Magisters' Terrace Dungeon Guide

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Magister's Terrace is the only new dungeon introduced throughout all of The Burning Crusade expansion. This dungeon requires Level 70 to enter, and heroic difficulty requires you to complete a quest chain on Normal to become attuned.

This dungeon will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete with an average group. This dungeon is commonly abbreviated as "MgT". As this dungeon is added in the last phase of The Burning Crusade, it has a much higher base difficulty than previous dungeons, especially when faced on Heroic mode.

In this guide, we will cover ideal group compositions, loot that can drop from bosses, quests, an overview of trash mobs, and tactics for each boss.


Magister's Terrace Quests

Before heading into Magister's Terrace, we advise you to get the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide for the quests and their chains.


Magister's Terrace Entrance Location

Magister's Terrace Entrance

The fastest way to get to Magister's Terrace for both Alliance and Horde is to take the portal to the Isle of Quel'Danas in the middle of Shattrath. From there, follow the image shown above until you find the dungeon entrance, as shown in the picture above.


Layout of Magister's Terrace

The Magister's Terrace layout 1

The first half of the dungeon has the first 2 bosses. The dungeon is very linear; simply follow the path forward, completing any quests you have along the way.

The Magister's Terrace layout 2

The second half of the dungeon contains the last 2 bosses. You will want to stay to one side of the dungeon, avoiding pulling skippable mobs.


Reputation from Magister's Terrace

Killing mobs in this instance grants Shattered Sun Offensive reputation.


Normal Difficulty

  • Most mobs grant 12 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 120 reputation.
  • A Normal Magister's Terrace run will give around 1,600 reputation.
  • Reputation gains in Normal go all the way up until Exalted.

Heroic Difficulty

  • Most mobs grant 15 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 250 reputation.
  • A Heroic Magister's Terrace run will give around 2,400 reputation.

Overview of Magister's Terrace Bosses

Here we will give you a full rundown of what you can expect from each of the bosses found here on both Normal and Heroic difficulties as well as the items they drop.


Selin Fireheart

  • Drain Life IconDrain Life — Channels on a random target, dealing Shadow damage over time, healing himself for the damage dealt.
  • Drain Mana IconDrain Mana — Channels on a random target, stealing Mana over time.
  • Mana Rage IconMana Rage — Selin Fireheart drains a nearby Fel Crystal, gaining 10% of his Mana every second he channels. He will continue to drain the Fel Crystal until it is destroyed, or his Mana is full.
  • Fel Explosion IconFel Explosion — Deals 1,000 damage to all nearby enemies every second. Selin will continue to cast until he is out of Mana.

Use any dispels or interrupts available to stop the Drain Life IconDrain Life and Drain Mana IconDrain Mana channels. Whenever Selin moves to a nearby Fel Crystal to cast Mana Rage IconMana Rage, have your party target the Fel Crystal and kill it to reduce the amount of Mana Selin gains. With high enough damage and healing, you can ignore the Fel Crystals and simply damage Selin himself instead.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Bindings of Raging Fire Icon Bindings of Raging Fire 70 Cloth Wrist
Bracers of the Forest Stalker Icon Bracers of the Forest Stalker 70 Mail Wrist
Cloak of Swift Mending Icon Cloak of Swift Mending 70 Cloth Back
Gauntlets of Divine Blessings Icon Gauntlets of Divine Blessings 70 Plate Hands
Leggings of the Betrayed Icon Leggings of the Betrayed 70 Leather Legs
Sun-forged Cleaver Icon Sun-forged Cleaver 70 Weapon One-Hand Axe

Loot from Heroic

Unlike previous dungeons in The Burning Crusade, Magister's Terrace has completely different loot between Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Distracting Blades Icon Distracting Blades 70 Ranged Thrown
Eversong Cuffs Icon Eversong Cuffs 70 Leather Wrists
Jaded Crystal Dagger Icon Jaded Crystal Dagger 70 Weapon Main-hand Dagger
Shoulderplates of Everlasting Pain Icon Shoulderplates of Everlasting Pain 70 Plate Shoulder
Orb of the Sin'dorei Icon Orb of the Sin'dorei 70 Toy Misc.


