

Bard is Gunsligner's preferred support due to Heavenly Tune Icon Heavenly Tune granting both an attack speed and attack power buff, giving Gunsligner free reign of the map due to being near untouchable with the boost in speed. The attack power buff also makes her poke far more deadly and she can easily do 30% to a low defence class with Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot while remaining completely safe herself. Guardian Tune Icon Guardian Tune is also very useful on Gunsligner, as the CC immunity means Gunslinger cannot be interrupted during Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe and in general she becomes very difficult to pin down and punish.

Gunslinger is a fairly selfish class in that she only brings damage to her team. Her peeling tools are mostly Paralysis with some Push skills as Freeze Grenade Icon Freeze Grenade has to be used for both comboing and self peel, and the delayed hit of the skill also means the enemy will be able to react fairly easily. Gunslinger can take Flash Icon Flash to add a strong ranged stun to her kit but this leads to a notable drop in damage and is most often only taken as a counter pick for enemy classes that are fairly slow and have long combos with high damage like Artillerist and Berserker. A team will usually want to make up for Gunslinger's lack of utility with a class that brings a lot of CC like Destroyer or Deathblade.

Overall Gunslinger is a flexible class that can add staggering damage and pressure to the team. She does however lack utility that a team may want to make up for either through a support or damage class with lots of CC.


Example Teams

Bard, Destroyer, Gunslinger - A standard support, tank, damage dealer trope that is often seen in competitive games. Bard provides amazing support through both plenty of CC and her buffs which both Destroyer and Gunslinger make some of the best use out of, especially if Bard and Destroyer rotate their Guardian Tune Icon Guardian Tune and Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain cooldowns. Bard and Destroyer are both fairly self sufficient letting Gunslinger focus on harassing the enemy team.

Artillerist, Gunlancer, Gunslinger - A damage heavy comp that can excel at holding ground and zoning. Gunslinger can make great use of the space both Artillerist and Gunlancer naturally create. This combined with their tankiness means Gunslinger has everything she needs to play for dealing as much damage as possible. The burst Artillerist and Gunslinger can dish out if Swing Icon Swing connects can easily 100 to 0 many classes while Gunlancer can hold his own in a 1v2 and prevent the enemy team from peeling. This team will have issues against certain comps with high mobility that can easily move around Artillerist and Gunlancer, but more melee focused teams will find it difficult to play against this setup.

Deathblade, Wardancer, Gunslinger - A triple damage comp that has incredible rushdown capability. With Deathblade's Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom up, the team can look to hard force an engage and can easily overwhelm comps if they don't have a double melee frontline. With the pressure Wardancer and Deathblade provide with rushdown threat and high amounts of CC, Gunslinger has a lot of room to harass easy targets or choose to back up her Wardancer picking on a target while Deathblade holds her ground in the 1v2. This team will have issues against teams that have classes with strong self peel like Deathblade, Destroyer and Sorceress.



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