Gundrak Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in Gundrak, their minimum level requirements, and the quest chains required to unlock them. Following this guide, you can enter Gundrak with all of the quests available for the dungeon.

For more information about completing the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Gundrak Guide.


The list of quests available for this dungeon, with their faction (if they are faction-specific) and level requirements, is as follows:


Neutral Quests


One of a Kind

This quest is not part of any quest chain. Simply grab it outside before heading into the dungeon.

  1. [74] One of a Kind

For Posterity

This quest is part of a short chain with one previous quest. It is simply a breadcrumb quest to lead you toward the dungeon itself. Make sure you grab it and pick up the follow-up dungeon quest before entering the dungeon itself.

  1. [74] Just Checkin'
  2. [74] For Posterity

Gal'darah Must Pay

The quest chain to unlock this final dungeon quest is extremely long, spanning across the entire zone. It starts by looting a Strange Mojo Icon Strange Mojo from the mobs located at the Altar of Sseratus in Northern Zul'Drak. The entire chain of required quests is listed below.

  1. [74] Strange Mojo
  2. [74] Precious Elemental Fluids
  3. [74] Mushroom Mixer
  4. [74] Too Much of a Good Thing
  5. [74] To the Witch Doctor
  6. [74] Breaking Through Jin'Alai
  7. [74] To Speak With Har'koa
  8. [74] But First My Offspring
  9. [74] Spirit of Rhunok
  10. [74] My Prophet, My Enemy
  11. [74] An End to the Suffering
  12. [74] Back to Har'koa
  13. [74] I Sense a Disturbance
  14. [74] Preparations for the Underworld
  15. [74] Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess
  16. [74] Setting the Stage
  17. [74] Foundation for Revenge
  18. [74] Hell Hath a Fury
  19. [74] One Last Thing
  20. [74] Blood of a Dead God
  21. [74] You Reap What You Sow
  22. [74] The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz
  23. [74] Rampage
  24. [74] The Gods Have Spoken
  25. [74] Convocation at Zol'Heb
  26. [74] Unfinished Business
  27. [74] Gal'darah Must Pay

Daily Quests

This quest is available in Dalaran City, just outside of Violet Hold.



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