Finding and Looting Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

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Hidden lairs are random events that take place in the main zones of Sanctuary within Diablo Immortal, offering a small, Dungeon-like experience and acting as a great source of normal gems. Look for their signs mentioned below and incorporate clearing them into your daily routine!


Lair Overview

Lairs are tiny dungeons of up to two levels. Lairs are found randomly across the game's open world — and unlike Elder Rifts, they are thematically tied to the respective locale you found them in. This means a Lair's map tileset and monsters will match its zone of origin.

Lairs are one of the most consistent sources of Normal Gems: Aquamarine (Rank 1) Icon Aquamarine (Rank 1), Citrine (Rank 1) Icon Citrine (Rank 1), Ruby (Rank 1) Icon Ruby (Rank 1), Sapphire (Rank 1) Icon Sapphire (Rank 1), Topaz (Rank 1) Icon Topaz (Rank 1), and Tourmaline (Rank 1) Icon Tourmaline (Rank 1). While they are less impactful than Legendary Gems, Normal Gems fill out the sockets of your Secondary Gear slots, and should be sought out all the same!


Lair Mechanics

Lairs are semi-random mini-dungeons that adhere to the general look and monster composition of the zone you found them in. While on a surface level they seem different from dungeon to dungeon, Lairs share the following common traits:

  • Once discovered, Lairs remain active for 10 minutes. Zones can have up to three Lairs active at a time. Lairs can only have one or two levels.
  • While seemingly unpredictable at first glance, the locations of Lairs are not entirely random. The entrances have fixed locations in the open world where they can spawn, lending themselves to getting mapped out. Still, specifically spamming Lair spawn points can be a grueling task; try to weave your daily Lair clearing in between your other, more reliable tasks instead.
  • Alternatively, keep an eye on the World Chat; players frequently seek out others to help them with clearing out Lairs. This is not because they are particularly difficult, but because...
  • ...Lairs can only be soloed in the game's Normal difficulty, a.k.a. while leveling in the campaign. In difficulties Hell I and higher, you are forced to form a party of four to enter them.

Lair Advice

Since Lairs mimic the overworld in the scaling of their challenge, you should find them trivial to complete with an appropriate Combat Rating for the difficulty you are in. The true obstacle of Lairs is in finding an active one, and then forming a group to do it before it closes down. That being said, you can still optimize your experience in Lairs by following these pieces of advice:

  • Be diligent with Lair Tasks: You will be presented with several Tasks when entering a Lair floor. Be thorough with the entire level and finish off all the Tasks — each of them will reward you with a Rank 1 Normal Gem. At the end of each Lair level, you will find a Lair Boss; killing it will also reward you with a Rank 1 Normal Gem.
  • Hope for a Second Level: There's 50/50 chance to discover a portal to a second floor of the Lair when you defeat the first floor Lair Boss. There isn't a scenario where you do not want to do the Second level — continue straight down and count yourself lucky! You saved yourself some Lair hunting for the day.

Lair Rewards

Much like the overworld zones you find them in, Lairs reward you regular experience and loot. Despite their (Elder Rift- and Challenge Rift-like) randomized appearance, enemies in Lairs can drop Monstrous Essence Icon Monstrous Essences for your daily Bestiary completion.

As previously mentioned, however, the most important reward from Lairs are the guaranteed Normal Gems. You can expect ~3 Normal Gems per floor of a Lair. Considering there is a cap of 6 Normal Gems per day (which resets at 3 AM server time), you can knock out your daily limit in a single, lucky 2-floor Lair.



Lairs are the steadiest source of Normal Gems in Diablo Immortal, but can be time-consuming and tiresome to seek out on their own. Do them in between more easily tracked and quantified tasks — and once you reach your 6 gem cap for the day, you can safely ignore them.



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