Ice Gauntlet Blunderbuss PvP Build for New World

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The following is a PvP burst damage build using the two potent burst damage weapons, the Blunderbuss and the Ice Gauntlet. While the Ice Gauntlet is generally for more AoE, sustained damage and crowd-control, this build will take advantage of Ice Spikes Ice Spikes for burst damage on low health targets. It has plenty of defensiveness compared to most backline dive builds and it can be used for dedicated kill squads in War. This is a great build if you are looking to rack up a lot of kills.


Blunderbuss Burst Damage - PvP

There are a few variations of Ice Gauntlet and Blunderbuss that allow for the weapon combination to be played in a plethora of ways. This build uses light armor and specifically focuses on burst damage aspects of the Ice Gauntlet with the incredibly high damage ouptut of the Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss will function as your primary weapon, and although at times it can be an awkward weapon to use, this has some of the highest damage output in New World and offers great debuff potential and utility.

There are TWO versions of this build:

  • Option 1: Blunderbuss Focused - This will be paired with a Support IG build and adopt a hybrid attribute distribution to maximize Blunderbuss damage.
  • Option 2: Ice Gauntlet Focused - This has less burst and can be more difficult to play. It lacks CC and prioritizes Ice Spikes Ice Spikes for damage. Your Blunderbuss will have moderate damage still and will offer secondary burst.

Video Guide

This variation of the Blunderbuss can be used with a War Hammer or an Ice Gauntlet in either light or medium armor. The attributes and Blunderbuss build will always be the same no matter what weapon you choose. You will only need change gear sets depending on your second weapon perks.


Blunderbuss Builds


Double Down

  • Net Shot Net Shot — When combined with Exhaustive Net Shot Exhaustive Net Shot this is a powerful CC ability that will slow a target and make them vulnerable to exhausting themselves and being easily taken down. It will deal a moderate amount of damage but allow you to quickly close gaps. It can also be a fantastic source of mobility if you use this while walking backwards so that you can escape enemies.
  • Azoth Shrapnel Blast Azoth Shrapnel Blast — This is the Blunderbuss's highest damaging ability. This should always be used immediately after firing off a basic attack so that you can deal a potent burst of damage. It has incredible range, AoE potential, and when used in combination with a regular shot it can take away a significant amount of health. It should also be used on clumps of enemies to take advantage of the bomb it leaves on the ground after being used.
  • Splitting Grenade Splitting Grenade — Aim to use this on Gravity Well Gravity Well or other clumps of enemies. It will deal a great amount of initial burst damage, but it can also leave a devastating damage over time effect that lasts 10 seconds and can stack up to 3 times depending on how many of the bombs hit the target. This is the greatest source of AoE damage on the Blunderbuss.

This is the optimal build for maximizing cooldown usage and being able to get more abilities out for burst damage.


Ice Spike Build

  • Ice Spikes Ice Spikes — When used properly this is one of the highest damage abilities in the game. If you aim at the target's feet and slightly to the right it will allow for all of the Ice Spikes to hit one target. This is because the largest Spike will shoot out two seperate projectiles. If tight enough to the hit box a target will take three devistating hits that can all critically strike. This can be reactivated earlier to shorten its range and immediately cause the Mighty Spike to strike the target.
  • Ice Storm Ice Storm — This activates a large AoE damage ability that has high overall damage ouput but also results in large amounts of crowd control (CC) opportunity. Those within the ability will be slowed and when using the perk Unending Thaw Unending Thaw the slowing effect will last an additional two seconds. This makes them prone to being rooted from Heavy Freeze Heavy Freeze. It is fantastic for frontlines due to its stacking damage component based on the number of players within the storm.
  • Entombed Entombed — The most common use for this ability is for survival. It can be held in times where there is heavy damage, to avoid incoming CC, or simply for damage reduction. Also, when used correctly it can be used for cooldown reduction through Refreshing Frost Refreshing Frost.

Support Ice Gauntlet (Blunderbuss Focused Build)

  • Ice Shower Ice Shower — When used properly this is one of the most incredible forms of AoE CC that New World has to offer. An Ice Gauntlet player can quickly move their camera to adjust its placement, but anyone caught in this ability will be rooted, rended, and thanks to Deadly Frost Deadly Frost they will also receive a damage over time effect (DoT). This can be used to kill entire groups of enemies and should be used in combination with abilities like Gravity Well Gravity Well



Blunderbuss Primary


It would be most optimal to play at 100 Constitution, but this can be difficult. With proper positioning, defensive perks, and knowledge you can be very successful. If you want more defensiveness, you can generally play with higher Constitution because you will be using Mortal Empowerment Mortal Empowerment to increase damage. If you would prefer, you can play with 150 Constitution. This fits best with a Support Ice Gauntlet build.


