Beginner Tips and Tricks for New World

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New World has a variety of game systems and navigating them can be a bit complex at first. This page contains tips that should help beginners and veterans explore the world more efficiently.


Beginner Tips Guide

The purpose of these beginner tips is to provide some basic assistance with overcoming some of the starting hurdles to the game and to help you navigate some of the game's interfaces and systems better.


General Gameplay

  • Fall damage only goes up to 50% of current life.
  • There is no swimming in New World and it is relatively easy to drown in any body of water that reaches up to your head when walking through it. If for some reason you need to die you can crouch in water, default key 'C',and allow your breath timer to run down.
  • You can bring up the map by pressing 'M' and can zoom in by using the scroll wheel. Normally quest objectives can be found directly on the quest marker so if you are lost, look at the map.
  • Stamina is used by blocking attacks and performing dodges. Stamina regenerates much slower if it has been completely expended. If you expend your Stamina you will be unable to dodge or block until it has completely recovered and will run slower.

Early Game

  • Do not try to run across the world to meet up with friends.
    • The Main Quest line will provide a free fast travel point in Windsward to continue Main Questing.
    • Meet up with your friends there and you can do the Main and Side Quests together in Windsward.
    • You should get this quest around Level 11 from the town you start in.
  • Following the Main Quest line will take you to all four starting territories: Everfall, Windsward, First Light, and Monarch's Bluffs; there is no real disadvantage to starting in any territory.
  • Auto-run is defaulted to the '=' key and you can hold 'Alt' to rotate your camera without changing your character's direction. You can rebind auto-run in the menu to something more accessible for ease of use. Using auto-run will allow you to use 'Alt' to look around for raw materials to gather or enemy players to fight or avoid. You can also access some of your menus while auto-running, but opening your inventory will stop you.
  • Respeccing Attributes is free before Level 20, so do not be afraid to try out different setups. After that, respeccing only costs a bit of gold scaling with your level.
    • Respecing Weapon Mastery is also free before Level 10 and after that it costs Azoth Azoth, scaling with your Weapon Mastery level.
  • We recommend placing the majority of your Attributes into your preferred weapon's primary Attribute. This will allow you to do more damage and kill things quicker. If you are unsure about what Attribute a weapon scales with you can find this information on the tooltip of the weapon or check out our Weapon Overview Guide.
  • Gather 45 Green Wood Green Wood, 40 Stone Stone, 16 Rawhide Rawhide, and 1 Flint Flint before going to your first Settlement.
    • One of the first quests from the Settlement is to gather these materials. Just make sure you hold back 5 Green Wood Green Wood while Refining because you will need them and the 1 Flint Flint to make a camp.
  • You make the Flint Skinning Knife Flint Skinning Knife as part of the Main Quest line but you will have to make a Flint Mining Pickaxe Flint Mining Pickaxe and Flint Logging Axe Flint Logging Axe if you want to gather before visiting the Settlement.
  • You get a free Flint Harvesting Sickle Flint Harvesting Sickle from the quest Truffle Fever Truffle Fever which is on the road between your initial spawn point and the closest Settlement.
  • Upgrading your Tools makes them gather faster. Finding Iron Ore Iron Ore to upgrade to Iron Tools is important early on because even the worst Gear Score Iron tools gather twice as fast as the basic Flint Tools you start with. You can also check your local Trading Post to see if there are any Iron Tools available at a reasonable price.
  • Tools scale their gathering speed based off the Gear Score of the tool. The higher the Gear Score, the better the tool is at gathering. For example, a 200 Gear Score Iron Skinning Knife Iron Skinning Knife has a gathering speed of 125% while the max Gear Score for a Iron Skinning Knife Iron Skinning Knife is 300 which has a gathering speed of 225%. You can raise the Gear Score of the items you craft by raising your crafting skill, eating crafting food, wearing gear with crafting perks, and owning a home in a territory with a crafting buff.
  • Iron Nodes are large, jagged, dark-brown rocks that you will find all over the place but most frequently near rock cliffs. They usually spawn in sets of three with one of the nodes being much larger than the other two.
  • Leveling up a gathering skill will eventually allow you to track related items which can be seen on your compass at the top middle of your screen.

Items and Inventory

  • You can sort your inventory items by time, weight, tier, and Gear Score by clicking the icons in the upper-right-hand corner. This can be useful to quickly identify gear upgrades in your bags as higher Gear Score items are typically better as long as they have the correct Attributes. You can also move entire sections between your inventory and storage by clicking the arrow above the section.
  • There are no vendors to buy your junk in New World, so if you find something you do not intend to use or put up for trade on the Trading Post you can salvage it by holding 'S' and left-clicking on the item. You can protect good items from being salvaged accidentally by locking them — just hold 'L' and left-click the item. You can repair items by holding 'R' and clicking the item, clicking "repair all" below your character on the inventory page, or clicking the wrench above the inventory section.
  • There is a limit of 100 items that you can sell on the Trading Post at one time and you pay more in fees depending on the length of the listing. We recommend not listing items for longer than 3 days.
  • Faction gear can have its Attributes changed by buying a Seal under the first section for 100 faction tokens. Take this Seal and the piece of faction gear that you want to Attribute swap to its corresponding crafting bench and there should be a new recipe for you to complete.
  • Your equipment load will vary depending on the combined weight of all of the armor that you have on. Light equipment load allows you to quick roll but you will be weak against incoming damage. Heavy equipment load is tankier and has longer crowd control but only has access to a small sidestep. You also do 20% more damage and healing with light equipment load and 10% on medium. Shields will count toward your equipment load but you will only benefit from the stats on them while you have a Sword equipped in hand.
  • Settlements have free resources that anyone can gather — there is a water well for water and a beehive for honey. Both of these can be put on your consumables bar to be consumed for temporary heals. Note that consuming these will provide a short healing buff that will be removed if you are hit but you can activate both food and water at the same time. If your faction controls the territory there will also be a cart in town that you can get some free resources from once a day.


  • Selecting a Faction can seem daunting at first but do not worry, you will be able to change Factions to either of the other two options as long as they are not the dominant faction.
  • Once you select a Faction you can flag up for PvP by pressing 'U' in any safe zone to activate PvP once you leave the safe zone. Being PvP-flagged grants a 5% increase to experience and allows you to take faction PvP quests but does open you to being killed by other players. Note that fast travel sites count as safe zones so you can duck into them if you are being chased by enemies.
  • You can group with people from other Factions as long as none of you are PvP-flagged.


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