All Saints' Wake Event Guide for FFXIV

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This page contains information on FFXIV's 2022 All Saints' Wake event. Here, you will learn about how to unlock the event and what rewards you can get.


All Saints' Wake

All Saints' Wake is one of the many annual events that occur in Final Fantasy XIV. It is usually scheduled around late October to early November to coincide with Halloween, but last year's event was delayed due to the Endwalker expansion and scheduling issues.


Event Overview

Like all other seasonal events, this one is a simple event that can be accessed by all players as long as they have unlocked airships. There is a questline players have to complete, which rewards them with unique event items.


Date and Timeline

The event is confirmed to run from January 20 at 12:00 a.m. (PST) to February 2 at 6:59 a.m. (PST). Note that players will be unable to complete the event questline after the seasonal event has ended.



Location of Event NPC

Players can begin the seasonal event by talking to the NPC Adventurers' Guild Investigator in Old Gridania (x10.4, y8.4) and picking up the quest "All Clowns' Wake." Players must be Level 15 to undertake the quest and have completed the main scenario quest "It's Probably Pirates."


Event Objectives

The Phantoms' Feast

To complete the event questline, players have to progress through the event story and complete an instance. There are two quests in total: "All Clowns' Wake" and "A Feast to Remember." During the second quest, players will unlock a seasonal event instance, The Phantoms' Feast. This is a light party instance with four players, and it has no role or level requirements for participation. After completing the quest, players can repeat this instance by speaking with the harlequin guide in Min Khetto's Amphitheatre or the Acorn Orchard. Completing it rewards a Pumpkin Cookie, which can be exchanged for rewards.



All Saints' Wake 2022 Rewards

In this seasonal event, players are able to receive a glamour set by completing the event and purchasing items with the event currency, Pumpkin Cookie. The set consists of the following items.

  1. Clown's Hat Icon Clown's Hat
  2. Clown's Top Icon Clown's Top
  3. Clown's Shortgloves Icon Clown's Shortgloves
  4. Clown's Bottoms Icon Clown's Bottoms
  5. Clown's Boots Icon Clown's Boots

Two housing items are available to be purchased with event currency: Haunted Pumpkin Set Icon Haunted Pumpkin Set and Pumpkin Flower Vase Icon Pumpkin Flower Vase. In addition, players can unlock a new character customization option in the form of face paint with Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around Icon Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around, which is rewarded during the questline.



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