WotLK Classic Feral Druid DPS Pre-Raid Gear

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On this page, you will find the best pre-raid gear for Feral Druid DPS in WotLK Classic.


Feral DPS Druid Pre-Raid Best in Slot List

This is the pre-raid gear we recommend for Feral DPS Druids. That does not mean you are required to have this gear to start raiding, but instead that this is a list of non-raid items that are strong choices, and thus that you should use to make your gear stronger while not raiding.

The gear choices in the tables below follow our stat guide priority.


Other Feral DPS Druid Best in Slot Lists

If your character is already doing raid content, then check the link below, instead:


Pre-Raid Best in Slot

Some of the listed gear can be expensive to get, or time-consuming to obtain in the case of dungeon gear, so do not be afraid of going straight into raiding at 80, as entry raids are extremely easy, even when done with questing gear!

In Phase 4, Titan Rune Dungeons bosses drop Emblem of Triumph Icon Emblem of Triumph and Defiler's Scourgestone, which can be traded for Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence on a one-to-one basis. With these currencies you will be able to get some incredibly powerful gear relatively quickly, such as the 245 item level version of Death's Choice Icon Death's Choice and 239 item level Mjolnir Runestone Icon Mjolnir Runestone, or as many Trophy of the Crusade Icon Trophy of the Crusade for 245 item level tier 9 pieces as you wish.


Wrath Classic Feral Druid Tier 9 Set

Feral Druid Tier 9, Runetotem's or Malfurion's Battlegear, is obtained by buying its individual pieces with Emblem of Triumph Icon Emblem of Triumph (and a Trophy of the Crusade Icon Trophy of the Crusade for item level 245 pieces).

Its set bonuses are:

  • 2 pieces — decreases the cooldown on Growl IconGrowl by 2 sec, increases the periodic damage done by Lacerate IconLacerate by 5%, and increases the duration of Rake IconRake by 3 sec. This is a small damage bonus and quality of life increase, as you will have to refresh Rake less often;
  • 4 pieces — reduces the cooldown of Barkskin IconBarkskin by 12 seconds and increases the critical strike chance of Rip IconRip and Ferocious Bite IconFerocious Bite by 5%. While a Shred IconShred bonus would have been much better, these bonuses are a small, but welcome, damage increase.

As the individual gear pieces are already strong for their stats alone, these bonuses make them the best pre-raid options.


Pre-Raid Best in Slot Table

Slot Item Source
  • Animated Constellation — Dalaran, 19 Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence
  • Animated Constellation — Dalaran, 15 Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence
  • 38 Defiler's Scourgestone
  • Animated Constellation — Dalaran, 19 Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence
  • 38 Defiler's Scourgestone
  • 76 Defiler's Scourgestone

Further Enhancements

If you have further questions about gemming and enchanting these items, our Feral DPS Druid Enchants and Gems page below provides more information.



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