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Elerethe Renferal Strategy Guide

Last updated on Oct 04, 2016 at 22:08 by Damien 5 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

Welcome to our World of Warcraft encounter guide for Elerethe Renferal in The Emerald Nightmare. We will teach you everything you need to know to defeat the boss in every difficulty.

On this particular page, we will give you a short overview of the fight as well as a list of things to watch out for (include LFR tips when applicable).

The other pages of our Elerethe Renferal guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

1. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 4 pages:

2. Lore

Elerethe Renferal is one of the first bosses in the Emerald Nightmare Raid Instance.

Elerthe, once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led down a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion, and hatred.

3. Outline

Elerethe Renferal is a two phase fight, in which Elerethe will swap between two forms, the Spider and the Roc. This fight takes place on as many as three different platforms. Here is a preview of the fight from the Legion Alpha/Beta.


Below is a TL;DR of how to handle Elerethe's abilities. This should be used to familiarize yourself with the boss' abilities, and not as a blueprint for success.

4.1. Tanks

  • During Spider form, take turns tanking Spiderlings to manage applications of Dripping Fangs Icon Dripping Fangs.
  • During Roc form, quickly taunt Elerethe after Raking Talons Icon Raking Talons.
  • During Roc form, pick up a Shimmering Feather Icon Shimmering Feather to speed your way across platforms.
  • Mythic: Keep Venomous Spiderlings away from the boss or they will grant her stacks of Swarm Icon Swarm.
  • Mythic: Tank the boss on a corner of the first platform before Feeding Time Icon Feeding Time, to make it easier to handle the upcoming Tangled Webs Icon Tangled Webs.
  • Mythic: Use immunities or tanking cooldowns to solo-tank Violent Winds Icon Violent Winds on the second platform.

4.2. Healers

  • During Spider form, heal allies connected by Web of Pain Icon Web of Pain.
  • During Roc form, beware of potential high damage during Gathering Clouds Icon Gathering Clouds and Dark Storm Icon Dark Storm.
    • Pay special attention to players debuffed with Necrotic Venom Icon Necrotic Venom who cannot stack with the raid during Gathering Clouds (they will be taking damage from both abilities).

4.3. DPS

  • During Roc form, place Twisting Shadows Icon Twisting Shadows away from the raid.
  • Kill Venomous Spiderlings.

4.4. Everyone

  • During Spider form, try to place venomous pools from Necrotic Venom Icon Necrotic Venom in the same place as everyone else.
  • Do not run over egg sacs.
  • Mythic: beware of your position when targeted with Web of Pain Icon Web of Pain. Do not knock people back.
  • Mythic: Run to the other side of the first platform for Tangled Webs Icon Tangled Webs.

5. ChangeLog

  • 04 Oct. 2016: Added Mythic tips.
  • 18 Sep. 2016: Added more details following pottm's review.
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