Bow and Greatsword PvP Build for New World

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The Bow and Greatsword is an uncommon pairing, but it is similar to using something like a Spear. It offers great melee damage for any targets who come close, as well as, ways to lock down enemies who are trying to escape. It has some subtle mobility options with ways to break out of crowd-control effects.


Bow Greatsword - PvP

The Bow is an incredibly strong PvP damage weapon that can be played in any content. The Greatsword complements this by adding great burst damage for targets who are in melee range. It also can be a supplemental support weapon to remove crowd-control effects and add mobility.


Bow Build

  • Rapid Shot Rapid Shot — High damage cooldown that launches three quick shots and staggers targets which opens up a vulernability window to secure kills or interrupt casts.
  • Penetrating Shot Penetrating Shot — High damage ability that can be weaved into another heavy shot. This will go through multiple targets. Try to finish off kills with this ability.
  • Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow — Great damage option that can be weaved into another heavy attack to potentially one shot squishy targets. This shot fires off quickly and can be used as a source of empower or an execute.

Greatsword Build

  • Relentless Rush Relentless Rush — This will deal AoE damage primarily, but it is also important to use on cooldown to get its empower effect. Additionally, in PvP this can be used while in Onslaught stance to root a target or it can be used to get out of CC because of its perk effect.
  • Skyward Slash Skyward Slash — This is your primary Rend tool. It also has great single-target and AoE damage.
  • Steadfast Strike Steadfast Strike — This is your pull and lockdown tool. It will lunge a far distance, hit the target, stagger them, and pull them back with the second hit. This is great for securing kills and survivability. It will heal you, and provide cooldown reduction. and heal you.



This is the most optimal damage split for a bow in PvP combat. In Wars it may be best to go with 150 Constitution, or if you are just wanting to be a bit more defensive.





Slot Perks Gem Weight Attribute Source
Bow Elemental Damage Gem*** - Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Greatsword Runeglass of Ignited Opal Runeglass of Ignited Opal - Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Helmet Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Chest Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx) Medium Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Gloves Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Pants Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Boots Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Amulet Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Ring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Earring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE

*: The ability perks you need to make sure are in your build are Penetrating Rapid Shot Penetrating Rapid Shot, Refreshing Penetrating Shot Refreshing Penetrating Shot, and Empowering Explosive Arrow Empowering Explosive Arrow.

You may use Greatsword perks for more utility, but these are often overshadowed by defensive armor perks.

**: Elemental Aversion Elemental Aversion or Freedom Freedom, are viable third perk options. You can interchange any of these perks along with Refreshing Evasion Refreshing Evasion.

***: Dex players will often use an elemental damage gem that matches the Attunement perk on their weapon. This will still deal significant damage because of the primary scaling with base weapon damage. The gem will then split that value by 40% and scale with Intelligence or Focus (Nature). Since you then use an elemental damage Runeglass and perk on your Ring, this will increase the elemental damage dealt by the weapon, its Attunement, and its DoT effect. This also avoids some players increased resistances to Thrust and Physical damage sources.

****: Technically, if you have a maximum 15 stacks of Mortal Empowerment Mortal Empowerment, then you reach empower cap due to passives. The elemental damage bonuses on Runeglass count toward this cap. As such, only when you are at 15 stacks, it is a damage increase to use Sighted Runeglass, such as Runeglass of Sighted Emerald Runeglass of Sighted Emerald, since this is a flat damage increase. This is a very marginal top end damage increase that applies when you are at very high stacks. For all purpose content, it is better to pursue elemental variants.


Gem Optimization

For more specific information on optimizing your gems in PvP and PvE please refer to our dedicated guides.



When playing with a Bow you have great damage output, as such, use a defensive Heartrune. Either Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform or Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform are great options that will keep you alive through defensive buffs and crowd-control immunity.


Heartrune Usage

Your Heartrune will be used similarly in PvP and PvE scenarios. As such, please refer to our Bow guide or Greatsword guide for tips on how it can be used most effectively.


Rotation and Priority List

  • Open on a target with a heavy shot into a Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow immediately after.
  • Use Rapid Shot Rapid Shot to do damage quickly or potentially stagger a target.
  • Weave a heavy shot into a Penetrating Shot Penetrating Shot when trying to finish a target.
  • Shoot heavy or light Bow shots at low health targets to secure kills, or to apply damage pressure.
  • Swap to Greatsword if a target is close and use Skyward Slash Skyward Slash (or heavy attack), to get into Onslaught, and apply Rend.
  • Use Relentless Rush Relentless Rush to do damage and root the target.
  • Charge a heavy Greatsword attack and hit the target from behind if possible.
  • Use Steadfast Strike Steadfast Strike if the target starts to escape to pull them back. This can also be used for quick bursts of healing or potential cooldown reduction.

Gameplay Tips

When using the Bow or Greatsword in PvP and PvE there are many similar aspects that go into gameplay decisions and rotations. To learn more about how you can improve your gameplay, use certain secondary weapons, or additional information on specific abilities, please refer to the Gameplay section of the Bow page or Greatsword page.



For more information on the most frequently asked Bow or Greatsword questions please refer to the FAQ section of the Bow, or Greatsword, for answers on PvP and PvE topics!



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