The Blood Furnace Dungeon Guide

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The recommended level range to run this dungeon on Normal is 60-64. Heroic mode will require Level 70 and the Flamewrought Key Icon Flamewrought Key to enter.

This dungeon will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete with an average group. The Blood Furnace is commonly abbreviated as "BF".

In this guide, we will cover dungeon quests, the layout of the dungeon, an overview of trash mobs, tactics for each boss, loot that can be obtained, and ideal group compositions.


The Blood Furnace Quests

Before heading into The Blood Furnace, we advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide for the quests and their chains.


The Blood Furnace Entrance Location

The Blood Furnace and nearest flight paths

Conveniently, all dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula are located in one centralized location: Hellfire Citadel. This structure can be easily found in the very center of the map and can be reached by using one of the two connecting bridges on either the North or South side.

Unlike the other two dungeons in this area, The Blood Furnace can only be reached by a side passage on the Southern side of the Citadel. The path to Blood Furnace starts with a ramp that can be found at coordinates (45,61).

The dungeon portal for The Blood Furnace is located at coordinates (46,51). The summoning stone is located directly next to the Ramparts dungeon portal.


Layout of The Blood Furnace

The Blood Furnace layout

The layout of The Blood Furnace is completely linear, following a one-way path for the entire dungeon. After defeating the last boss, a tunnel will unlock that allows you to return to the entrance of the dungeon very quickly.


Reputation From The Blood Furnace

Killing mobs in this instance grants either Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation.


Normal Difficulty

  • Orcs grant 5 reputation each.
  • Most demons will grant 5 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 50 reputation.
  • A Normal run of The Blood Furnace will give around 750 reputation.
  • Reputation gains in Normal stop at (5999/6000) Friendly, including bosses.

Heroic Difficulty

  • Orcs grant 15 reputation each.
  • Most demons will grant 15 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 250 reputation.
  • A Heroic run of The Blood Furnace will give around 2,500 reputation.

Notable Trash in The Blood Furnace

In this section, we will briefly go over each of the trash mobs that may pose a threat to you in this dungeon.


Shadowmoon Adept

The Thrash IconThrash can lead to some very spiky tank damage, so it is recommended to CC one of these and make sure to debuff or stun whenever possible. Try to avoid tanking these near your casters to prevent their Kick IconKick from interrupting your allies.


Laughing Skull Rogue

These will be hidden throughout the entire dungeon. Avoid running ahead of the tanks or these might kill you before the tank can react and pick them up. Remove their poison if possible and try to use any stealth detection such as Flare IconFlare to bring them out of stealth. Overall you will fight around six or seven of these in total.


Laughing Skull Legionnaire

These deal very high damage and splash that damage to other nearby players. Try to crowd control these if possible and use any stuns when fighting them to prevent their high damage. Melee DPS need to be aware of their health when facing these, as the cleave damage they deal can easily kill any nearby non-tanks.


Shadowmoon Summoner

All abilities can be interrupted. At the very least you should try to interrupt both Summon Felhound Manastalker IconSummon Felhound Manastalker and Summon Seductress IconSummon Seductress as the extra adds summoned by these casts can cause chaos and disrupt your healer.


Shadowmoon Technician

These are one of the most deadly trash mobs in the entire dungeon. Their Silence IconSilence and the constant, high AoE damage these deal can quickly lead to deaths if they are mishandled. Make sure to spread out for the Throw Dynamite IconThrow Dynamite and keep moving to see where they place the Bombs from Throw Proximity Bomb IconThrow Proximity Bomb.


Nascent Fel Orc

These can be quite painful to deal with, especially on Heroic. When facing more than one of these at a time, it is possible for your tank to be stunned very often. In addition to that, Stomp IconStomp can be very annoying with its knockback. Stomp IconStomp also deals somewhat high damage, so melee players need to be aware of their health as a healer can easily fall behind on these packs with the tank being stunned constantly.


