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Nazeebo Talents

Last updated on Oct 28, 2016 at 11:24 by Kendric 17 comments

Table of Contents

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General Information

On this page, we present the viable talent choices for playing Nazeebo in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. For each talent, we explain what they do and why they should or should not be taken.

The other pages of our Nazeebo guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Widowmakers Pandemic ? Thing of the Deep
4 Hexed Crawlers Big Voodoo Blood Ritual
7 Spirit of Arachyr Dead Rush Toads of Hugeness
10 Gargantuan Ravenous Spirit
13 Guardian Toads Superstition ? Ice Block ?
16 Spider Colony Ring of Poison Soul Harvest
20 Humongoid Annihilating Spirit Fury of the Storm Vile Infection

2. Common Talent Paths

2.1. Zombie Build

The Zombie Build seeks to empower Nazeebo's most dangerous ability, which is Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall. By increasing the casting range of all of Nazeebo's Basic Abilities by 20%, Thing of the Deep Icon Thing of the Deep allows Nazeebo to cast his abilities from a safer distance, which ultimately enables him to aim more carefully. Trapping an enemy Hero within the Zombie Wall can single-handedly decide team fights, especially after acquiring talents like Dead Rush Icon Dead Rush at Level 7 and Ring of Poison Icon Ring of Poison at Level 16. However, Zombie Wall is not only a great tool to take down enemy Heroes, it is also a powerful ability to clear Mercenary Camps and destroy enemy Structures very quickly.

2.2. Toad Build

The Toad Build focuses on Nazeebo's Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads ability, which provides him with outstanding poke and strong waveclear. Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit complements this playstyle very well, since Nazeebo tries to keep a healthy distance between himself and the enemy Warriors and melee Assassins. Once Toads of Hugeness Icon Toads of Hugeness has been acquired at Level 7, try to hit Minion Waves and Mercenary Camps from a large distance in order to deal the highest damage possible.

3. Level 1 Talents

Nazeebo Widowmakers
Widowmakers (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Reward: After your Corpse Spiders attack Heroes 100 times, their attack damage is increased by 30%.

Nazeebo Pandemic ?
Pandemic (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes with Plague of Toads, it spawns 2 additional toads.

Nazeebo Thing of the Deep
Thing of the Deep (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Increases the range of your Basic Abilities by 20%.

3.1. Discussion

Thing of the Deep Icon Thing of the Deep allows you to use your Basic Abilities from an extremely long range, making it very difficult for enemies to get close enough to attack you. Use the range to your advantage, playing as far back as possible, since Nazeebo lacks any defensive abilities and must rely solely on his positioning.

Pandemic Icon Pandemic is a solid foundation if you decide to go for the Toad Build, since it empowers Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads tremendously, especially after picking up Toads of Hugeness Icon Toads of Hugeness at Level 7.

Widowmakers Icon Widowmakers takes too long to complete and offers relatively little reward if completed.

4. Level 4 Talents

Nazeebo Hexed Crawlers
Hexed Crawlers (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

Corpse spiders restore 0.75% of your maximum Health and Mana when they attack an enemy Hero.

Nazeebo Big Voodoo
Big Voodoo (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

Increases the Health and Mana bonuses from Voodoo Ritual by 100%.

Nazeebo Blood Ritual
Blood Ritual (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

If an enemy dies while poisoned by Voodoo Ritual, restore 2% of your maximum Health and Mana.

4.1. Discussion

Big Voodoo Icon Big Voodoo turns Nazeebo into one of the most resilient Specialists and single-handedly eliminates Mana issues in the late game. This talent comes with virtually no down sides, which is why we favor it heavily over the remaining Level 4 talents.

Hexed Crawlers Icon Hexed Crawlers is an uninteresting talent, since we do not recommend picking up any of the other Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders related talents in the first place.

Blood Ritual Icon Blood Ritual offers more instant health and Mana regeneration compared to Big Voodoo Icon Big Voodoo, however, it has very no "snowballing" effect into the later stages of the game.

5. Level 7 Talents

Nazeebo Spirit of Arachyr
Spirit of Arachyr (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

If Corpse Spiders hits only one enemy, it creates 2 additional spiders.

Nazeebo Dead Rush
Dead Rush (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

Zombie Wall deals 75% more damage. When it expires up to 5 remaining Zombies uproot and attack nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Nazeebo Toads of Hugeness
Toads of Hugeness (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

Increase the damage and explosion radius of Plague of Toads by 15% after each hop, up to a maximum of 60%.

5.1. Discussion

Dead Rush Icon Dead Rush adds a significant damage increase to Nazeebo's Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall, which becomes particularly powerful if combined with Ring of Poison Icon Ring of Poison at Level 16.

Toads of Hugeness Icon Toads of Hugeness increases the damage of Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads significantly, especially if you went for Pandemic Icon Pandemic at Level 1. Toads of Hugeness allows Nazeebo to zone enemy Heroes formidably, which is particularly powerful during pushes.

Spirit of Arachyr Icon Spirit of Arachyr is an uninteresting talent, since we do not recommend picking up any of the other Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders related talents in the first place.

6. Level 10 Talents

Nazeebo Gargantuan
Gargantuan (Level 10) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Summon a Gargantuan to guard an area for 20 seconds. Deals 219 (104 + 4% per level) damage when summoned, attacks for 385 (183 + 4% per level) damage, and can be ordered to stomp nearby enemies.

Nazeebo Ravenous Spirit
Ravenous Spirit (Level 10) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

Channel a Ravenous Spirit that deals 453 (215 + 4% per level) damage per second. Cannot move while channeling. Lasts for 8 seconds.

