Musket and Rapier PvP Build for New World

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The Musket and Rapier are frequently seen together. You are amble to play at the maximum distance away from targets and still kill them in just a few shots. The Rapier makes it incredibly mobile and is there in case you are ever pushed by a melee player.


Musket Rapier - PvP

The Musket is a long-range assassin weapon that can easily pick off targets at any distance. The Rapier will act as your support secondary allowing you to reposition quickly, and have a way to escape danger.


Stopping Power

  • Powder Burn Powder Burn — High damage over time effect and its perk will put a devasting slow on the target. This makes an enemy very vulnerable and easy to kill.
  • Shooter's Stance Shooter's Stance — When you are safe, this can be used to shoot multiple shots in a row to pressure a single target and kill them, or pick up multiple kills. It will apply a large empower effect with its perk.
  • Stopping Power Stopping Power — This will stagger a target and is used in combination with a basic shot. When used immediately after firing this will instantly fire and result in two bullets hitting a target almost simultaneously. This combination will open a window to fire a quick third shot to secure a kill.


Some players prefer using Sticky Bomb Sticky Bomb for its high damage and AoE potential.


Rapier Builds


Flourish and Finish

Use this if you prefer to have a burst damage option. At times, this can be significantly better for players using Dexterity builds. It acts similarly to Riposte Riposte by staggering the target, and it has a follow up ability that can deal damage or be quick mobility. This can be a great way to pick up quick kills on low health targets.



Use this if you prefer to have a survivability option with Riposte Riposte. This ability can be easily at times if used incorrectly. Nonetheless, it will give you a moment of invulnerability and will certainly save your life at times.




You must have 150 Intelligence so that you can get the increased elemental damage. This is the most effective damage split.





Slot Perks Gem Weight Attribute Source
Musket Elemental Damage Gem*** - Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Rapier Runeglass of Ignited Opal Runeglass of Ignited Opal*** - Dexterity Named Drop****/td>
Helmet Sighted Runeglass (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Chest Sighted Runeglass (Moonstone or Onyx) Medium Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Gloves Sighted Runeglass (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Pants Sighted Runeglass (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Boots Sighted Runeglass** (Moonstone or Onyx) Light Dexterity Crafted/BoE
Amulet Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Ring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE
Earring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald - Dexterity or Constitution Crafted/BoE

*: The ability perks you need to make sure are in your build are Crippling Powder Burn Crippling Powder Burn and Empowering Shooter's Stance Empowering Shooter's Stance.

You may use Rapier perks for more utility, but these are often overshadowed by defensive armor perks.

**: Elemental Aversion Elemental Aversion or Freedom Freedom, are viable third perk options. You can interchange any of these perks along with Refreshing Refreshing.

***: Dex players will often use an elemental damage gem that matches the Attunement perk on their weapon. This will still deal significant damage because of the primary scaling with base weapon damage. The gem will then split that value by 40% and scale with Intelligence or Focus (Nature). Since you then use an elemental damage Runeglass and perk on your Ring, this will increase the elemental damage dealt by the weapon, its Attunement, and its DoT effect. This also avoids some players increased resistances to Thrust and Physical damage sources.

****: With a Musket you can use any Rapier you like. For additional utility it can be best to have something with a stack of Refreshing Refreshing. A great option is Sacred Woodsabre Sacred Woodsabre that drops out of Garden of Genesis from any boss or trash mob.


Gem Optimization

For more specific information on optimizing your gems in PvP and PvE please refer to our dedicated guides.



When playing with a Musket you have great damage output, as such, use a defensive Heartrune. Either Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform or Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform are great options that will keep you alive through defensive buffs and crowd-control immunity.


Heartrune Usage

Your Heartrune will be used similarly in PvP and PvE scenarios. As such, please refer to our Bow guide or Rapier guide for tips on how it can be used most effectively.


Rotation and Priority List

  • Open on a target with a heavy shot into a Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow immediately after.
  • Use Rapid Shot Rapid Shot to do damage quickly or potentially stagger a target.
  • Weave a heavy shot into a Penetrating Shot Penetrating Shot when trying to finish a target.
  • Shoot heavy or light Bow shots at low health targets to secure kills, or to apply damage pressure.
  • Use Flourish and Finish Flourish and Finish to secure kills on targets who are pushing you.
  • Use Evade Evade, Fleche Fleche, and Riposte Riposte as ways to escape danger and reposition.

Gameplay Tips

When using the Musket or Rapier in PvP and PvE there are many similar aspects that go into gameplay decisions and rotations. To learn more about how you can improve your gameplay, use certain secondary weapons, or additional information on specific abilities, please refer to the Gameplay section of the Musket page or Rapier page.



For more information on the most frequently asked Musket or Rapier questions please refer to the FAQ section of the Musket, or Rapier, for answers on PvP and PvE topics!



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