TBC Classic Dungeon Guides

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Dungeons are instanced zones that allow groups of players to battle stronger elite mobs and bosses to earn better rewards. They are normally created as the "end location" of a zone, featuring a number of quests that act as the finale to the story of the zone.


Dungeons in The Burning Crusade

The dungeons in The Burning Crusade are found all over the Outlands with 1-2 dungeons per zone. The earliest dungeon you can do in the Burning Crusade is Hellfire Ramparts, found in Hellfire Peninsula and doable immediately upon entering the zone at level 60. TBC also introduced a new difficulty level for dungeons, called "Heroic" dungeons. All dungeons in TBC can also be completed on the Heroic difficulty, which is a more difficult level 70 version of the dungeon that will also drop level 70 rare and epic rewards. The exception to this is that some of the higher level dungeons, level 68+, will have similar loot tables in their Heroic versions.


Forming a Party

In order to complete a dungeon, you will need to put together a group of players that can each fulfill a certain role within the dungeon.



The first role is the tank; tanks essentially guide the group through the dungeon, deciding which mobs to pull and when. They will take the damage for the party by generating additional threat, which ensures enemies will attack them rather than the rest of your party.

The following classes can be played as a tank:



Healers are there to do as their name suggests, heal the party. They use their healing and shielding spells to ensure that your tank stays alive, as well as any DPS that take damage.

The following classes can be played as a healer:



DPS, or damage dealers, are there to ensure that enemies are killed quickly and efficiently. They also often have crowd-control abilities available, which can be used to take an enemy out of the fight for a long period of time.

The following classes can be played as a DPS:


Party Sizes in Classic

In TBC, dungeons are done as a party, which has a maximum size of 5 players. It is highly recommended to always try to have the full 5 players for any dungeon since the content may not be possible without a full group.


Leveling in Dungeons

Leveling in dungeons can be extremely efficient, especially early on when the zones are packed with players during the initial launch. This is doubly true if you can get a group of players who are geared in end-game level 60 raid gear.

These involve taking a certain group setup that is extremely efficient at killing mobs and essentially just grinding dungeons repeatedly. While this can be quite dull, due to the length of time you will spend in the same zone, it can be one of the best ways to level.



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