Weaponsmithing Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Weaponsmithing Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything, including the best ways to level and how to craft 600 gear score items.


Overview of Weaponsmithing in New World

Weaponsmithing is one of the seven Crafting Trade Skills in New World. Weaponsmithing is primarily focused on creating Strength weapons, like Sword and Shield, Great Axe, Rapier, and War Hammer. Weaponsmithing can also craft other extremely useful items, such as Powerful Honing Stone Powerful Honing Stone.

Weaponsmithing is performed at a Forge in any settlement. Forges have a tier level that varies from town to town, and a higher tier level Forge will enable you to craft higher tier items such as Orichalcum Round Shield Orichalcum Round Shield, Warrior's Breath Warrior's Breath and Powerful Honing Stone Powerful Honing Stone.


Leveling Weaponsmithing in New World

Weaponsmithing is a fairly straightforward crafting skill to level. There is a heavy emphasis on metals farmed from Mining, so be prepared to need a lot of ore. There are a few ways to progress through Weaponsmithing with ease and maybe even make some gold in the process. The "best" choice will differ from server to server and person to person, so instead here are several fantastic methods that will level your Weaponsmithing to max quickly and easily. Generally a variation of these methods keeps it feeling fresh and different without becoming too much of a grind.

  • Shield/Rapier/Sword — these are quite efficient in terms of experience per materials and are great to spam make to level Weaponsmithing.
  • Repair Kits — these use repair parts, which you will generate a lot of while salvaging all the weapons that you have made, so this can be some free experience and even a good amount of gold.
  • Town Board Missions — while not necessarily a method you can use solely to level quickly, these get an honorable mention as they give much more experience per materials spent, so pick these up and complete them as often as possible.
  • Honing Stones — these only require stone and elemental motes. This can be a great way to get some bonus Weaponsmithing experience from different materials than the usual cloth, leather, and metal that majority of Weaponsmithing crafts require. These are also quite popular to sell on the trading post, as many players will use them frequently for all PvE and PvP content.
  • Infused Fragments — when salvaging items it is possible to receive a bonus item that corresponds with the tier of the item being salvaged. This item can be used at its respective crafting station to receive XP for that tradeskill. This allows you to level up without crafting.

Increasing the Gear Score of your Crafts

There are 6 ways to boost the gear score of your crafts. These bonuses can either increase the minimum and/or maximum gear score of your crafts. Below is a list of what you can do to improve the gear score of your crafts.

Crafting Bonuses Minimum Gear Score Increase Maximum Gear Score Increase
Skill Level 0 +25
Crafting Materials +45 +45
Crafting Food +15 +15
Gear Perks +15 +15
Trophies +15 0
Town Project Board +5 0

Weaponsmithing Gear

Weaponsmithing has a unique set of gear that can be equipped to increase the gear score of your crafts by +2 per item: these are the Weaponsmith Gloves, Hat, Pants, Shirt, and Shoes. You can also acquire an earring with a crafting related perk that grants +5 gear score increase while crafting, which are not specific and can come on any earring. You can generally find these as drops or on the Trading Post, however some pieces can be much rarer than others and therefore more costly.

Armor Drop Source
Weaponsmith Hat Weaponsmith Hat Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials or High Priest Oseguera - Great Cleave
Weaponsmith Shirt Weaponsmith Shirt Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials or Artifex Faetum - Shattered Mountain
Weaponsmith Gloves Weaponsmith Gloves Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials or Juna - Edengrove
Weaponsmith Pants Weaponsmith Pants Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials or Articulon the Unshackled - Great Cleave
Weaponsmith Shoes Weaponsmith Shoes Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials or Sesa - Ebonscale Reach

Trophies for Weaponsmithing

Trophies can be placed in each of your three houses that grant a +3/4/5 (Minor/Basic/Major) minimum gear score increase for all of your crafts related to that trade skill.

Item Trophy
Quartermaster's Notes Quartermaster's Notes Basic
Forgemaster's Notes Forgemaster's Notes Major

Crafting Food for Weaponsmithing

Savory Vegetable Medley Savory Vegetable Medley will increase the minimum and maximum gear score of your Weaponsmithing crafts by +15. It lasts 40 minutes, so try to have all of your materials prepared beforehand.


Town Project Bonuses

Each settlement will have different town projects working at any given time, and you can check what bonus perks are active by going to the to territory planning board in any settlement. As a note, you must own a house in the settlement to receive the town project bonus.


High Quality Materials and Crafting Skill

Most crafts will enable you to use materials that are higher than what is necessary to craft them to increase their gear score. When you are fishing for those amazing 600 gear score items to either use or sell, you will always want to use the highest materials possible. Your crafting skill also increases the gear score of items you can craft by up to +25 at maximum crafting level.



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