  • Summon Pure Energy IconSummon Pure Energy — Vexallus spawns a Pure Energy at every 15% health lost. Spawns 1 add on Normal difficulty, 2 adds on Heroic. These Pure Energies cast Energy Bolt IconEnergy Bolt at nearby enemies. The adds only have 1 health point and when killed, place Energy Feedback IconEnergy Feedback on whoever killed them; this debuff stacks up to 10 times.
  • Arcane Shock IconArcane Shock — Deals moderate Arcane damage to a random target and places a DoT on the player, dealing Arcane damage over time. Can be dispelled.
  • Energy Bolt IconEnergy Bolt — Every 5 seconds, deals 1,885 Arcane damage to a random target.
  • Overload IconOverload — At 20% health, Vexallus overloads, casting an AoE attack that deals 1,000 Arcane damage to all nearby enemies. Also applies a debuff that increases Arcane damage taken by 10% per stack, stacking up to 15 times total.

This fight has very high healing requirements as there are multiple AoE attacks going on. Focus on dispelling the Arcane Shock IconArcane Shock debuff whenever possible. At 20% health, Vexallus will Overload IconOverload. The DPS players will need to quickly finish off the boss as it is very easy to become overwhelmed during this phase.

The main mechanic to deal with on this fight is the Pure Energy add spawns. One will spawn on Normal mode and two on Heroic. The adds only have 1 health but can not be damaged by AoE abilities. Managing the debuff these adds give when killed is the main challenge here. A Mage can kill these and Ice Block IconIce Block the stacks off. Classes such as Hunter and Warlock can use their pets to kill the Pure Energy adds and despawn their pet when they get low health.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Band of Arcane Alacrity Icon Band of Arcane Alacrity 70 Jewelry Finger
Band of Determination Icon Band of Determination 70 Jewelry Finger
Boots of Resuscitation Icon Boots of Resuscitation 70 Leather Feet
Bracers of Divine Infusion Icon Bracers of Divine Infusion 70 Cloth Wrist
Cloak of the Coming Night Icon Cloak of the Coming Night 70 Cloth Back
Latro's Dancing Blade Icon Latro's Dancing Blade 70 Weapon One-Hand Sword

Loot from Heroic

Unlike previous dungeons in The Burning Crusade, Magister's Terrace has completely different loot between Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Breastplate of Fierce Survival Icon Breastplate of Fierce Survival 70 Plate Chest
Edge of Oppression Icon Edge of Oppression 70 Weapon One-Hand Dagger
Fel-tinged Mantle Icon Fel-tinged Mantle 70 Cloth Shoulder
Rod of the Blazing Light Icon Rod of the Blazing Light 70 Weapon Staff
Orb of the Sin'dorei Icon Orb of the Sin'dorei 70 Toy Misc.

Priestess Delrissa

  • Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic — Dispels 2 magical effects from a friend or enemy.
  • Flash Heal IconFlash Heal — Heals an ally for a moderate amount of missing health.
  • Power Word: Shield IconPower Word: Shield — Shields an ally, absorbing a moderate amount of damage.
  • Psychic Scream IconPsychic Scream — Fears nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds.
  • Shadow Word: Pain IconShadow Word: Pain — Puts a DoT on a random enemy, dealing Shadow damage over time.

In addition to Priestess Delrissa, there are 4 additional adds as part of this encounter. Out of the 8 listed NPCs below, 4 are randomly chosen. Knowing what each add does is crucial to knowing how to handle this fight properly, as certain combinations of adds can be quite deadly.

NPC Name Abilities
Apoko Shaman mob type. Drops multiple different totems, Windfury and Fire Nova being the most deadly. Stuns nearby enemies, purges enemies buffs and heals nearby allies. Try to interrupt the heals and make sure to kill any totems dropped.
Eramas Brightblaze Monk mob type. Interrupts nearby casters (Snap Kick IconSnap Kick) and constantly stuns current target for 5 seconds (Knockdown IconKnockdown). Crowd control or kill this mob early on.
Ellrys Duskhallow Warlock mob type. Has a pet imp that has low health. Casts Fear IconFear, Shadow Bolt IconShadow Bolt, and Seed of Corruption IconSeed of Corruption on random targets.
Garaxxas Hunter type mob. Has a ravager pet which can be tanked. Casts Freezing Trap IconFreezing Trap and Concussive Shot IconConcussive Shot on random targets, crowd controlling them. Is a demon, can be banished.
Kagani Nightstrike Rogue type mob. Has multiple different stuns, a Gouge IconGouge and an interrupt (Kick IconKick). Will constantly Vanish and Shadowstep to random enemies. Should be killed very early on or crowd controlled.
Warlord Salaris Warrior type mob. Has a Mortal Strike, Fear and Charge. This mob deals very high damage, and when paired with the Mortal Strike, this mob can be extremely deadly. Kill this mob first or keep it crowd controlled.
Yazzai Mage type mob. Casts Frostbolt IconFrostbolts, Frost Nova IconFrost Nova, Blizzards and randomly Polymorph IconPolymorphs a random enemy. Casts Ice Block IconIce Block when low health.
Zelfan Engineering type mob. Deals high AoE Fire damage. Keep faced away and try to crowd control if possible. Can be banished.

