Guide to Obtaining and Decorating a House in FFXIV

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This page gives an overview of FFXIV's housing system, where players can purchase their own non-instanced housing and decorate it. Here, you will learn everything about the housing system and how to decorate houses and apartments.



Final Fantasy XIV is rich in side activities, and the housing system is a prime example of content that lends greatly to the social environment of the game. Housing is the cornerstone of many social activities in FFXIV, and many players host RP venues or events on their plots of land. Owners of houses are able to decorate both the inside and outside of their house and invite friends over! There are many different types of housing, and this page will inform you about every aspect.


Housing Overview

After meeting certain requirements, players can purchase a housing plot, allowing them to construct a house! These plots exist in independent, overworld instances called wards. Each ward can be visited by anyone from any server in the data centre at any time. However, players can only purchase a house on their home world.

Each ward is split into a main division and a subdivision, containing 30 unique homes each for a total of 60 houses per ward. There are 24 distinct wards, totaling 1440 houses per housing district and 5760 per server!

Even if you do not own a house, you can still participate in housing through Apartments and Free Company rooms!


Housing Locations

There are currently four housing districts, each corresponding to a state in Eorzea. Apart from the aesthetics of the housing ward, there is no functional difference between the housing locations.

  • The Goblet is the housing zone of Ul'dah. Its entrance is located in Western Thanalan, and an NPC in Ul'Dah - Steps of Thal (x11.9, y14.4), Ivory Sparrow, can also take players inside.
  • The Lavender Beds is the housing zone of Gridania. Its entrance is located in Central Shroud, and an NPC in Old Gridania (x14.8, 6.4), Romarique, can also take players inside.
  • Mist is the housing zone of Limsa Lominsa. Its entrance is located in Lower La Noscea, and an NPC in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x7.3, y15.4), Rerenasu, can also take players inside.
  • Shirogane is the housing zone of Hingashi. Its entrance is located in Kugane at the docks, and players can travel to Shirogane by speaking to Kimachi (x8.9, y10.4).
  • Empyreum is the housing zone of Ishgard. It is set to be released in Patch 6.1 of Endwalker.
Residential Aethernet Menu

To access a housing zone, players must either enter the zone from its entrance, talk to the NPC that takes them into the zone, or complete a quest located near the entrance. By completing this quest, players can access housing from each zone by using the main Aetheryte in the city and selecting Residential District Aethernet.

  • "Where the Heart Is (The Goblet)" is required for The Goblet.
  • "Where the Heart Is (The Lavender Beds)" is required for The Lavender Beds.
  • "Where the Heart Is (Mist)" is required for the Mist.
  • "I Dream of Shirogane" is required for Shirogane.
  • "Ascending to Empyreum" is required for Empyreum.

In Patch 6.1, the Ishgardian housing district was released. Find out more about housing changes in the expansion on our housing changes page.


House Types

Houses can be purchased either as a personal plot or for a Free Company. There is no distinction between housing for the two, and you can see houses belonging to both Free Companies and individuals in any given ward.

In addition, there are three sizes of houses - Cottages, Houses, and Mansions. These are usually referred to by their size: small, medium, and large.

  • Cottages are the smallest and cost the least. They have a ground floor and a basement.
  • Houses are of average size and cost a decent sum of gil. They have a ground floor, an upper floor, and a basement.
  • Mansions are the biggest type of house and cost a great amount of gil. They have a ground floor, an upper floor, and a basement just like a normal house, but are much bigger on the inside and out.

Housing Costs

Each size of house has its own cost associated with the plot. In addition, there are different "classes" of plots, which take a plot's location within the ward into account. In addition, housing plots will devalue if they are not purchased within a specific amount of time.

  • Cottages start from 3-3.75 million gil.
  • Houses start from 16-20 million gil.
  • Mansions start from 40-50 million gil.
Housing Permit Shop

After purchasing the plot, players must also construct the house itself. This will cost an additional fee to purchase the housing construction permit, which is 450,000 gil for cottages, 1 million gil for houses, and 3 million gil for mansions.


