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Holy Priest Healing Artifact Talents/Traits and Relics (Legion 7.1.5)

Last updated on Jan 10, 2017 at 00:15 by Vlad 109 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

This page shows you how to level up the Artifact and how to choose the right Relics for your Holy Priests. It is updated for World of Warcraft Legion 7.1.5.

The other pages of our Holy Priest guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Reviewer

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Zolvolt, officer and long-time healing Priest of Exiled Legion, whom you can follow on Twitter.

1. Artifact Progression

Artifact Progression

As a Holy Priest, there is a very clear path that you should take for your artifact progression, with very little room for alternative choices.

  1.  Icon Invoke the Naaru
  2.  Icon Follower of the Light
  3.  Icon Holy Hands
  4.  Icon Reverence
  5.  Icon Words of Healing
  6.  Icon Hallowed Ground
  7.  Icon Power of the Naaru
  8.  Icon Blessing of T'uure
  9.  Icon Say Your Prayers
  10.  Icon Holy Mending
  11.  Icon Serenity Now
  12.  Icon Light of T'uure
  13.  Icon Renew the Faith
  14.  Icon Guardians of the Light
  15.  Icon Holy Guidance
  16.  Icon Trust in the Light
  17.  Icon Focus in the Light
  18.  Icon Beacon of Light

2. Relic Choice

When choosing which relics to use, always take the one that grants you the highest item level, regardless of the benefit it offers. When having to choose between relics that grant the same item level, chose based on the following trait enhancement recommendations.

For single target healing, look for relics that buff  Icon Serenity Now and  Icon Reverence. For AoE healing, look for relics that buff  Icon Words of Healing,  Icon Say Your Prayers, and  Icon Holy Hands.

3. ChangeLog

  • 10 Jan. 2017: Updated the relic recommendations.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Added.
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