Complete Guide to Wars in New World

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Welcome to our guide to the War System in New World. This guide explains everything you need to know about Wars, including Territory Influence, Siege Weapons, Strategies, how to Declare War, War Consumables, and provides you with Tips and Tricks to succeed.


War in New World

War in New World is how a company claims a zone for themselves and their faction. It is an epic 50 versus 50 PvP battle where each faction aims to either capture or defend three different control points (A,B and C). Finally, you will have to capture or defend the Fort to complete the War. A war generally lasts around 30 minutes, but can be quicker if the offensive team is overly dominant.

To sign up for a War, simply talk to the War Board in any settlement and choose which war you would like to participate in. Once you sign up in town, you must be specifically chosen to participate by the defending or attacking company leader.

You can be a lower level and still sign up to wars, however it can be hard to get selected for battle, as company leaders will generally chose level 60 players to increase the odds of success.

Each time you compete in a war, whether you win or lose, you will be rewarded with some Azoth, Gold, Standing, and an item box with random pieces of gear inside.


Declaring War

You can throw a zone into a State of Conflict by completing faction PvP missions in that territory. This will build territory influence for your faction. Once that bar is full, War can be declared at the specific Fort in that territory.

The company that contributed the most territory influence will be the first company allowed to declare War for 10 minutes; they must then use their Gold to place a bid of Gold (5000/10000/15000). Any other companies who have contributed a minimum of 10% towards the state of conflict are then able to place their War bids. The more your company bids the higher chance you have to be randomly selected to be the Governing company for that specific War. The Governing company is in charge of managing which members will participate in the 50-man War roster and if they win the War, will own that territory and claim taxes.


War Consumables

Battle Tokens are the currency of War and will be used to purchase all of the War-specific consumables that you can use during battle. Below is a list of items you can buy and what they do.


Siege Weapons

These can be upgraded through the town War Board beforehand, to become more powerful during the War. The attacking and defending team each have seperate siege weapons they can upgrade and utilize in battle.


Attacking Team Siege Weapons

  • Repeated Platform — rapid fire turret that deals good sustained damage.
  • Fire-Launcher Platform — launches a flaming projectile that covers an area in fire. It is good to keep enemies out of control points.
  • Cannon Platform — slow but hard hitting. It is best against structures and large slow moving groups.

Defending Team Siege Weapons

  • Ballista Platform — medium rate of fire but high damage per shot. It is great against structures.
  • Explosive Cannong — fires an explosive shot that knocks enemies back. It is great for disrupting control points.
  • Fire Dropper — pours fire down on anyone below the gates and deals very high damage over time.
  • Repeater Turret — rapid fire turret that deals good sustained damage.
  • Horn of Resilience — provides a temporary healing and defensive buff to allies. It is great for that extra boost at a pivotal time of battle.

Builds for War

Tanks, healers, ranged, casters and melee all play different roles in War, and a good mixture of each is crucial to success.

Tanks are fantastic for sitting on points and keeping the numbers on the capture point in your favor, while reducing the damage allies on the point take and contributing excellent crowd-control.

Healers keep your entire roster alive and are absolutely integral to victory. A team with too few healers will generally get absolutely destroyed while trying to win any capture point battle.

Ranged are great for safely killing specific players and siege weapons from a great distance. If siege weapons are left freely firing, demise is certain.

Casters are excellent for casting mass AoE damage on control points to try and rot the enemy team down. If you have more AoE damage than the other team can heal through your victory is guaranteed.

Melee are essential for control points. Having more people on the point is the way to win and melee are quite good at tanking spells and cleaving down the enemy players on the point.



There is a multitude of strategies that different teams will employ and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. As with any strategy game, it will largely depend on your opponent and their personal tactics. What works against one team may be completely countered by another.

Trying to start with an inital plan and adjusting mid-battle is a great way to keep your opponents guessing. Something simple like starting with 30 players to B, 10 to A and 10 to C can spread your army and keep the enemy confused as to where to go. It can be a good idea to have a healthy spread of tanks, healers and DPS in each group. Strategies are constantly evolving with the meta and will change and adapt over time.


Tips and Tricks

Below are some other tips and tricks that may help you succeed in War.

  • Generally, defenders are favored in War, so as an attacker your strategy is important.
  • You can respawn and purchase items at rally points after they are captured, making attacking easier.
  • You must have more players on the rally point to begin to capture it.
  • Morale is an extremely important factor in War. If your team begins to lose faith and wander around aimlessly, then you will almost certainly lose. For this reason it is great to keep a positive mental attitude even while losing, as you never know when the tides will turn.


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