Gunslinger PvP Combos

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With the amount of skills Gunslinger has, she has a lot of combo diversity and moreso has a 'combo structure' rather than set in stone combos for each situation, which makes it possible to more or less freestyle routes depending on available cooldowns. This section will cover several combos but Gunslinger is not limited to these and has many different ways use her skills. She is mostly free to do whatever skill she wants after AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade or Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker.


Gunslinger Combos

Some of Gunslinger's combos involve chaining a high damage skill into AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade. This is because of the 30% combo damage limit, some of these combos don't work on lower defence targets like Bard, as they will gain All Immunity before the combo ends and be able to escape. With the crit resistance debuff from Spiral Tracker, getting crits can also push combos over the damage limit and stop these combos from working, so be mindful:

Gunslinger Damage Limit

Be wary of doing these types of combos versus a class like Bard that can easily hit the damage limit. Against classes like Gunlancer or Destroyer it's unlikely they'll hit the damage limit outside of the Burst buff.

Gunslinger Combo
Gunslinger Combo

A basic Gunslinger combos that shows the general structure of: catch > Spiral Tracker > burst. Focused Shot can combo from Catastrophe as long as it knocks up allowing for some extra damage, but as it has no immunities it can be peeled. It is possible to reposition after Spiral Tracker and still land Catastrophe for a safer execution.

Gunslinger Combo

A combo showing a standing combo reset with freeze. Even when not needed for a combo, using Spiral Tracker is useful just to apply the crit debuff. The combo reset isn't always guaranteed due to ping and server ticks; against classes without fast knockups, going for the reset isn't too risky as their responses will be reactable, but against a class like Striker who wants to be close to Gunslinger and has multiple fast Push skills it's best to be more wary of going for resets.

Gunslinger Combo

Hitting the AT02 Grenade after the knockup from Last Request can be tricky, using the techniques talked about in the identity section can help make this chain more consistent. With the low level Last Request used in this combo the damage limit most likely won't be hit unless a teammate is also dealing damage so this combo works across all classes.

Gunslinger Combo

Catching with SharpShooter and going into Dexterous Shot is the usual route. SharpShooter hitstun isn't necessarily short, but Dexterous Shot allows Gunslinger to reposition while making sure the enemy is still in the combo. Quick Step could be used in the same way but will have to be chained quickly.

Gunslinger Combo

Similar to the above combo but catching with Somersault Shot. The hitstun off of Somersault Shot is rather short, so the combo needs to be done quickly as taking too long might allow the enemy to use a skill and punish right after the Somersault Shot.

Gunslinger Combo

Comboing into Eye of Twilight is very high damage and generally consistent. If the target is low defence and both hits of Last Request hit this might push them over the damage limit depending on team synergy buffs, which would cause the freeze to be immuned, so be thoughtful of this when using this combo vs those classes. With the Burst buff this combo can 100-0 squishy targets on crit.

Gunslinger Combo

Combo into second Awakening; not particularly high damage but very safe. Using Catastrophe could potentially deal more damage, but this is easier to multi-hit and keeps Gunslinger All Immune. Best used when other opponents are on screen and would get hit by the explosion if they tried to help their teammate.

Gunslinger Combo

Gunslinger's most damaging true combo. Demands both good situational awareness and cooldown management to pull off, as there are multiple points where the combo can be dropped or interrupted. The freeze reset may not work, not throwing Spiral Tracker close enough could allow the enemy to escape and as the combo lasts a fairly long time it is prone to being interrupted by others in the enemy team looking to peel. The damage this combo does is among the highest in the game, comparable to Deathblade and Soulfist max Hype.



These combos should be used to better understand the combo structure of Gunslinger and show the general idea behind how Gunslinger works. For as long as combos stay within the rules of the Lost Ark CC limits, Gunslinger has the most freeform combos in the game.

However keep in mind the damage limit of 30% and remember that targets cannot be left in a standing combo for more than three seconds (without freeze reset.)

Also as Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker has a travel time, using it too late or too far means enemies can still escape.

Spiral Tracker Combo Drop

A rough guideline is that Quick Step Icon Quick Step and Dexterous Shot Icon Dexterous Shot are the normal catching skills that chain into AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade or Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker, that then end in burst skills such as Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe or Last Request Icon Last Request. Advanced Gunslinger combos extend knockups from skills into AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade and allow for a 2nd damage skill to be used in a combo as long as the damage limit isn't reached.

AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade allows a combo to be reset if the target is still standing by applying a Push during the freeze period, but be mindful as there is always the threat of the enemy being able to act out of the freeze and use a Push or Hard CC skill to hit Gunslinger out of SharpShooter.



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