Felguard Annihilator

These constantly drop threat and start attacking different targets. This will typically be associated with a Charge IconCharge on the new target. On Heroic difficulty, aim to crowd control these with Fear IconFear, Banish IconBanish or any form of stun you have as they deal very high damage to non-tanks.


Shadowmoon Channeler

A group of 5 Channelers are linked with the boss; when the last one of them dies Keli'dan the Breaker will engage your party. Utilize line of sight, interrupts, stuns, and CC as much as possible to avoid taking as many Shadow Bolt IconShadow Bolts as possible. Mark of Shadow IconMark of Shadow makes you take significantly higher Shadow damage, so try to avoid as many of the casts as possible. If you have someone who can remove magical debuffs, have them prioritize dispelling this debuff as soon as possible.


Overview of Bosses in The Blood Furnace

Here we will give you a full rundown of what you can expect from each of the bosses found here on both Normal and Heroic difficulties as well as the items they drop.


The Maker

This is a fairly easy boss. It can be rather annoying at times with the knockback and some bad mind control targets. Ranged players should spread out and stand at max range away from the boss in case the tank is targeted by Domination IconDomination. Try to use some form of crowd control on mind controlled players and, if it is on the tank, try to kite the boss until the tank is free.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Pendant of Battle-Lust Icon Pendant of Battle-Lust 61 Accessory Neck
Ironblade Gauntlets Icon Ironblade Gauntlets 61 Plate Hands
Girdle of the Gale Storm Icon Girdle of the Gale Storm 61 Mail Waist
Diamond-Core Sledgemace Icon Diamond-Core Sledgemace 61 One-Handed Mace Main-Hand
Libram of Saints Departed Icon Libram of Saints Departed 61 Libram Relic

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Mage-Collar of the Firestorm Icon Mage-Collar of the Firestorm 70 Cloth Head
Embroidered Cape of Mysteries Icon Embroidered Cape of Mysteries 70 Cloak Back
Moon-Touched Bands Icon Moon-Touched Bands 70 Leather Wrist
Bloodlord Legplates Icon Bloodlord Legplates 70 Cloth Feet
Blood Knight Defender Icon Blood Knight Defender 70 Plate Legs
Libram of Avengement Icon Libram of Avengement 70 Libram Relic
Beaming Fire Opal Icon Beaming Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Fluorescent Tanzanite Icon Fluorescent Tanzanite BoP Gem Misc
Jagged Chrysoprase Icon Jagged Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc


Before engaging the boss, you will first need to pull the lever in the middle of the room. This will trigger combat and you will need to fight four waves of Fel Orc Neophyte and Nascent Fel Orc. Shortly after defeating the fourth wave, the boss will come out and enter combat. Be mindful of your healer's Mana as these four packs can deal a lot of damage. If needed, keep one orc alive on the last wave and crowd control it while your healer regenerates Mana.

Make sure to face Broggok away from the group and avoid being in front of the boss to not take any damage from the Slime Spray IconSlime Spray. The tank should be frequently moving him to prevent the melee taking any damage from Poison Cloud IconPoison Cloud.

Poison Bolt IconPoison Bolt can be a lot of pressure for healers to keep up with, especially if there are limited means of removing poison debuffs available in the party. A Shaman placing Poison Cleansing Totem IconPoison Cleansing Totem trivializes this mechanic.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Arcing Bracers Icon Arcing Bracers 61 Cloth Wrist
Bloody Surgeon's Mitts Icon Bloody Surgeon's Mitts 61 Cloth Hands
Kilt of the Night Strider Icon Kilt of the Night Strider 61 Leather Legs
Auslese's Light Channeler Icon Auslese's Light Channeler 61 Accessory Trinket
Legion Blunderbuss Icon Legion Blunderbuss 61 Gun Ranged Weapon