6.1. Discussion

Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan deals a significant amount of damage and can effectively zone vulnerable Heroes out of a team fight by itself. If the Gargantuan lasts for its full 20 second duration, its cooldown is only 40 seconds (since the cooldown begins when it is summoned), which is extremely low. This means that Gargantuan can (and should) be used very liberally and not just for team fights. Its uses range from quickly clearing Mercenary Camps alone, sieging the enemy base, and even just to trading, as long as there is not an imminent team fight. The Gargantuan's Stomp ability should be used whenever it is surrounded by enemies, so it is important to always be aware if its positioning.

Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit will deal more damage than Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan over its duration, but there are a number of drawbacks attached to using Ravenous Spirit. You are immobile while channelling, Ravenous Spirit can be interrupted with Stuns, Silences, and knock-backs, and enemies can split up, allowing you to only damage one. Gargantuan does not suffer from the first two problems and can deal just as much damage, if not more, over its duration. Gargantuan also has a much shorter cooldown, around 40 seconds versus 90 seconds, allowing it to be used more often, and thus dealing even more damage. Take Ravenous Spirit when the enemy team lacks Heroes that are able to interrupt it.

When you have Ravenous Spirit, always look for a safe location to cast it from. A safe location can be behind a wall, in a bush, or behind your allies. You should use Ravenous Spirit when there are multiple enemies close together. You should use all of your Basic Abilities just prior to casting Ravenous Spirit to maximise your damage. Zombie Wall can be used to block off a path before casting, preventing enemies from interrupting you.

7. Level 13 Talents

Nazeebo Guardian Toads
Guardian Toads (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo

Hitting an enemy Hero with Plague of Toads grants you Resistant, reducing damage taken by 25% for 2 seconds.

Nazeebo Superstition ?
Superstition (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo

You take 50% less damage from Abilities, but 30% more damage from Basic Attacks.

Nazeebo Ice Block ?
Ice Block (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.

7.1. Discussion

Guardian Toads Icon Guardian Toads is a solid defensive talent, which usually triggers fairly often, especially during longer team fights. We recommend picking this talent if the enemy team consists of both Basic Attack and abilitiy damage.

Superstition Icon Superstition is the ideal counter talent if the enemy purely relies on ability damage and features multiple spell heavy Assassins like Chromie, Jaina, or Li-Ming.

Ice Block Icon Ice Block can drastically increase your survivability, by either allowing you to dodge enemy abilities or giving your team time to assist you. Ice Block is ideal versus enemies that deal significant burst or combo damage, such as Kerrigan, Nova, or Alarak.

8. Level 16 Talents

Nazeebo Spider Colony
Spider Colony (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo

Corpse Spiders' cooldown recharges 100% faster while above 1864 (884 + 4% per level) health.

Nazeebo Ring of Poison
Ring of Poison (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo

Zombie Wall lasts 1 second longer, and the center is filled with poison that deals a total of 699 (332 + 4% per level) damage over 4 seconds. This damage starts small and increases over the duration.

Nazeebo Soul Harvest
Soul Harvest (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Activate to increase your Health and Ability Power by 4% for each nearby enemy, up to a maximum of 20%. Lasts 15 seconds.

8.1. Discussion

Ring of Poison Icon Ring of Poison is an incredibly powerful talent that turns Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall into one of the most dangerous abilities in the game. Ring of Poison allows Nazeebo to push in enemy Structures and clear Mercenary Camps very fast, which turns him into a late game powerhouse.

Spider Colony Icon Spider Colony is an uninteresting talent, since we do not recommend picking up any of the other Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders related talents in the first place.

Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest requires Nazeebo to expose himself in order to amplify his damage output. We consider the risk too high to justify the reward, which is why we recommend picking Ring of Poison Icon Ring of Poison instead.

9. Level 20 Talents

Nazeebo Humongoid
Humongoid (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Reduce Gargantuan's cooldown by 45 seconds and its Mana cost by 50%.

Nazeebo Annihilating Spirit
Annihilating Spirit (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Increases the range of Ravenous Spirit by 50% and Movement Speed by 30%.

Nazeebo Fury of the Storm
Fury of the Storm (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 199 (94 + 4% per level) damage to the target, and 499 (237 + 4% per level))damage to all nearby Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.

Nazeebo Vile Infection
Vile Infection (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Reward: After reaching 150 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, it can also be applied to Heroes and its damage is increased by 200%.

9.1. Discussion

Humongoid Icon Humongoid is extremely effective, more much so than at first glance. This is because an infinite duration on Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan means that Gargantuan's cooldown will fully refresh while your current Gargantuan is alive (if it lives 60 seconds or longer), allowing you to immediately summon a new Gargantuan when it dies. This means that Gargantuan is effectively permanent, so you can also use it to solo Mercenary camps or push lanes, without worrying that it will be unavailable for a team fight.

Annihilating Spirit Icon Annihilating Spirit makes Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit much more practical in its use. The 50% increased cast range makes it easier to correctly position, and thus harder for the enemy team to stop, while the 30% increased movement speed allows Ravenous Spirit to deal damage more reliably. Take Annihilating Spirit when you do not require the extra poison damage from Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection or when your team lacks crowd control.

Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection is a very effective talent to boost Nazeebo's late game damage. We recommend this talent if you want to fully focus on positioning and landing your Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall.

Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm provides waveclear at a point in the game when Nazeebo already is one of the strongest waveclearers in the game. Thus, we do not recommend picking this talent.

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