Housing Benefits

Apart from the social aspects, housing has many in-game benefits as well. Players are able to teleport to their house just like they would any other Aetheryte, as long as they have the Miniature Aetheryte Icon Miniature Aetheryte housing item placed on their lawn. All housing wards are populated with Summoning Bells and Marketboards, granting players easy access to retainers and the market.

Free Companies are able to construct a Company Workshop, allowing them to build Company Airships and Submersibles to send on Exploratory Voyages, which bring back rare items! To learn more about Company Crafting, visit our Company Crafting page.

Company Crafting Guide COMING SOON!

Players can also take part in Gardening, allowing them to grow crafting materials and cosmetic items! To learn more about the Gardening system, visit our dedicated Gardening page.


How to Unlock Housing

To build a house, players must first purchase the land for it. There are a few requirements players must meet before being able to purchase a housing plot. This also changes if the player wishes to purchase a plot for their Free Company.

  1. Players must be at least level 50 in one class or job.
  2. Players must be Second Lieutenant ranking or higher in their Grand Company. Learn more about Grand Company ranks in our Grand Companies guide.
  3. If purchasing for their Free Company, the Free Company must be at least Rank 6, which grants them the Land Acquisition Entitlement.
  4. Players can only own one housing plot per world. This was different in the past, and there may be rare instances of players still owning multiple houses due to being grandfathered in.
  5. A Free Company can only own one housing plot.

Once you meet all of the requirements listed above, you are able to start the hardest part of the housing journey - actually acquiring the housing plot.


Acquiring a House

Acquiring a housing plot is the hardest part of the journey. To prevent house flipping, Square Enix has implemented a lottery system to purchase housing plots. This lottery system works on a timer, with a period of 5 days for entering the lottery and a period of 4 days to confirm the lottery results.


Purchasing a Housing Plot

To purchase a housing plot, you must meet all the requirements. After doing so, you can interact with a Placard in front of an open housing plot.

Housing Placard

The Placard will display the price, address, and plot size. Selecting Purchase Land will ask if you wish to purchase the land for yourself or, if you have a sufficient rank in your Free Company, for your Free Company. If you or your Free Company already own a housing plot, it will also ask if you want to relocate your current plot.

If you meet all the requirements and it is the lottery period, you will be able to enter the lottery for purchasing the plot. After the lottery period has ended, if you have won the lottery you will be able to claim the plot! Otherwise, you will be refunded the amount of the lottery in full.


Constructing a House

Housing Menu

After purchasing the housing plot, you must construct the house itself. This requires a Housing Permit - to purchase one, open the Housing menu and select Estate Hall. You'll be able to purchase a construction permit, which will then give you the ability to build your very own Estate Hall from the same menu!


Relocating a Housing Plot

Just like in real life, players can move to a location that better suits their needs. Relocating a housing plot works the same way as purchasing one, but with the benefit of being able to bypass the random purchase timer restriction. To relocate a plot, select the Relocate option when entering the lottery for an empty plot. There is a discounted fee - 30% off the minimum price of the original plot. Players must clear all furnishings placed in their previous house before relocating.

Relocation Status


FFXIV offers a plethora of housing customization options, allowing players to decorate a house's interior, add utility furnishings, and adorn wild housing exteriors!


Decorating a House

There are hundreds if not thousands of housing items to decorate your house! These decorations are divided into indoor and outdoor furnishings. As the name implies, indoor furnishings can only be used inside the house, and outdoor furnishings are used for the yard. Once a furnishing is placed, it is bound to you and can no longer be traded to other players.

Item Placing Function

To place a furnishing, open the Housing menu and select Indoor or Outdoor Furnishings. This will allow you to place items by dragging or dropping, or highlighting them and selecting place. You can then move the item around, rotate it, or move it to your inventory or the storehouse.

The amount of furnishings that can be placed depends on the size of the house.

  • Cottages can have up to 200 furnishings inside, 20 outside, 6 vendors, 4 crafting facilities, and 1 garden patch;
  • Houses can have up to 300 furnishings inside, 30 outside, 8 vendors, 6 crafting facilities, and 2 garden patches;
  • Mansions can have up to 400 furnishings inside, 40 outside, 10 vendors, 8 crafting facilities, and 3 garden patches.

