Void Gauntlet Void Blade PvE Build for New World

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The following is a PvE DPS build that focuses solely on the Void Gauntlet with its Void Blade Void Blade to act as a support damage role that provides great group utility and self-sustain. The damage of the Void Gauntlet is lackluster compared to other PvE builds, but this can be a fantastic option for healers looking to play as a 4th DPS, or quickly fill into a DPS role in a pinch. It can also be played in PvP, but it is not optimal.


Void Blade DPS Overview

The Void Gauntlet is not typically used in PvE outside of its incredible healing as a secondary for those choosing to use a Life Staff. With that being said, you can certainly use Void Blade Void Blade for some interesting PvE DPS builds, or as a secondary when healing in order to help make a run go faster. When choosing to be a pure DPS it is important to continually reset and use cooldowns to maintain damage increases through your passives. In all, using Void Blade Void Blade will give you significant self-sustain and apply many damage over time effects along with a constant rend.

For more information on PvE healing please refer to Life Staff.


Void Blade Build

This build can flex into any weapon, even a Life Staff. It has average damage output. It will be a consistent damage option that has a lot of great group utility through Oblivion Oblivion and the ability to keep a constant rend on targets.

  • Petrifying Scream Petrifying Scream — Unleash a Void-infused scream, dealing 100% weapon damage, staggering and inflicting Root on nearby enemies. This also provides a high level of defensiveness through the fortify on Fortifying Echoes Fortifying Echoes. As a Void Gauntlet player this skill is crucial to use properly. Focus on setting up large "clumps" of enemies or rotate it into your rotation to take advantage of Empowering Proximity Empowering Proximity. form of crowd control (CC). This is also great for locking down players who have exhausted themselves after avoiding other abilities.
  • Void Blade Void Blade — This is the main source of damage output. When used correctly a player can cast this ability and right as it hits a taget they can detonate it so that it double hits the target, also applying 2 stacks of rend and a damage over time effect. When used on large clumps it results in a large amount of cooldown reduction in addition to damage due to the passives in the Void Gauntlet skill tree.
  • Oblivion Oblivion — The most common use for this ability comes through its perk Nullifying Oblivion Nullifying Oblivion to remove buffs from enemies. Otherwise, it deals a deceiving amount of AoE damage that is commonly under-rated. But its other purpose is to regenerate Stamina and provide all those within the zone an empowerment buff to do more damage. This ability is great to use before going through a Void Gauntlet rotation to maximize damage.


In almost all cases a Life Staff will be paired with a Void Gauntlet simply because there is no need for a second weapon and this can provide some off healing or other buffs that the dedicated healer may not be using. Alternatively, a weapon scaling with Intelligence could be used, but it is not needed.

If you are looking for a pure damage alternative you can use something like the Ice Gauntlet.


Healing Over Time Life Staff

Use a HoT Life Staff build to provide some additional support when needed through abilities like Beacon Beacon since a healer will commonly not use it in PvE. This secondary build allows you to simply use all of your abilities and then play with your Void Gauntlet until they are back up. You can choose to use them on cooldown, or save them if needed. In most cases it will be best to pre-buff all allies and once combat starts just use your Void Gauntlet unless heals are needed.


Targeted Healing Build

You can also use this targeted healing build for more of an individual approach or to fill in if a healer dies unexpectedly. It is often better to use a build like this to be able to save a run if needed.

To learn more about either build please refer to the Life Staff guides.



In PvE you want to play with the least amount of Constitution possible in order to focus on damage output. Using Void Blade Void Blade is fantastic since it does provide so much survivability. As such you can easily play at a baseline 100 Constitution and go as low as 50.

Builds that rely on Void Gauntlet damage are interesting since they also allow for you to scale your damage with Focus. This is also valuable because it will directly translate into healing output from abilities like Voidcaller Voidcaller. Additionally, you should have enough Focus to take over healing responsibilities if needed in a pinch.


