How to Obtain The Burabura Chochin Mount in FFXIV

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This page provides information on how to obtain the Burabura Chochin mount. The Burabura Chochin is an asian themed lanturn that your character is able to ride inside the mouth of. This mount was released in Patch 6.45 alongside the Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon.


How to Get the Burabura Chochin Mount

Released in Patch 6.45, the new Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon, brings to us some new mounts and minions. One of which being the the eerie Burabura Chochin. To unlock this dungeon, accept the quest "Mononoke Aware" from Shallow Moor at Old Sharlayan (x12, y13)

Burabura Chochin Mount

Mount Rokkon Achievement: Mononopeke

The Mononopeke achievement is granted from the Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon. To get this achievement you must finish all 12 endings available in the dungeon. The reward from the Mononopeke achievement is the Burabura Chochin Whistle Icon Burabura Chochin Whistle, which can be used to add the Burabura Chochin to your mount list.

For a guide on how to complete each ending, please refer to our guide on the Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon.



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