Ameliance Custom Deliveries in FFXIV

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This guide provides details about Ameliance, a Custom Delivery client in Final Fantasy XIV. On this page, you will find information about the client's unlock requirements, rewards, and achievements.


Ameliance's Custom Deliveries

Ameliance is the mother of both Alphinaud and Alisaie, and she requires your help after the Final Days as many schools are in dire need of school supplies. From there, you will learn about Mila and her tale to learn magic with support from the items you make alongside developing the relationship between Mila and Ameliance.


How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Ameliance

Listed below are the unlock requirements for Ameliance and vendor location to purchase crafting materials.

  • Quest: "Of Mothers and Merchants"
  • Level Requirement: Level 80 in any DoH/DoL class (items will range from 80-83)
  • Location: Old Sharlayan
  • Prerequisite Quests: You need to complete "Go West, Craftsman" and "Endwalker"
  • Vendor Location: Old Sharlayan (x12.7, y10.3)

Ameliance's Reputation & Rewards

Once you begin to increase your clients satisfaction, you will be able to obtain a range of rewards such as food, materia, and most importantly, increased scrip rewards.

Satisfaction Level Required Turn-Ins Rewards
Level 1 0
Level 2 3 Craftsman's Competence Materia VIII Icon Craftsman's Competence Materia VIII, Happiness Juice Icon Happiness Juice, Carrot Nibbles Icon Carrot Nibbles
Level 3 6 Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VIII Icon Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VIII, Giant Haddock Dip Icon Giant Haddock Dip, Yakow Moussaka Icon Yakow Moussaka
Level 4 6 Gatherer's Grasp Materia VIII Icon Gatherer's Grasp Materia VIII, Craftsman's Cunning Materia VIII Icon Craftsman's Cunning Materia VIII, Tsai tou Vounou Icon Tsai tou Vounou
Level 5 6 Gatherer's Guile Materia VIII Icon Gatherer's Guile Materia VIII, Craftsman's Command Materia VIII Icon Craftsman's Command Materia VIII, Sideritis Cookie Icon Sideritis Cookie and the ability to change their outfit.

Required Collectables

Listed below are all the delivery options for Ameliance. While increasing your satisfaction level, you can only see the relevant item, whereas at max level, you can have any of these items at random each week.

Satisfaction Level Crafting Gathering Fishing
Level 1 Aetheroconductive Quill Icon Aetheroconductive Quill Aetheroconductive Feather Icon Aetheroconductive Feather Inksquid Icon Inksquid
Level 2 Aetheroconductive Focus Icon Aetheroconductive Focus Aetheroconductive Focus Materials Icon Aetheroconductive Focus Materials Seedtoad Icon Seedtoad
Level 3 Luncheon Coffer Icon Luncheon Coffer Luncheon Coffer Materials Icon Luncheon Coffer Materials Auroral Clam Icon Auroral Clam
Level 4 Aetheroconductive Mammet Icon Aetheroconductive Mammet Aetheroconductive Mammet Materials Icon Aetheroconductive Mammet Materials Holier-than Mogpom Icon Holier-than Mogpom
Level 5 School Supplies Icon School Supplies School Supply Materials Icon School Supply Materials Chalky Coral Icon Chalky Coral


For reaching level 5, you obtain the title "Amie d'Améliance."

Once 150 collectables have been delivered, you gain the title "Academic Advocate."

You also unlock a glamour set called the Appointed Attire Coffer Icon Appointed Attire Coffer, unlocking five pieces of the appointed set that can be dyed.



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