Hellfire Ramparts Dungeon Guide

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The recommended level range to run this dungeon on Normal is 59-63. Heroic mode will require Level 70 and the Flamewrought Key Icon Flamewrought Key to enter.

This dungeon will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete with an average group. Hellfire Ramparts is commonly abbreviated as "ramps".

In this guide, we will cover dungeon quests, the layout of the dungeon, an overview of trash mobs, tactics for each boss, loot that can be obtained, and ideal group compositions.


Hellfire Ramparts Quests

Before heading into Ramparts, we advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide for the quests and their chains.


Hellfire Ramparts Entrance Location

Hellfire Ramparts and nearest flight paths

Conveniently, all dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula are located in one centralized location: Hellfire Citadel. This structure can be easily found in the very center of the map and can be reached by using one of the two connecting bridges on either the north or south side.

The dungeon portal is located at coordinates (47,53). The summoning stone is located directly next to the Hellfire Ramparts dungeon portal.


Layout of Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts layout

The layout of Hellfire Ramparts is fairly straightforward, following a linear path until the very end where you can decide which of the last two bosses you wish to fight first.


Reputation From Ramparts

Killing monsters in this instance grants either Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation.


Normal Difficulty

  • Orcs grant 5 reputation each.
  • Wolves grants 2.5 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 50 reputation.
  • A Normal Hellfire Ramparts run will give around 500 reputation.
  • Reputation gains in Normal stop at (5999/6000) Friendly, including bosses.

Heroic Difficulty

  • Orcs grant 15 reputation each.
  • Wolves grants 7.5 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 250 reputation.
  • A Heroic Hellfire Ramparts run will give around 1,700 reputation.

Notable Ramparts Trash

In this section, we will briefly go over each of the trash mobs that may pose a threat to you in this dungeon.


Bonechewer Hungerer

Be mindful of your threat if using a Warrior tank as an early Disarm IconDisarm can make it difficult to pick these up.


Bonechewer Ravener

Try to pull these separately from other packs as the stun can make you take much more damage if tanking multiple mobs.


Bonechewer Destroyer

It is recommended to either kill these first or manage them with some form of crowd control as the Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike deals heavy damage and cuts healing received in half. Try to tank with your back against a wall to avoid the knockback.


Bleeding Hollow Scryer

Carefully utilize line-of-sight with these packs as you will be dealing with four of these at a time. Curse of Tongues IconCurse of Tongues, interrupts, crowd control, and general stuns are advised for these as a well-timed Fear IconFear on your healer or tank can lead to either deaths or a wipe.


Bonechewer Beastmaster

These enemies are immune to most forms of crowd control. They should be focused down quickly to avoid summoning the wolves. CC other mobs on the pull and focus the Bonechewer Beastmaster.


Hellfire Sentry

These are linked with the final boss. When you kill the last Sentry, the boss will fly down and engage you.


Overview of Ramparts Bosses

Here we will give you a full rundown of what you can expect from each of the bosses found here on both Normal and Heroic difficulties as well as the items they drop.


Watchkeeper Gargolmar

This boss is fairly easy with Mortal Wound IconMortal Wounds serving as a sort of DPS check. Surge IconSurge can be avoided by stacking up behind the boss or spreading out as ranged DPS. Melee attackers should be cautious to avoid dying to Retaliation IconRetaliation when the boss reaches low health.


Hellfire Watcher

Two of these adds come when Watchkeeper Gargolmar is engaged. Either use crowd control on them or kill them first as they will do a large amount of healing over time. Prioritize interrupting their Heal IconHeal.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Pauldrons of Arcane Rage Icon Pauldrons of Arcane Rage 60 Cloth Shoulder
Light-Touched Breastplate Icon Light-Touched Breastplate 60 Plate Chest
Bracers of Finesse Icon Bracers of Finesse 60 Leather Wrist
Scale Leggings of the Skirmisher Icon Scale Leggings of the Skirmisher 60 Mail Legs
Shadowrend Longblade Icon Shadowrend Longblade 60 One-Handed Sword Main-Hand

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Cloak of the Everliving Icon Cloak of the Everliving 70 Cloak Back
Bracers of Just Rewards Icon Bracers of Just Rewards 70 Plate Wrist
Wild Stalker Boots Icon Wild Stalker Boots 70 Mail Feet
Boots of the Darkwalker Icon Boots of the Darkwalker 70 Cloth Feet
Blood Knight Defender Icon Blood Knight Defender 70 Shield Off-Hand
Iridescent Fire Opal Icon Iridescent Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Effulgent Chrysoprase Icon Effulgent Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc

Omor the Unscarred

Make sure to spread out properly to avoid taking damage from the debuff applied by Treacherous Aura IconTreacherous Aura. Melee players need to be aware if they have the debuff to avoid damaging other melees, including the tank.

The Fiendish Hounds can quickly pile up and become a problem if not handled properly. It is possible to CC them with spells such as Banish IconBanish or Intimidating Shout IconIntimidating Shout, but you will still need to deal with them after the boss. The most ideal thing to do is to just keep killing them as they spawn in.

