Musket PvP Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvP builds page for Musket. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.


Musket PvP Builds

The Musket lacks build diversity. It is only seen with a Rapier because of its mobility and defensiveness. The only other pairing is rarely with a Bow to hold fort in defensive Wars, but that is up to playstyle differences. It is no doubt though that the Musket is incredibly impactful and will still deal significant amounts of damage and rack up high kill counts.


Musket and Rapier

The Bow will always have high damage output. The Rapier allows for a user to play more aggressive because of the plethora of mobility and survivability options at your disposal.







In defensive Wars, some Musket players like to use this weapon while sitting on the walls of fort. It can be beneficial to rotate between high damage weapon cooldowns. Its gearing is very similar to Musket.

Please refer to our Bow tips for how to use it properly.



  • 22 Oct. 2023: Guide updated for expansion.
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