WotLK Classic Feral Druid DPS Pre-Raid Gear

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On this page, you will find the best pre-raid gear for Feral Druid DPS in WotLK Classic.


Feral DPS Druid Pre-Raid Best in Slot List

This is the pre-raid gear we recommend for Feral DPS Druids, setting you up to tackle the initial Raids of Wrath, such as Naxxramas. The gear choices in the tables below follow our stat guide priority.


Other Feral DPS Druid Best in Slot Lists

If your character is already doing raid content, then check the links below, instead:


Pre-Raid Best in Slot Table

Some of the listed gear can be expensive to get, or time consuming to obtain in the case of Dungeon gear, so do not be afraid of going straight into raiding at 80, as entry Raids are extremely easy, even when done with questing gear!

Slot Item Source
  • Helm of the Vast Legions Icon Helm of the Vast Legions
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • Gem of Imprisoned Vassals Icon Gem of Imprisoned Vassals
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • Valorous Dreamwalker Shoulderpads Icon Valorous Dreamwalker Shoulderpads
  • 60 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak Icon Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak
  • 25 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Blade-Scarred Tunic Icon Blade-Scarred Tunic
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • Wristwraps of the Cutthroat Icon Wristwraps of the Cutthroat
  • 60 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Rapid Attack Gloves Icon Rapid Attack Gloves
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • Jorach's Crocolisk Skin Belt Icon Jorach's Crocolisk Skin Belt
  • 40 Emblem of Heroism Icon Emblem of Heroism
  • Valorous Dreamwalker Legguards Icon Valorous Dreamwalker Legguards
  • 75 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Boots of Captain Ellis Icon Boots of Captain Ellis
  • 40 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Surge Needle Ring Icon Surge Needle Ring
  • Ring of Invincibility Icon Ring of Invincibility
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • 25 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor
  • Darkmoon Card: Greatness Icon Darkmoon Card: Greatness
  • Mirror of Truth Icon Mirror of Truth
  • Loatheb's Shadow Icon Loatheb's Shadow
  • Black Ice Icon Black Ice
  • Titan Rune Dungeons
  • Idol of Worship Icon Idol of Worship
  • 25 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor

Further Enhancements

If you have further questions about gemming and enchanting these items, our Feral DPS Druid Enchants and Gems page below provides more information.



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