Depending on your group composition and damage output, you may need to focus certain adds down first before killing Priestess Delrissa herself. Interrupt any adds that heal if possible, and use any available crowd control wherever possible. As the Priestess herself has Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic, many of the crowd controls will be removed early. In addition to that, many of the mobs will attempt to break free from crowd control often, making this fight very difficult.

This fight is similar to a PvP arena match, and most of the mobs cannot be tanked. Your tank should instead focus on debuffing, interrupting, and crowd controlling any dangerous mobs while protecting party members with lower health. AoE damage is not recommended here, as you need to quickly remove an enemy from the fight to greatly improve your odds of succeeding.

Lastly, it is recommended to "scout" the adds on this boss when doing Heroic difficulty to avoid getting a deadly combo. You can do this by looking under the bridge at the start, checking out Priestess Delrissa herself and seeing which 4 adds she has with her. Difficult combos such as Kagani Nightstrike, Eramas Brightblaze, and Warlord Salaris can make this fight seem nearly impossible, as they all deal high damage, have multiple stuns, and even apply healing reduction debuffs. If you get an undesirable combo such as this, simply have everyone head out of the dungeon and reset your dungeon by right clicking your character's portrait. This will reset the dungeon and give you a different combination of adds on this fight, possibly making the encounter much easier.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Battle-mace of the High Priestess Icon Battle-mace of the High Priestess 70 Weapon Main-Hand Mace
Bracers of Slaughter Icon Bracers of Slaughter 70 Plate Wrist
Cloak of the Betrayed Icon Cloak of the Betrayed 70 Cloth Back
Duskhallow Mantle Icon Duskhallow Mantle 70 Cloth Shoulder
Gauntlets of the Tranquil Waves Icon Gauntlets of the Tranquil Waves 70 Mail Hands
Nightstrike Icon Nightstrike 70 Ranged Thrown
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Steelweave Icon Formula: Enchant Cloak - Steelweave 375 Enchanting Pattern

Loot from Heroic

Unlike previous dungeons in The Burning Crusade, Magister's Terrace has completely different loot between Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Commendation of Kael'thas Icon Commendation of Kael'thas 70 Jewelry Trinket
Shard of Contempt Icon Shard of Contempt 70 Jewelry Trinket
Timbal's Focusing Crystal Icon Timbal's Focusing Crystal 70 Jewelry Trinket
Vial of the Sunwell Icon Vial of the Sunwell 70 Jewelry Trinket
Orb of the Sin'dorei Icon Orb of the Sin'dorei 70 Toy Misc.

Kael'thas Sunstrider

  • Fireball IconFireball — Deals around 3,000 Fire damage to current target. Increased to 6,000 Fire damage on heroic difficulty. Can be interrupted.
  • Flame Strike IconFlame Strike — Covers an area in a large inferno. 5 seconds later the area explodes, dealing 5,000 Fire damage (9,000 on Heroic difficulty) to any enemies caught in the area.
  • Phoenix IconPhoenix — Summons a phoenix that deals 2,000 Fire damage to itself and any nearby enemies every second. When they die, they turn into a Phoenix Egg that causes them to respawn if the egg is not killed.
  • Gravity Lapse IconGravity Lapse — When reaching 50% health, Kael'thas will cast this, throwing all players into the air and pulling them to him. Players will then need to "swim" around the room, avoiding large purple orbs while avoiding touching the floor. Players will also take a high amount of damage over time from the Gravity Lapse debuff until the effect ends.
  • Shock Barrier IconShock Barrier — (Heroic only) Kael'thas buffs himself with this shield, absorbing 10,000 damage and making him immune to interrupts while the shield is up.
  • Pyroblast IconPyroblast — (Heroic only) After casting Shock Barrier IconShock Barrier, Kael'thas will start to cast Pyroblast; dealing 55,000 Fire damage to current target. Can be interrupted.

