Finding and Completing Side Quests in Diablo Immortal

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Side quests are a quick activity you may stumble upon when exploring the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal, and offer modest rewards for your time. Learn more about the types of side quests available as well as an additional daily quest involving them below.


Side Quests Overview

Side Quests are minor tasks that are randomly discovered in the various overworld zones of Diablo Immortal. They can be found pretty much from the start of the campaign leveling process, unlocking as early as Ashwold Cemetery, and will remain relevant all the way into the endgame. You have a dedicated daily Side Quest activity gained from Taite, the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch (found north of the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint).


Side Quest Mechanics

Side Quests are divided into two categories: Emergent Side Quests and Narrative Side Quests. Regardless of their point of origin — a distraught NPC, or an ambushing band of monsters — they will be neatly marked with a blue "!!!" icon in your quest sidebar, and can be tracked to their completion from there.

If you stumble upon an Emergent Side Quest or accept a Narrative Side Quest, but then stray too far from their (very generous) activity radius, they will fail and disappear. They will re-appear sometime later, but you will have missed that particular opportunity.

When grouped up, the initiator of a Side Quest will send out an acceptance prompt to other party members. Make sure to accept and group up for the completion of the Side Quest in order to receive its reward.


Emergent Side Quests

Emergent Side Quests present unpredictable opportunities for some extra treasure. They can be found only in the open world zones, and you will likely encounter them on your way to another activity. They can be broken down into three types:

  • Wanted — A large, purple-named Unique enemy emerges, and you have to take it down. Unique monsters are akin to Elite and Champion monsters with their pool of possibly dangerous Affixes, and have even more health!
  • Cleansing the Rot — A sizable area is marked on your map, and you are tasked with killing 20 enemies in the designated locale — no matter their type. The marked area is centered on your location, so you do not need to go out of your way to finish this side quest.
  • Break the Curse — A Cursed Chest will appear next to you; interacting with it draws the ire of a group of ghosts, and they spawn nearby to "protect" it. You need to kill the Lost Souls and Gheists pronto; beating the on-screen timer unlocks the chest. If you manage to do it really quickly, you receive a bonus chest.

Narrative Side Quests

You have multiple Narrative Side Quests available in every zone in the game at any given time. They are very easily found, usually started via an NPC with a blue "!!!" icon above their head. Narrative Side Quests flesh out the feel of the world with short stories, presented through a 1-2 minute questline. There are usually some monsters to slay, some objects to interact with or collect, and dialogue to listen to — the standard RPG fare.


Side Quest Rewards

Upon completion, Side Quests reward you with items of varying quality, experience points, and — most importantly — Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust. Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust is used to upgrade your gear, and are a vital resource for your character progression.


Adventure Seeker

Taite, the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch offers an additional incentive to do Side Quests. When you accept her daily "Side Quests" activity, she will mark three Narrative Side Quests in a randomly selected zone. If you do not like the zone you are given, you can refresh it for a minor fee of a 100  Gold Icon Gold. These Side Quests are not custom — they come straight from the normal pool of Narrative Side Quests you can stumble upon naturally, and are identical right down to the reward for their completion. It is advisable to do the handful of Side Quests on a daily basis through the Adventure Seeker for the following reasons:

  • Battle Points — You get a 20 Battle Points Icon Battle Points reward for this daily activity in your Codex.
  • XP, Gold and Loot — After you complete the three Side Quests, you get some extra rewards for your effort.
  • Additional Chest — Most importantly, after you complete the three Side Quests, you get an additional chest with 3 Enchanted Dust Icon Enchanted Dust — a vital resource for gear upgrading.

Taite, the Adventure Seeker also offers the so-called Elite Quests — lengthier, story-driven missions that focus on particular characters of the Diablo universe. These Elite Quests are unique and non-repeatable, offer modest XP and Battle Points Icon Battle Points rewards (story is the primary focus here), and require an Adventure Journal Icon Adventure Journal to start. Adventure Journal Icon Adventure Journals are earned by progressing the Guide section of your Codex.



Side Quests are trivial to complete and frequently offer interesting side stories from the world of Sanctuary. Coupled with their valuable crafting material rewards, they offer an excellent reward-to-effort ratio. Do not pass up the daily Adventure Seeker activity to get the most out of Side Quests.



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