The Blood Furnace Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in The Blood Furnace, their minimum level requirements and the quest chains required to unlock them. Following this guide, you can enter The Blood Furnace with all the quests available for the dungeon.

For more information about completing the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Blood Furnace Dungeon Guide.

The list of quests available for this dungeon, with their faction (if they are faction-specific) and level requirements, is as follows:

There are only two quests for The Blood Furnace. Both quests are follow-up quests from Hellfire Ramparts.


Alliance-Only Quests

  1. [59] The Blood is Life
  2. [59] Heart of Rage

Horde-Only Quests

  1. [59] The Blood is Life
  2. [59] Heart of Rage

Daily Quests

This quest is available in the Lower City of Shattrath at coordinates (75,37), just outside of the inn.



  • 26 May 2021: Guide added.
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