Ice Spikes


This is the optimal attribute distribution when playing with an Ice Gauntlet emphasis and you are looking to primarily deal damage with Ice Spikes Ice Spikes and Ice Storm Ice Storm.


Gearing - Blunderbuss Version

Slot Perks Gem Weight Attribute Source
Ice Gauntlet Runeglass of Ignited Opal Runeglass of Ignited Opal - Intelligence Crafted/BoE*
Blunderbuss Runeglass of Ignited Opal Runeglass of Ignited Opal - Intelligence Crafted/BoE
Helmet Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Gloves Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Chest Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Medium Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Pants Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Boots Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Runeglass of Ignited Onyx Light Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Amulet Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Ring Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Earring Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal - Intelligence or Constitution Crafted/BoE

*: Depending on your preference and RNG, you can run Crystalline Curse Crystalline Curse when you have 200 Arcana. Otherwise you will have to try to get an alternative to drop. This will also decide where your Ice Gauntlet perks will work into your gear.

**: The ability perks you need to make sure are in your build are Plagued Splitting Grenade Plagued Splitting Grenade, Leeching Shrapnel Blast Leeching Shrapnel Blast, Exhaustive Net Shot Exhaustive Net Shot, Unending Thaw Unending Thaw, and Deadly Frost Deadly Frost.

***: Freedom Freedom, Elemental Aversion Elemental Aversion, and Refreshing Refreshing, are all viable options. When using Freedom Freedom you should stack 3 or 5 times. Any combination of these perks is viable.

Overall with gearing, this is the ideal loadout of perks for a best in slot build. With that being said, be sure to refer to the Ice Gauntlet Perks guide or the Blunderbuss Perks guide to have a better understanding of other flexible perk options to fit into your build. You can decide what you are most comfortable with.


Gem Optimization

For more specific information on optimizing your gems in PvP and PvE please refer to our Ice Gauntlet Gems guide or Blunderbuss Gems guide.



When focusing on burst damage Brutal Heartrune of Detonate Brutal Heartrune of Detonate will always be one of the top picks, and it should be used in this build. You just need to play safely after activating it.

For a safer alternative that can increase your burst potential, Cunning Heartrune of Detonate Cunning Heartrune of Detonate can be an option. It will decrease detonate damage but increase damage output from your Blunderbuss or Ice Gauntlet.

Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines is another great option that has more group utility and synergy. This can be extremely effective when locking down a target. The Vines will make them more vulnerable and they will take a great deal of damage from your Blunderbuss.


Heartrune Usage

Your Heartrune will be used similarly in PvP and PvE scenarios. As such, please refer to our Ice Gauntlet guide or Blunderbuss guide for tips on how it can be used most effectively.


Rotation and Priority List

  • Use Net Shot Net Shot to close gaps by slowing priority targets. This will allow you to stay closer and make your Blunderbuss more effective.
  • (If chosen) Use Ice Shower Ice Shower on clumps or priority targets to set up a kill combo.
  • When targets are low health or clustered, prioritize shooting a basic shot from your Blunderbuss and following it up with an immediate Azoth Shrapnel Blast Azoth Shrapnel Blast. (This ability can be used by itself to quickly execute enemies).
  • Use Splitting Grenade Splitting Grenade on AoE clumps or a priority target. This can be reactivated to split earlier and control the location where it drops.
  • Drop a Ice Storm Ice Storm on large groups for additional damage.(This could also be used before all other abilities if there is a large group)
  • Use aimed shots from your Blunderbuss as a filler until abilities are off cooldown, or for quick bursts of damage.
  • Heavy attack with Ice Gauntlet when a player is under the effect of Unending Thaw Unending Thaw and you can secure a Heavy Freeze Heavy Freeze opportunity.
  • Use Entombed Entombed for survival or damage mitigation.
  • Repeat

Blunderbuss Kill Combo With Support Ice Gauntlet


Gameplay Tips

When using the Blunderbuss or Ice Gauntlet in PvP and PvE there are many similar aspects that go into gameplay decisions and rotations. To learn more about how you can improve your gameplay, use certain secondary weapons, or additional information on specific abilities, please refer to the Gameplay section of the Blunderbuss guide or Ice Gauntlet guide.



For more information on the most frequently asked Blunderbuss or Ice Gauntlet questions please refer to the FAQ section of the Blunderbuss guide, or Ice Gauntlet guide, for answers on PvP and PvE topics!



  • 22 Oct. 2023: Guide updated for expansion.
  • 29 Mar. 2023: Updated gear and removed Ice Spikes version.
  • 23 Jan. 2023: Guide added.
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