Gunslinger PvP Stats

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With 1000 maximum stat points in PvP and a hard-limit of 750 points per stat, it is important to know how to balance them out. Learn optimal stat distribution options to excel as Gunslinger in PvP.


Gunslinger PvP Stat Distribution

In PvP, stat points are not gained via accessories, but manually assigned by the user in the "Book of Coordination". Everyone is given 1000 stat points to distribute with a 750 stat limit on each individual stat. Swiftness is usually the primary stat taken by almost all classes, but which other stat to put points on varies both by class and by which skills one chooses to take in PvP, so it is important to learn how these stats contribute to your performance.

Gunslinger will typically run 750 Swiftness and 250 Specialization.

Swiftness is a staple due to what it increases: attack speed is needed for comboing and speeding up skill animations, movement speed is a very important stat for moving around the map as fast as possible without having to use CDs, and cooldown reduction allows more damage, more safety and more peeling by having skills up as soon as possible.

Gunslinger typically runs Specialization over Domination due to the rifle skill damage increase Specialization gives - around 11% - compared to Domination's 15% increase. Although Domination is higher, it requires specific conditions to trigger the damage increase and Gunslinger can only really make use of this in her normal build through Freeze Grenade Icon Freeze Grenade (which only lasts 1.5 seconds) or the first hit of Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe knocking up and increasing the damage of the 2nd hit. Gunslinger can typically only get 1 of her damage skills off during the freeze and Catastrophe benefits for the 11% increase from Specialization on each hit, giving a total of 22% increase to damage as opposed to just 15% on the second. With most of Gunslinger's damage being from her rifle skills, and a fair amount of hits with these skills being pokes in neutral where no Hard CC or Push is applied prior, Specialization is the more consistent option.

When running a build that uses Last Request Icon Last Request, Gunslinger can choose to run 250 Domination as combo routes with this skill can get some guaranteed value out of Domination. If your team has plenty of Push skills and forces out enemy rolls easily then Domination can also be high value with Gunslinger being able to dish out some pretty devastating damage.



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