Musket Gems and Consumables for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our Gems page for Musket. Here, we give you Gem setups and explain their uses. Then we go over consumables for both PvE and PvP.




Musket PvP

Slot Gem
Musket Elemental Damage Gem**
Rapier Runeglass of Arboreal Opal Runeglass of Arboreal Opal*
Helmet Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
Gloves Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
Chest Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
Legs Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
Boots Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
Amulet Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald
Ring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald
Earring Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald

*: Any Opal Runeglass can be used as long as it adds damage over time so you can charge your Heartrune more quickly.

**: Dex players will often use an elemental damage gem that matches the Attunement perk on their weapon. This will still deal significant damage because of the primary scaling with base weapon damage. The gem will then split that value by 40% and scale with Intelligence or Focus (Nature). Since you then use an elemental damage Runeglass and perk on your Ring, this will increase the elemental damage dealt by the weapon, its Attunement, and its DoT effect. This also avoids some players increased resistances to Thrust and Physical damage sources.

***: Technically, if you have a maximum 15 stacks of Mortal Empowerment Mortal Empowerment, then you reach empower cap due to passives. The elemental damage bonuses on Runeglass count toward this cap. As such, only when you are at 15 stacks, it is a damage increase to use Sighted Runeglass, such as Runeglass of Sighted Emerald Runeglass of Sighted Emerald, since this is a flat damage increase. This is a very marginal top end damage increase that applies when you are at very high stacks. For all purpose content, it is better to pursue elemental variants.


Defensive Splits

When playing with a Bow, your defensive splits are generally up to your personal preferences. You will not necessarily need elemental resistance through Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal because you will have 1-2 stacks of Elemental Aversion Elemental Aversion on your gear. As such, the main sources of damage will be Thrust or Slash. You can decide how you would like to gem against this.

Runeglass x5 + Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald x3 + Thrust Protection Thrust Protection


Alternative Gemming

The primary dictator of your resistances and how to manage your total gem count is based on the jewelry that you are able to acquire. Remember, you canuse any gems that allow you to get close to this split, or achieve the desired resistance split. Also, runeglass gems cannot be slotted into jewelry.

If you are unable to follow the example above, or if you have jewelry that prevents you from doing so, use a mix of Cut Pristine Diamond Cut Pristine Diamond, Cut Pristine Opal Cut Pristine Opal, Cut Pristine Diamond Cut Pristine Diamond, and Cut Pristine Malachite Cut Pristine Malachite, to get as close as you can to even resistances.

You may use gems such as Cut Pristine Emerald Cut Pristine Emerald, Cut Pristine Moonstone Cut Pristine Moonstone, Cut Pristine Aquamarine Cut Pristine Aquamarine, and Cut Pristine Ruby Cut Pristine Ruby, in your build if you feel that you are taking increased damage from thrust (Bow and Musket), slash (Great Axe and Greatsword), ice (Ice Gauntlet), or Fire (Fire Staff and Blunderbuss). But, this is generally not necessary in the healer role and there is more value in a default gem setup due to the variety of incoming damage sources.


PvE Example Gem Setup

In PvE it is advantageous to slot your gear full of specific elemental resistance gems that match the mutator for that week. For example, when there is a Fire damage affix, you should use Cut Pristine Ruby Cut Pristine Ruby.

  • Cut Pristine Diamond Cut Pristine Diamond (Weapons) + Elemental Resistance Gem x8 + Amulet Protection Perk (Depending on Mutator damage type)




  • Infused Health Potion Infused Health Potion — These are necessary to use in all situations. It will quickly provide you with 2400 + 7% of your health back, which can save you in any content.
  • Infused Regeneration Potion Infused Regeneration Potion — These are a fundamental aspect to your consumable kit thanks to Purifying Toast Purifying Toast. Take advantage of these for a slight amount of healing, but the real focus is to get yourself out of roots, slows, or removing any other type of debuff.
  • Infused Mana Potion Infused Mana Potion — These will only be used when healing.



General Food

  • Energizing Hearty Meal Energizing Hearty Meal — This food can be used to stack onto other food buffs that will increase mana regeneration rate by 30% in addition to 1% max health every 2.5 seconds. This will never be needed with a Blunderbuss.
  • Hearty Meal Hearty Meal — This food also provides a 1% max health ever 2.5 seconds, but is not as viable in the healing role. It does provide a 220 health per second buff that can be used for a small amount of healing over time for those without access to a healer. In all cases, an Energizing Hearty Meal Energizing Hearty Meal will be consumed before a PvP or PvE event instead.
  • Desert Sunrise Desert Sunrise — Overall, this is a valuable PvP and PvE consumable that can be stacked on top of other food-related buffs. It will reduce the duration of damage of time effects by 17.5%, so it is important to consume at the start of an event.

Constitution Foods


Dexterity Foods


Intelligence Foods

The attribute bonus food you select will depend on how your attribute points are contributed to your character sheet. For example, you may not have a large amount of Constitution and you do have a large amount of Strength, so you will need to use Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables. Note that it will be generally more cost effective to use Constitution or hybrid stat foods than a pure single stat food.


Damage Modification

There are a number of consumables in New World that increase damage done or reduce damage taken. These are the general damage modification consumables that can be used in PvP or PvE.

