Blue Mage Raid Guide for Twintania (T5)

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This page provides a guide for Twintania, the fifth fight in The Binding Coil of Bahamut raid series. It's intended to be used specifically for Blue Mage. This guide includes strategies catering to the unique party composition, as well as recommended spells.



Having overcome the seemingly endless waves of hostile constructs, you and your stalwart companions continue the descent into an unknown abyss. At the depth of 1910 yalms, you are assailed by a winged terror: an ancient dragon brought to heel by the Allagans and made to do their bidding. The trials grow ever more arduous, but you are resolved to press on for the sake of the truth.


General Notes

This is the first fight in the Morbol raid series and is by far the easiest. This fight is an okay introduction to end-game raiding on Blue Mage, but because we skip so much of the fight it isn't a good representation of the rest of the fights. The line between phases is a bit blurry because of how much burst damage Blue Mage is capable of, so some phases have been combined for simplicity's sake.


Raid Guide

This guide is written assuming you have all Blue Mage spells, appropriate gear, and know how to play your chosen role.


Video Guide

If you prefer video format, there is a full video guide available below. The video itself is older, but the strats are unchanged.


Party Setup

For this fight I would recommend having the standard one tank mimic, two healer mimics, and five DPS mimics.


Utility Spells

  • Missile Icon Missile
  • Level 5 Death Icon Level 5 Death on at least one person

Phase 1: Twintania


Twintania's Abilities

  • Plummet: Frontal cleave, only the tank should be in front of the boss.
  • Death Sentence: Heavy-hitting tankbuster with no cast time.
  • Fireball: Targets a random party member (red triangle overhead) and deals AOE damage split across everyone hit.
  • Conflagration: Targets a random party member (blue circle overhead) and locks them in place inside a fire tornado. Stuns anyone caught in the tornado. Kill the tornado to free the person.

Twintania has a gigantic aggro radius and you will not be able to precast anything on her before she aggros. The tank will just need to run in and grab aggro, then the DPS can begin their Moon Flute openers. One person should be assigned to use Level 5 Death Icon Level 5 Death on the two adds that she starts with.

The biggest threat in phase 1 is Death Sentence, which is an extremely heavy-hitting tankbuster. It can take a few tries to get a feel for the timing, but precasting Diamondback Icon Diamondback or Dragon Force Icon Dragon Force with Chelonian Gate Icon Chelonian Gate is the only way to survive. Twintania will also use Plummet during this phase, so make sure no one is in front of her except for the tank.

At 85% health she will drop a Neurolink on the ground. This is a black circle that greatly reduces damage taken and dealt, and will be needed for later mechanics. Once she drops the Neurolink, the tank should move her a bit so that the second one does not drop directly on top of the first one. She will hit 85% health extremely quickly because of our burst DPS, so be ready to move her early.

The next phase lasts until 55% health where she will drop a second Neurolink and then fly away. During this phase she will target random players with Fireball which requires the party to stack up. After the Fireball hit, the party should spread out for Conflagration. When the fire tornado appears from Conflagration, kill it to free the person trapped inside. Missile Icon Missile works on these.


Phase 2: Divebombs and Adds

At 55% Twintania will fly away and begin using Divebomb, which is a line AOE with a huge knockback targeted on a random person, indicated by a green and black circle over their head. This entire mechanic can be cheesed by stacking in the northwest corner, waiting for the marker, stepping forward a little bit, and then moving back to the corner after the Divebomb. Reference the video above to see the exact positioning.

Note: If someone messes up the Divebombs and ends up in the middle of the arena, they should just stay out until after the next Divebomb since it is too dangerous to try to rejoin the party. You risk killing the entire party that way. If they do get targeted by Divebomb while in the center of the arena, they can survive by using Diamondback Icon Diamondback.

Twintania will do three Divebombs and then spawn a wave of adds. The adds can be killed using Missile Icon Missile or Level 5 Death Icon Level 5 Death before we have to worry about them.

After the first set of adds there is a long delay before Twintania does another set of three Divebombs. Handle these the same way as before, and then run directly across the arena to handle the next wave of adds that spawns.

When the adds are dead, have the party stand in one Neurolink together and the tank stand in one Neurolink by themselves. After a very long delay she will cast Aetheric Profusion which kills anyone not standing in a Neurolink. Once you see the screen flash bright and you take damage from the Aetheric Profusion, you can leave the Neurolink. She will use Plummet almost immediately after landing, which is why we have the tank in their own Neurolink.


Phase 3: Twisters and Hatches


Twintania's Abilities

  • Twister: Creates a tornado underneath a player when the cast finishes. Touching the tornado instantly kills the person who stepped in it and sends all nearby players flying back a huge distance.
  • Dreadknight: Spawns a Dreadknight in the center of the arena that stuns a random player, starts slowly moving towards them, and kills them if they reach the player.
  • Generate: Creates an orb that flies towards a random player. On contact it explodes in a small radius and kills nearby players that are not in a Neurolink.
  • Liquid Hell: Five fireballs in quick succession on a random raid member that leaves behind a fire puddle.

Once Twintania has landed she gains a new set of abilities. The first is the notorious Twister. When she starts casting Twister, all players should start moving in a direction that does not cross paths with any other players. After the tornadoes have spawned, be careful not to touch any of them.

Twintania's next ability allows her to spawn Dreadknights in the center of the arena. Simply stay away from the center of the arena, and when these spawn kill them with Missile Icon Missile before they reach the person they are moving towards.

At 29% Twintania will no longer use Twister or spawn Dreadknights and will begin using Hatch and Liquid Hell. Whoever is targeted needs to stand in a Neurolink or use Diamondback Icon Diamondback to survive.


Final Sting

Twintania's Final Sting threshold is 25%. Once she is at 25%, apply Off-guard Icon Off-guard, then use Moon Flute Icon Moon Flute, any Primal abilities you have, and finish with Whistle Icon Whistle and Final Sting Icon Final Sting. With how much damage we do she will be in sting range almost immediately after landing for the final phase. It is actually possible to burst and sting her before she even takes off for divebombs if it is timed well and she gets stuck in attack animations.



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