DoH Guide for Endgame Crafting Rotations

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This guide has our current best endgame rotations for patch 6.2 to go alongside our endgame meldsets also listed on the site.


Endgame Crafting Rotations

Below is a range of endgame rotations for the current endgame gear crafts and other three-star items unlocked from Master Book X. You can purchase these books for 1200 white scrips from the scrip exchange in Radz-At-Han once you complete the quest "Expanding House of Splendors" from Ofpilona in Radz-at-han (x11.7, y9.5)

These macros are expected to be crafted using the meld sets from our endgame crafting melds guide. The rotations will list minimum requirements though so any other meld sets may also work.


Crafting Macros and Rotations for 3 Star

See listed below our crafting macros separated into 35 dura and 70 dura crafts.

You will need HQ materials and many meld sets use calamari to reach the required craftmanship. You can of course adjust any meld sets to your liking to change what food you would like to use.


35 Durability Macros for 6.2

This first 35 dura macro needs 3580/3032/562 and does not require any HQ materials or syrups assuming you reach stat requirements. Does require Calamari Ripieni Icon Calamari Ripieni.

This next macro is instead a higher stat rotation that only requires 1 button making it much more comfortable to use. Does also require Calamari Ripieni Icon Calamari Ripieni.


70 Durability Macros for 6.2

This is our lower stat requirement macro and will require 4-5 HQ materials and is therefore only really recommended for players who just recently obtained their gear and may not have many melds.

This is our general rotation made to fit with our current meld sets and requires anywhere from 2-4 HQ materials depending on your control stat. Check the rotation description for specifics on how many you need.



  • 26 Apr. 2022: Updated for Patch 6.1.
  • 16 Feb. 2022: Guide added.
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