Greatsword PvP Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvP builds page for Greatsword. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.


Hatchet PvP Builds

In PvP the Greatsword is known for high burst damage and gap closing abilities. It has an abudnace of mobility options and has many forms of damage reduction. It should be feared in PvP since it is commonly paired with a Hatchet which allow it to play very offensively. It is an easy to use weapon in PvP that takes minimal gear for it to be effective. It can be played with many weapon pairings that give it additional utility, or crowd-control to secure kills. If you are wanting to play in lighter armor builds where you can nearly one-shot players with a single swing--this is the weapon for you.


Greatsword Hatchet Dive Assassin (Light or Medium)

This is one of the most powerful assassin builds in New World. The Greatsword is a fantastic damage option in PvP with some of the best gap closing abilities. It is made even more powerful by pairing it with a Hatchet to increase survivability.






Greatsword Dive Bruiser

This is a great build for diving into backlines and being able to setup clumps of enemies and then follow it up with high burst damage. It has great AoE and fantastic single target, an arsenal of ways to keep enemies close and chase them down, but it lacks hard crowd-control like stuns and knockdowns. It is best played in light armor, but can be a medium armor option if adapted properly.




Great Axe


Leaping Greatsword Assassin

This is a great option for setting up quick suprise engagements, stunning a target or putting them in a loop of crowd-control abilities, and then swapping to your Greatsword to pick up some quick kills. It is highly mobile and is great for focusing priority targets.




Sword and Shield


Greatsword War Hammer Bruiser (Light or Medium)

This build can be played similarly to the Great Axe and War Hammer bruiser builds. It does lack some CC and crowd-control, but makes up for it with significant single-target burst damage.




War Hammer



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