Exterior Decoration

Players can change the look and feel of the house itself by crafting and changing the parts comprising the exterior of the house. There are some special Housing Exteriors, such as the Paissa House Walls Icon Paissa House Walls, which makes the exterior look like a Paissa! In addition, they can place decorations in the yard itself. The most important furnishings include the Miniature Aetheryte Icon Miniature Aetheryte, which allow teleportation to the estate, and the Chocobo Stable Icon Chocobo Stable, an item exclusive to Free Company housing that allow players to stable their Chocobo.


Interior Decoration

Players can change the look and feel of the interior by changing the wallpaper, flooring, and lightning. Players can also change the BGM playing inside the estate by placing an Orchestrion Icon Orchestrion. Other important indoor furnishings include a Summoning Bell Icon Summoning Bell, an Armoire Icon Armoire, and the Crystal Bell Icon Crystal Bell, which allows players to access the Aesthetician.

In addition, there are housing vendors available. These vendors sell important items like Dark Matter to repair gear, low-leveling crafting mats, and dyes. These are purchased from general housing vendors in the housing district and placed just like any other housing item.



Each house has a Storeroom, which can be used to store housing items. Apartments and Free Company rooms also have storerooms at a reduced capacity.

  • Private rooms and apartments can store up to 100 indoor items and no outdoor items.
  • Cottages can store up to 200 indoor items and 20 outdoor items.
  • Houses can store up to 300 indoor items and 30 outdoor items.
  • Mansions can store up to 400 indoor items and 40 outdoor items.
Storeroom tab

To access the storeroom, open the indoor or outdoor furnishings menu. There is a tab that switches between furnishing items and storeroom items.


Sharing a House

A player who owns a house can share it with up to three of their friends. To do so, select the Shared Estate Settings from the Private Estate Settings, then choose the friend you want to share your house with. Tenants can teleport to your house, and you can also give them permissions to perform housing-related tasks.

New tenant

Other Forms of Housing

Due to the limited amount of housing available, not all players will be able to own their own housing plot. However, there are other options available if players wish to participate in the housing system.


Free Company Rooms

Any player inside a Free Company can purchase Private Chambers within their Free Company. This costs 300,000 gil and gives them a small room they can decorate to their liking.



Additionally, players can purchase an apartment, located in each housing district. Apartments are small rooms that can be decorated to a player's liking. Apartments can be owned in addition to housing, and the requirements to purchase an apartment are the same as purchasing a personal housing plot. They cost 500,000 gil to purchase, and there are over fifteen thousand apartments per server.

Apartment Lobby


To prevent inactive players from squatting on housing plots, there is a feature called auto-demolition, which automatically relinquishes plots if they are not accessed in a long time. Estates must fulfill certain requirements before they are automatically relinquished.

  1. Private houses not accessed by the owner within 45 days will be relinquished.
  2. Free Company houses not accessed by any member within 45 days will be relinquished.
  3. Housing plots which have not had an estate built within 45 days will be relinquished.

Prior to this happening, there will be notifications sent.

  1. At 30 days of inactivity, a notification indicating the estate will soon be subject to auto-demolition will be appear in the Timers menu.
  2. At 35 days of inactivity, an email will be delivered to the registered email addresses of all Free Company members or private estate owners, indicating the estate will be subject to auto-demolition in ten days. The subject of the email will be "FINAL FANTASY XIV Housing Automatic Demolition Notice," and it will come from an official Square Enix domain.
  3. At 35 days of inactivity, an email will be delivered to the registered email addresses of all Free Company members or private estate owners, indicating the estate will be subject to auto-demolition with urgency. The subject of the email will be "FINAL FANTASY XIV Housing Automatic Demolition Notice," and it will come from an official Square Enix domain.

To stop this from happening as a house owner, simply enter the house prior to auto-demolition.

Housing plots that are auto-demolished will be put up for sale again. Players who have their plots auto-demolished can retrieve items not destroyed upon removal and 80% of the gil paid for the housing plot by talking to a Resident Caretaker NPC in housing districts. They have 35 days to do so before the items are lost forever.

In extraordinary real-life circumstances, the auto-demolition timer will be placed on hold. This has included natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic in the past.



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