When playing with Ward gear, self-healing, and all the additional fortify/damage reduction, you should be perfectly fine playing at 100 Constitution as long as you are able to dodge when needed. You will notice that by scaling 150 Focus you gain access to the passive for increased healing, but it also provides you with more sheet damage to your Void Gauntlet than if you were to scale 300 Intelligence and 100 Focus. Your additional points as you gain gear score can go into more Intelligence for damage scaling, or Constitution for a small amount of survivability.



Slot Perks Gem Weight Attribute Source
Life Staff Cut Pristine Diamond Cut Pristine Diamond - Focus Dynasty* or Crafted/BoE
Void Gauntlet Runeglass of Abyssal Opal Runeglass of Abyssal Opal - Intelligence or Focus Crafted/BoE
  • Ward Protection Perk
  • Refreshing Refreshing
  • Ability Perk** or Any Viable Third Perk
Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
  • Ward Protection Perk
  • Refreshing Refreshing
  • Ability Perk** or Any Viable Third Perk
Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
  • Ward Protection Perk
  • Refreshing Refreshing
  • Ability Perk** or Any Viable Third Perk
Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) Medium Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
  • Ward Protection Perk
  • Refreshing Refreshing
  • Ability Perk** or Any Viable Third Perk
Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) Light Intelligence or Constitution Named Drop***
  • Ward Protection Perk
  • Refreshing Refreshing
  • Ability Perk** or Any Viable Third Perk
Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Amulet Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Ring Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Earring Elemental Damage Reduction Gem (Mutator Specific) - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE

*: Glowing Lifecrystal Staff Glowing Lifecrystal Staff is a best in slot drop from any version of Mutated Dynasty Shipyard or it can be crafted with Materia.

**: You will need respective Ward gear depending on the enemy type you are facing throughout the expedition. For example, if you are running Genesis you will want Angry Earth Ward Angry Earth Ward, but if you are in Lazarus Instrumentality you will want Ancient Ward Ancient Ward. The same trend follows with Protection on Amulets. Depending on the mutator there may be a certain elemental damage type that you need extra avoidance for. Instead of swapping all of your gems to that type, you can maintain Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal for a mix of magical defenses, but then simply change your amulet from week to week.

***: Similarly to Ward and Protection, you will need your Void Gauntlet to have a specific "Bane" perk to do more damage to each respective expedition's enemy types. This can result in incredible PvE damage output. If you do not wish to have multiple weapons, you can simply just replace this with an effective damage perk.

****: Unlike PvP, the Void Gauntlet perks are not generally necessary and can be avoided. But, if you do take Nullifying Oblivion Nullifying Oblivion, you will not only remove buffs, but have a faster recharge. This is not necessary since you will have so much cooldown reduction anyway. Additionally you could take Voracious Blade Voracious Blade for increased survivability. If not, just fill in something like Elemental Aversion Elemental Aversion or Refreshing Refreshing.

Overall with gearing, this is the ideal loadout of perks for a best in slot build. With that being said, be sure to refer to the Void Gauntlet/Ice Gauntlet perks guide to have a better understanding of other flexible perk options to fit into your build. You can decide what you are most comfortable with.


Gem Optimization

For more specific information on optimizing your gems in PvP and PvE please refer to our Void Gauntlet Gems and Consumables guide.



Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines is the best pick to make sure that enemies caught in the rooting effect are vulnerable to high damage bursts.

If you are looking for more individual damage output you can use Brutal Heartrune of Detonate Brutal Heartrune of Detonate.


Heartrune Usage

Your Heartrune will be used similarly in PvP and PvE scenarios. As such, please refer to our Void Gauntlet guide for tips on how it can be used most effectively.


PvE Rotation


Gameplay Tips

When using the Void Gauntlet in PvP and PvE there are many similar aspects that go into gameplay decisions and rotations. To learn more about how you can improve your gameplay, use certain secondary weapons, or additional information on specific abilities, please refer to the Gameplay section of the Void Gauntlet page.



For more information on the most frequently asked Void Gauntlet questions please refer to the FAQ section of the Void Gauntlet guide for answers on PvP and PvE topics!



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