If you spread out to avoid unnecessary damage from the aura and keep the Felhounds under control, this fight is very easy.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Garrote-String Necklace Icon Garrote-String Necklace 60 Accessory Neck
Heartblood Prayer Beads Icon Heartblood Prayer Beads 60 Accessory Neck
Bloodstained Ravager Gauntlets Icon Bloodstained Ravager Gauntlets 60 Mail Hands
Tenacious Defender Icon Tenacious Defender 60 Plate Waist
Heart Fire Warhammer Icon Heart Fire Warhammer 60 Two-Handed Mace Weapon
Crystalfire Staff Icon Crystalfire Staff 60 Staff Weapon

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Headdress of Alacrity Icon Headdress of Alacrity 70 Cloth Helm
Omor's Unyielding Will Icon Omor's Unyielding Will 70 Accessory Neck
Justice Bearer's Pauldrons Icon Justice Bearer's Pauldrons 70 Plate Shoulder
Crimsonforge Breastplate Icon Crimsonforge Breastplate 70 Plate Chest
Crimson Bracers of Gloom Icon Crimson Bracers of Gloom 70 Cloth Wrist
Mana-Etched Gloves Icon Mana-Etched Gloves 70 Cloth Hands
Girdle of the Blasted Reaches Icon Girdle of the Blasted Reaches 70 Mail Waist
Silent-Strider Kneeboots Icon Silent-Strider Kneeboots 70 Leather Feet
Band of Many Prisms Icon Band of Many Prisms 70 Accessory Finger
Truncheon of Five Hells Icon Truncheon of Five Hells 70 One-Handed Mace Weapon
Terror Flame Dagger Icon Terror Flame Dagger 70 Dagger Weapon
Faol's Signet of Cleansing Icon Faol's Signet of Cleansing 70 Off-Hand Weapon Off-Hand
Iridescent Fire Opal Icon Iridescent Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Effulgent Chrysoprase Icon Effulgent Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc

Vazruden the Herald / Nazan

Nazan will fly around casting Fireball IconFireballs until Vazruden the Herald reaches 50% health. Make sure to quickly focus down Vazruden as Nazan is landing. If Vazruden is alive and uses Vazruden's Mark IconVazruden's Mark while Nazan is on the ground, this will cause Nazan to fixate on a target and melee attack them, ignoring the tank completely. Make sure to avoid fire patches on the ground, don not be in front of the dragon, and keep the tank topped up before the Bellowing Roar IconBellowing Roars come out. After killing both bosses you will be able to loot the chest in the back and claim your rewards.


Loot from Normal

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Mok'Nathal Wildercloak Icon Mok'Nathal Wildercloak 60 Cloak Back
Shifting Sash of Midnight Icon Shifting Sash of Midnight 60 Leather Waist
Lifegiver Britches Icon Lifegiver Britches 60 Cloth Legs
Kilt of Rolling Thunders Icon Kilt of Rolling Thunders 60 Mail Legs
Ironsole Clompers Icon Ironsole Clompers 60 Plate Feet
Band of Renewal Icon Band of Renewal 60 Accessory Finger
Witching Band Icon Witching Band 60 Accessory Finger
Mok'Nathal Clan Ring Icon Mok'Nathal Clan Ring 60 Accessory Finger
Hellreaver Icon Hellreaver 60 Polearm Weapon
Ursol's Claw Icon Ursol's Claw 60 Staff Weapon

Loot from Heroic

Item Required Level Item Type Slot
Irondrake Faceguard Icon Irondrake Faceguard 70 Plate Helm
Volcanic Pauldrons Icon Volcanic Pauldrons 70 Mail Shoulder
Chestguard of the Prowler Icon Chestguard of the Prowler 70 Leather Chest
Raiments of Nature's Breath Icon Raiments of Nature's Breath 70 Leather Chest
Light Scribe Bands Icon Light Scribe Bands 70 Cloth Wrist
Vambraces of Daring Icon Vambraces of Daring 70 Plate Wrist
Wrath Infused Gauntlets Icon Wrath Infused Gauntlets 70 Mail Hands
Life Bearer's Gauntlets Icon Life Bearer's Gauntlets 70 Plate Hands
Tree-Mender's Belt Icon Tree-Mender's Belt 70 Leather Waist
Lion's Heart Girdle Icon Lion's Heart Girdle 70 Plate Waist
Oceansong Kilt Icon Oceansong Kilt 70 Mail Legs
Averinn's Ring of Slaying Icon Averinn's Ring of Slaying 70 Accessory Finger
Reavers' Ring Icon Reavers' Ring 70 Accessory Finger
Feltooth Eviscerator Icon Feltooth Eviscerator 70 Dagger Weapon
Iridescent Fire Opal Icon Iridescent Fire Opal BoP Gem Misc
Effulgent Chrysoprase Icon Effulgent Chrysoprase BoP Gem Misc

While not required, having one form of crowd control will make things go smoother. Bonechewer Destroyers are the ideal target of any available CC to help sustain healer Mana. This is especially important when doing Heroic in lower gear.

The pulls in Hellfire Ramparts are generally small, so no significant amount of AoE is needed. Having at least one form of reliable interrupt is an added bonus for the packs of four Bleeding Hollow Scryers. Tremor Totem IconTremor Totem from a Shaman also helps with those packs, as well as with Nazan.



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