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Brawler's Guild: Sanoriak (Rank 1) (WoD 6.2)

Last updated on Dec 11, 2014 at 10:37 by Damien 19 comments

Table of Contents

Sanoriak is the second Brawler's Guild Rank 1 opponent. The fight against him requires precise movement and good interruption skills. You often need to find an opening in a circle of fire surrounding you and interrupt the application of a very harmful debuff on you.

Before we delve further into the explanations, we advise you to first watch this very short video, which shows how the fight with Sanoriak goes.

1. Abilities and Strategy

Sanoriak has several abilities.

  • Firewall Icon Firewall creates a Rain of Fire effect around you. This Rain of Fire will keep getting closer to the center (where you are standing). Getting hit by it deals a lot of damage, but fortunately, there is always an opening that enables you to safely leave the area.
  • Flame Buffet Icon Flame Buffet applies a debuff on you that makes you take increased damage. When you are under the effect of that debuff, Sanoriak will try to hit you with Heated Weapon Icon Heated Weapon, which deals a large amount of Fire damage.
  • Fireball Icon Fireball and Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast deal Fire damage and are often cast by Sanoriak.

The two key aspects of the fight are Firewall Icon Firewall and Flame Buffet Icon Flame Buffet.

Firewall Icon Firewall can be interrupted, but we advise you to keep your interrupting spells for Flame Buffet Icon Flame Buffet. Firewall can easily be dealt with, once you have a bit of practice, so interrupting it should not be necessary. When Firewall starts, do not panic. Simply stand still and look around to see where the opening is, then simply exit the flames through it.

Flame Buffet Icon Flame Buffet should be interrupted. Alternatively, you can use class-specific abilities that prevent the application of harmful debuffs or that remove them. If you get debuffed by Flame Buffet and you cannot remove it, you will need to stay out of Sanoriak's melee range until it runs out.

The damage from Fireball Icon Fireball and Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast will be manageable, if you manage to properly deal with the other abilities.

2. Generic Advice

  • Do not panic. It does not matter if you mess up your rotation, but you need to stick to the strategy.
  • If you are in for a long Brawler's Guild session, you may want to use a flask.
  • Prepot! Use a Potion of Brawler's Might Icon Potion of Brawler's Might, a Potion of Brawler's Cunning Icon Potion of Brawler's Cunning, or a Potion of Brawler's Deftness Icon Potion of Brawler's Deftness right before Sanoriak appears, depending on what your main statistic is.
  • When the 60-second cooldown on your potion is over, you can use the same potion again or you can use a Brawler's Healing Potion Icon Brawler's Healing Potion if you need healing.
  • Group up with other players so that you benefit from each other's buffs.

3. Sharing your Class-specific Tips on the Forums

For class-specific advice, please refer to this thread on our forums. Do not hesitate to share your own tips!

4. ChangeLog

  • 11 Dec. 2014: Updated for Warlords of Draenor. The fight remains the same, but Sanoriak is now the second Rank 1 opponent (he was the second Rank 3 opponent, previously).
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