Miner and Botany (DoL) Skills Guide for FFXIV Patch 6.5

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This guide covers all of the skills for Mining and Botany while explaining the uses and value of each skill, so you know what skills are best and worth using to get more items.


Mining and Botany Skills

While leveling Miner and Botanist, you will gain many skills that will assist you with your gathering endeavors. Many of these skills might have different names and icons for either class but function in the same way. This guide will cover that.

For convenience, the skills have been grouped by their purposes and have then been sorted in leveling order. You can always refer to your 'Actions & Traits' tab to see what skill is unlocked next.

If you are looking for general tips about gathering with Miner and Botanist, please be sure to check out our guide dedicated to the basics linked below.


Location Skills

These skills will assist you in finding nodes while you are out gathering in the open world.

  • Prospect Icon Prospect/Triangulate Icon Triangulate make nodes visible.
  • Lay of the Land Icon Lay of the Land/Arbor Call Icon Arbor Call will show you the nearest node. This might not always be the node you want, so be sure to check your Gathering Log for a desired item's location.
  • Lay of the Land II Icon Lay of the Land II/Arbor Call II Icon Arbor Call II will show you the highest level node that is nearby. This is similar to the original skill, and it will not always show you what you are looking for.
  • Sneak Icon Sneak can be used while mounted as you travel to a node.
  • Truth of Mountains Icon Truth of Mountains/Truth of Forests Icon Truth of Forests is required when going for many types of timed nodes, including Unspoiled and Legendary nodes. Without using this, you cannot see the node.
  • Luck of the Mountaineer Icon Luck of the Mountaineer/Luck of the Pioneer Icon Luck of the Pioneer can be unlocked from your class quests and is useful for gathering maps.

On top of that, some of these location skills can be cross classed, meaning you can use them on any gathering class. This is super handy when you need to gather items from both classes or when waiting for a timed node to spawn.


Skills That Increase Your Gathering Chance

Simply put, these skills increase your chance to gather items. Once you have the stats to hit 100% HQ chance, these skills become obsolete. You can arguably take them off your hotbars until a future expansion.

  • Sharp Vision Icon Sharp Vision/Field Mastery Icon Field Mastery gives a 5% increase to your chance to gather. I would not say it is very useful.
  • Sharp Vision II Icon Sharp Vision II/Field Mastery II Icon Field Mastery II gives an increased 15% chance. Generally, this is going to be the one you use most.
  • Sharp Vision III Icon Sharp Vision III/Field Mastery III Icon Field Mastery III gives a massive 50% chance. You will very rarely need this skill.
  • Clear Vision Icon Clear Vision/Flora Mastery Icon Flora Mastery stacks with the other skills that increase your chance. Outside of that, it is not very useful.

Yield Skills

Most of your useful skills will be listed here, and any skill with a different name can be stacked together for increased yield benefits. Generally, this is how players optimize their GP on a node.

  • Bountiful Yield Icon Bountiful Yield/Bountiful Harvest Icon Bountiful Harvest increases yield by one and upgrades directly into the second version of this skill.
  • Solid Reason Icon Solid Reason/Ageless Words Icon Ageless Words is not used very often in normal nodes but is useful for collectables. At level 83, this also has a 50% chance to give the buff Eureka Moment, which is used on Wise to the World Icon Wise to the World.
  • King's Yield Icon King's Yield/Blessed Harvest Icon Blessed Harvest is useful until you hit the GP requirements for the second version of this skill.
  • King's Yield II Icon King's Yield II/Blessed Harvest II Icon Blessed Harvest II should be used often. It is one of your strongest yield skills because it scales very well with nodes that give increased attempts.
  • Bountiful Yield II Icon Bountiful Yield II/Bountiful Harvest II Icon Bountiful Harvest II is unlocked from your class quests. You can gain 1-3 yield depending on your gathering.
  • Wise to the World Icon Wise to the World gives you another gathering attempt but only when you obtain the Eureka Moment buff. This has a 50% chance to appear when Solid Reason Icon Solid Reason/Ageless Words Icon Ageless Words is used.

Gatherer's Boon Skills

These are skills that exclusively impact your Gatherer's Boon by changing its chance or the yield obtained. It currently seems like these skills are not as beneficial as some of the yield skills in most situations.

  • Mountaineer's Gift I Icon Mountaineer's Gift I/Pioneer's Gift I Icon Pioneer's Gift I increases your boon by 10% as long as the chance is above 0%.
  • Mountaineer's Gift II Icon Mountaineer's Gift II/Pioneer's Gift II Icon Pioneer's Gift II increases the boon by 30%. It does not stack with the first iteration of this skill.
  • Nald'thal's Tidings Icon Nald'thal's Tidings/Nophica's Tidings Icon Nophica's Tidings increases the yield obtained from the boon by 1.

Shard, Crystal, and Cluster Skills

These are the skills exclusively used in gathering shards, crystals, and clusters because they provide massive yields to these items.

  • The Twelve's Bounty Icon The Twelve's Bounty can be used without cooldown on each node.
  • The Giving Land Icon The Giving Land has a cooldown but will give more yield than The Twelve's Bounty Icon The Twelve's Bounty. The amount you will obtain is random.

Collectable Skills

These are the skills used only for the collectable system. You can use them directly from your hotbar or from the collectable UI itself, which can save you some hotbar space.

  • Scour Icon Scour is your 'default' collectable skill and is what the rest of the skills scale themselves on.
  • Brazen Prospector Icon Brazen Prospector/Brazen Woodsman Icon Brazen Woodsman is not an ideal skill to use because of its RNG, making it unreliable at times. It can be great while leveling if you do not have high stats because you can get lucky and hit collectability ratings you otherwise could not.
  • Meticulous Prospector Icon Meticulous Prospector/Meticulous Woodsman Icon Meticulous Woodsman is your 'main' skill, so to speak. You want to hope for the additional benefit of extra yield giving you more items and, therefore, more scrips.
  • Scrutiny Icon Scrutiny's tooltip says it scales based on your Perception, but it actually scales based on both Gathering and Perception.
  • Collector's Focus Icon Collector's Focus increases collectors intuition by 75%. Given the cap is 40%, at this cap this means you can obtain a 70% chance to trigger intuition.


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