This fight plays out very similarly to the Kael'thas Sunstrider fight in Tempest Keep. Make sure to interrupt the Fireball IconFireball casts as often as possible, as they are cast very frequently. Have the group spread out as much as possible to avoid the Flame Strike IconFlame Strike. If you see the visual effect of the Flamestrike, you and your party members MUST move out of it as soon as possible.

Avoid the Phoenix IconPhoenixes whenever they spawn. They will chase down their highest threat target, most likely the healer. Run away from them and avoid standing near them at all times, as they will constantly cast a Hellfire, dealing high damage to any nearby enemies.

At 50% health, Kael'thas will cast Gravity Lapse IconGravity Lapse. The party must avoid touching the floor while flying in the air, as you will take damage and get shot back up into the air. There will also be 3 large, Arcane Sphere IconArcane Spheres that all players must avoid at all times. Fly around, avoiding the floor and the orbs while trying to slowly DPS Kael'thas whenever you can safely.

On Heroic difficulty, Kael'thas will cast Shock Barrier IconShock Barrier 60 seconds into the fight. This absorbs 10,000 damage and makes him immune to interrupts. After casting Shock Barrier, Kael'thas will begin casting Pyroblast IconPyroblast. The group will need to burn through the 10,000 damage absorbing shield and interrupt the Pyroblast before the casts finishes, as it deals 55,000 damage. With enough damage, you may be able to push Kael'thas below 50% in less than 60 seconds, preventing him from even casting these abilities.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Cord of Reconstruction Icon Cord of Reconstruction 70 Cloth Waist
Axe of Shattered Dreams Icon Axe of Shattered Dreams 70 Weapon Two-Hand Axe
Helm of Sanctification Icon Helm of Sanctification 70 Plate Head
Robes of Summer Flame Icon Robes of Summer Flame 70 Leather Chest
Sun-infused Focus Staff Icon Sun-infused Focus Staff 70 Weapon Staff
Band of Celerity Icon Band of Celerity 70 Jewelry Finger
Kharmaa's Ring of Fate Icon Kharmaa's Ring of Fate 70 Jewelry Finger
Hauberk of the War Bringer Icon Hauberk of the War Bringer 70 Mail Chest
Sunstrider Warboots Icon Sunstrider Warboots 70 Plate Feet
Gloves of Arcane Acuity Icon Gloves of Arcane Acuity 70 Cloth Hands
Sunrage Treads Icon Sunrage Treads 70 Leather Feet
Cloak of Blade Turning Icon Cloak of Blade Turning 70 Cloth Back
Phoenix Hatchling Icon Phoenix Hatchling Unique Misc. Pet

Loot from Heroic

Unlike previous dungeons in The Burning Crusade, Magister's Terrace has completely different loot between Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Quickening Blade of the Prince Icon Quickening Blade of the Prince 70 Weapon One-Hand Sword
Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes Icon Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes 70 Cloth Chest
Cudgel of Consecration Icon Cudgel of Consecration 70 Weapon Main-Hand Mace
Greaves of the Penitent Knight Icon Greaves of the Penitent Knight 70 Plate Feet
Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer Icon Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer 70 Leather Shoulder
Tunic of the Ranger Lord Icon Tunic of the Ranger Lord 70 Mail Chest
Netherforce Chestplate Icon Netherforce Chestplate 70 Plate Chest
Breeching Comet Icon Breeching Comet 70 Weapon One-Hand Axe
Swift White Hawkstrider Icon Swift White Hawkstrider 70 Mount 100% Epic Ground Mount
Orb of the Sin'dorei Icon Orb of the Sin'dorei 70 Toy Misc.

Magister's Terrace can be difficult, especially when facing Heroic difficulty. Make sure to prepare a proper group composition before heading into this dungeon, or you may find yourself struggling to clear.

The trash mobs in this dungeon are very difficult, as such, it is highly recommended to bring a form of crowd control to the dungeon to help you succeed. A Mage is a great asset to most groups as they bring Polymorph IconPolymorph, which helps on many of the more difficult trash pulls. In addition to that, a Shaman of any spec is always great for this dungeon, as most of the bosses have soft enrage timers, making Bloodlust IconBloodlust / Heroism IconHeroism great assets to help quickly defeat the bosses.



  • 12 May 2022: Fixed some typos. Added additional information about the Priestess Delrissa encounter.
  • 06 May 2022: Guide added.
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