Endwalker Changes in FFXIV

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There will be many systemic changes coming with the release of Endwalker. This page contains information about all the upcoming changes and links to pages that explain each change in more detail.


Changes Coming in Endwalker

The Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is slated to release on December 7, 2021, with Early Access for players who preordered the expansion starting on December 3, 2021. Coming with the Endwalker expansion is several changes to systems, jobs, currencies, and content. This page will list all the major changes to pre-existing systems in Endwalker. To learn about what new things are coming in Endwalker, visit our Endwalker hub!


System Changes

As with all previous expansions, the level cap will be raised by ten levels. All jobs will now have a level cap of 90 except for the limited job Blue Mage. Due to values becoming too high, a stat squish will be implemented, downscaling all values. Additionally, the belt item slot will be wholly removed, and gathered HQ items will cease to exist. Learn more about Endwalker system changes on our dedicated page.


Job Changes

With the level cap raise, all jobs (again, except for Blue Mage) will gain new skills and traits! These skills and traits were shown in the official job action trailer on the FFXIV YouTube page. Additionally, certain jobs have been reworked while others have had current skills adjusted. Learn more about each job's changes on our job pages.


Crafting & Gathering Changes

Alongside combat job changes, Disciples of the Hand and Land will be getting many changes as well, including new recipes and items to craft. The downscaling of values also applies to them, and this will modify recipe requirements. In addition, as HQ items are no longer obtainable, the gathering Perception stat will also change. Spearfishing will also be revamped. Find out more from our Crafting and Gathering changes page!

Endwalker Crafting & Gathering Changes COMING SOON!

Currency Changes

As with every expansion and raid patch, Allagan Tomestones will be rearranged. The current tomestones of Allegory and Revelation will be made obsolete, and items that were purchased with these tomestones will be made purchasable with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Two new tomestones will be added with the expansion. Additionally, the gil rewards from certain content will be adjusted to address gil inflation. To learn more about the changes to tomestones and other currencies in Endwalker, take a look at our currency changes page.


Housing Changes

In Patch 6.1, the new Empyreum housing district located in Ishgard will be released, with 24 wards to start. Additionally, a new lottery system to purchase housing will be introduced to alleviate housing concerns. Learn more on our housing changes page.


Content Changes

Along with downscaling and balance adjustments, certain content will receive adjustments in Endwalker. This includes changes to loot acquired in Savage raids, adjustment to party matching and the Party Finder, and the removal of Unreal Trials, which are slated to return in patch 6.1. Find out more on our content changes page.


PvP Changes

The Player vs. Player modes in Final Fantasy are receiving major updates in Endwalker. These changes include a new small-scale PvP mode, the introduction of a "series" reward system, and the removal of Feast. Learn more on our PvP changes page.



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