Furnishing Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Furnishing Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything, including the best ways to level, trophies, and storage chests.


Overview of Furnishing in New World

Furnishing is one of the seven Crafting Trade Skills in New World. Furnishing is primarily focused on creating decorative items to be placed in houses, but can also craft extremely important items like Trophies and Storage chests which can give you unique global bonuses and increased settlement storage respectively.

Furnishing is performed at a Workshop in any settlement. Workshops have a tier level that varies from town to town and a higher tier level Workshop will enable you to craft higher tier items such as Major Mining Gathering Trophy Major Mining Gathering Trophy and Golden Steel Storage Chest Golden Steel Storage Chest.


Leveling Furnishing in New World

Furnishing is one of the hardest crafting skills to level, purely based on the sheer amount of raw materials required to level it up, but is actually one of the most simple. There are several ways to progress through Furnishing and maybe even make some gold in the process. The best choice will differ from server to server and person to person, so instead here are a few fantastic methods that will level your Furnishing to max quickly and easily.

  • Stain — these are quite useful as they are used in crafts later on; this one of the most common ways to level Furnishing.
  • Rugs — Round Sunny Rug Round Sunny Rug in particular can be a great item to craft early on. These use a heavy amount of cloth and fibers and no metals or wood.
  • Baskets — Wicker Basket Wicker Basket is also a valuable early item to craft, as it only uses Reeds and Fibers instead of wood or metals.
  • Cots — these can be a fantastic way to spend that stain you crafted, and are very cheap and easy to farm.
  • Beds — Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed uses Iron instead of Steel and gives the same experience as Steel-required crafts.
  • Chests — while these may not be the most efficient experience crafts per materials, these can sell for a lot of gold and be very profitable.
  • Trophies — similarly to chests, these may not be the most efficient experience crafts per materials, but they can sell for a lot of gold and be very profitable.
  • Incense — these are very useful items to have when fighting against Corrupted enemies, or when encountering Acid. This item will raise your total threshold of resistance from 50 to 100, allowing you to have a longer period of time before you are affected by a burst of damage.

Furnishing Schematics in New World

As you progress through the Furnishing levels, you will notice that many higher-end items, like storage chests, require you to learn Schematics to craft. To learn a Schematic, simply scrap it and you will learn it. Many of these can be found on the trading post under the Furnishing Schematics section.



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