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Virtue Bearer's Vambraces Icon Virtue Bearer's Vambraces 70 Plate Wrist
Moonchild Leggings Icon Moonchild Leggings 70 Leather Legs
Embroidered Spellpyre Boots Icon Embroidered Spellpyre Boots 70 Cloth Feet
Signet of Repose Icon Signet of Repose 70 Accessory Finger
Firebrand Battleaxe Icon Firebrand Battleaxe 70 One-Handed Axe Weapon
Beaming Fire Opal Icon Beaming Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Fluorescent Tanzanite Icon Fluorescent Tanzanite BoP Gem Misc
Jagged Chrysoprase Icon Jagged Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc

Keli'dan the Breaker

If you have no way of removing Mark of Shadow IconMark of Shadow applied by the five previous Shadowmoon Channeler, this fight will be very hard for the healer to keep up. Ranged players should stay at max range to avoid Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley if possible.

When he casts Burning Nova IconBurning Nova and goes invulnerable, all melee players — and anyone that got pulled in on Heroic difficulty — need to be sure to run away from the boss as soon as possible to avoid the Fire Nova IconFire Nova that follows the ability up.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Mantle of the Dusk-Dweller Icon Mantle of the Dusk-Dweller 61 Leather Shoulder
Vest of Vengeance Icon Vest of Vengeance 61 Leather Chest
Raiments of Divine Authority Icon Raiments of Divine Authority 61 Cloth Chest
Mindfire Waistband Icon Mindfire Waistband 61 Cloth Waist
Warsong Howling Axe Icon Warsong Howling Axe 61 Two-Handed Axe Weapon

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Ruby Helm of the Just Icon Ruby Helm of the Just 70 Plate Helm
Soldier's Dog Tags Icon Soldier's Dog Tags 70 Accessory Neck
Talisman of the Breaker Icon Talisman of the Breaker 70 Accessory Neck
Mantle of Shadowy Embrace Icon Mantle of Shadowy Embrace 70 Leather Shoulder
Wastewalker Tunic Icon Wastewalker Tunic 70 Leather Chest
Robe of Effervescent Light Icon Robe of Effervescent Light 70 Cloth Chest
Emerald Eye Bracer Icon Emerald Eye Bracer 70 Mail Wrist
World's End Bracers Icon World's End Bracers 70 Mail Wrist
Doomplate Gauntlets Icon Doomplate Gauntlets 70 Plate Hands
Leggings of the Unrepentant Icon Leggings of the Unrepentant 70 Leather Legs
Bloodsworn Warboots Icon Bloodsworn Warboots 70 Plate Feet
Eaglecrest Warboots Icon Eaglecrest Warboots 70 Plate Feet
Wave-Crest Striders Icon Wave-Crest Striders 70 Mail Feet
Icon of Unyielding Courage Icon Icon of Unyielding Courage 70 Accessory Trinket
The Willbreaker Icon The Willbreaker 70 One-Handed Sword Main-Hand
Adamantine Repeater Icon Adamantine Repeater 70 Crossbow Ranged Weapon
Beaming Fire Opal Icon Beaming Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Fluorescent Tanzanite Icon Fluorescent Tanzanite BoP Gem Misc
Jagged Chrysoprase Icon Jagged Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc

While not required, having one form of crowd control will make things go smoother. Shadowmoon Technician are the ideal target of any available CC to help sustain healer Mana and prevent large amounts of party-wide damage. This is especially important when doing Heroic in lower gear. A Warlock is a great addition to any Blood Furnace group, especially on Heroic difficulty, as they have a multitude of utility spells at their disposal such as Banish IconBanish, Fear IconFear and even Curse of Tongues IconCurse of Tongues.

The pulls in The Blood Furnace are generally small, so no significant amount of AoE is needed. It is recommended to have at least one form of reliable interrupt as there are casters in almost every pack. Shadowmoon Summoner in particular is a great target to keep interrupted as much as possible.



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