  • Powerful Gemstone Dust Powerful Gemstone Dust — This is a very valuable PvP consumable, but it still has viability in PvE. It will increase absorption of elemental damage by 35% for 20 seconds, or until hit 15 times. Primarily, this will be used when taking heavy magic damage, or it can be used proactively when trying to push through choke points in a war or when you assume magic damage will be incoming.
  • Powerful Oakflesh Balm Powerful Oakflesh Balm — This is the physical damage version of Powerful Gemstone Dust Powerful Gemstone Dust. It will increase absorption of physical damage types by 35%. It has less viability as it only applies to physical weapon types. Since most attacks will be some type of magic variant, and because most physical damage has a skewed elemental component to it, this consumable goes below any gemstone dust on a priority list.
  • Powerful Honing Stone Powerful Honing Stone — To increase damage output in both PvP and PvE a honing stone acts as a valuable commodity to improve performance. In the healer role it is less of a priority, but it is still beneficial to increase damage output to secure kills and help your team. Overall, the highest tier of honing stone will increase damage by 7%. This will not increase your healing output on friendly targets.

PvP Consumables - War

In a War you will acquire tokens from gameplay that allow for you to purchase war specific consumables. There are some incredibly important consumables that will significantly increase your survivability when used correctly. There are also many forms of utility-based consumables to aid with mobility and other aspects of war gameplay.

  • Cleansing Elixir Cleansing Elixir — When used it will remove all current debuffs and provide a 5 second window of immunity to debuffs. These are best used when overrun by multiple targets and being afflicted with slows, damage over time effects, exhausts, etc. You can then freely reposition and reduce incoming damage. Alternatively, they are incredibly useful when used preemptively to push through doors into fort or trying make your way through large clumps of enemies. It can be consumed, then you take advantage of the 5 second window to avoid crowd control effects and get into an advantageous position.
  • Haste Elixir Haste Elixir — This will increase movement speed by 50% for 20 seconds, or until you are hit or perform any combat action. This is important to use when respawning in War combat, trying to make an initial push to a point on offense, or to reposition in any situation and regroup with your army. Be careful, if you are hit, take fall damage, roll, or weapon swap, this effect can be canceled.
  • Healing Elixir Healing Elixir — This is a free Infused Health Potion Infused Health Potion if you do not want to use your own, or forgot to bring them. It is tied to the same cooldown as any other health potion.
  • Mana Elixir Mana Elixir — This is a free Infused Mana Potion Infused Mana Potion if you do not want to use your own, or forgot to bring them. It is tied to the same cooldown as any other mana potion.

Haste Potion Optimization

When using a Haste Elixir Haste Elixir these should never take up a hotbar slot. This becomes a wasted opportunity to take another consumable that could save your life. The difficulty becomes that haste potions may have a lot of mid combat value to reposition with your team. To most easily use these you will need to take advantage of the search feature in your inventory. Before the war starts, type "Haste Elixir" into the search bar. This will leave your inventory filtered for only haste elixirs, so it will be significantly easier to find mid war and use when needed.


PvE Consumables

In PvE content, general consumables such as food or damage modification items will still be used. But, specific to PvE, there are damage reduction and improvement items for each type of enemy in the game.



When using a coating, you will need two of the type you have chosen. One coating will go on each weapon, so be sure to swap weapons before applying, and this will improve damage done to that respective enemy type.


Ward Potions

When consumed these will improve damage absorption against the potions respective enemy type or damage type.


Incense and Tinctures

  • Powerful Incense Powerful Incense — When consumed, this will increase all resistances to afflictions by 50. This will increase your overall total for receiving corruption damage, blight damage, or acid debuffs to a cap of 100 instead of the normal 50.
  • Infused Blight Tincture Infused Blight Tincture
  • — When consumed, this will remove the Blight Afflication and provide maximum resistance to Corruption for a short duration.
  • Infused Corruption Tincture Infused Corruption Tincture
  • — When consumed, this will remove the Corruption Afflication and provide maximum resistance to Corruption for a short duration.

Consumable Management Examples

Since you only have four total consumable slots available to you, it is important to manage your hotbar across different types of content. In PvP there are crucial consumables that can completely alter the course of your gameplay. In PvE there is a long list of consumables that prove to be valuable as well. No matter what, you do not have the time to dig in your inventory and pull out the consumables quickly. So, it becomes a major priority in your gameplay to know what consumables you should be using.




Example Hotbar - War

In war you gain access to Cleansing Elixir Cleansing Elixir, so it is crucial to have these incorporated to your toolbar loadout. In all roles, it is best to prioritize Powerful Gemstone Dust Powerful Gemstone Dust over Powerful Oakflesh Balm Powerful Oakflesh Balm because you are more likely to benefit more due to the types of damage incoming and the way that your resistances are set. An example War hotbar would look like so:


Example Hotbar - OPR/Arena


General PvE

In PvE content Powerful Gemstone Dust Powerful Gemstone Dust and Powerful Gemstone Dust Powerful Gemstone Dust become less powerful since you are able to benefit from Ward Potions and Absorption potions, such as Infused Angry Earth Ward Potion Infused Angry Earth Ward Potion or Infused Fire Absorption Potion Infused Fire Absorption Potion. This makes PvE hotbars very flexible, in general it could look something like this:


Universal Budget Hotbar



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