Materia Melding Priority for Endgame Crafting

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This guide shows our crafting meld sets for patch 6.2, explaining our best in slot(BiS) for patch 6.2 as well as a brief overview on how best to farm materia as a crafting class.


Crafting Melding and Best Meldsets

Once you hit level 90, you can start crafting and melding your endgame gear to craft items from the newest Master Books.

Crafting stats and melds are entirely dependent on the craft itself as well as your budget, time, and crafting goals. There is no 'Best-in-Slot' so to speak unlike battle classes.

There can be many viable stat points at endgame, which all work. However, some might be more expensive but offer benefits such as faster rotations and less of a reliance on HQ mats/food/potions. The most important part is to strike a balance between cost and your goals.

For example, if you do not craft often, there is no need to spend a fortune on an expensive meld set if you will not make the money back.


What is Crafting BiS(Best in Slot)

What is best for your crafting classes depends entirely on your goals and there is no point spending 10 million gil on a set for you to not use it often.

At the same time what is best also depends on the craft, what's best for collectables may not be best to current endgame which also might not be optimal for old endgame crafts and none of which might be best for experts. To this end a more general meld set is ideal.


How to Make a Crafting Meld Set

If you wanted to make your own meld set, you need to plan ahead and experiment. Generally speaking, you want nearly as much CP as possible and as much Craftmanship as is needed for the breakpoint before fitting in as much Control as possible. If you work with a customized build, keep in mind that it may make certain rotations difficult to use. As such, if you are uncomfortable with working around rotations, then it is recommended to align your Craftsmanship as close as possible to the recommended builds.

For Craftmanship, you need to experiment in a simulator such as Teamcraft to estimate how much you will need, but this often is not perfect if you are melding before the raid gear comes out. Aside from that, you can plan your melds in Etro/Ariyala/Teamcraft and adjust the pieces as you see fit.


How to Farm Crafting Materia

The best way to farm crafting materia by far is via farming purple and white scrips. Purple scrips are used to obtain grade X materia, and white scrips are used for grades IV-IX. While scrip farming, you can also spiritbond your gear and gain some additional materia in the process.

There is no best scrip item to farm. However, CUL and ALC tend to be popular due to the fact that they have less intermediate materials, saving you time and crystals.

Another option is to simply buy the materia off of the Market Board, but this is not recommended unless you can afford it or if materia prices have gone down. For most people, I would not advise throwing all of your gil at the market.


There are several meld sets we recommend for different purposes below. Check out their descriptions to know if this set is for you. If you are unsure, the mid-tier set is plenty.

There are no foods/potions linked directly with these sets because different rotations can require different buffs and list their stat requirements before buffs. Generally, Tsai tou Vounou Icon Tsai tou Vounou and Calamari Ripieni Icon Calamari Ripieni are the most popular foods. With Calamari being used by many to hit stat requirements in 6.2.

Do note with patch 6.2 everyone will need HQ materials to some degree no matter the meld set they choose.


What Meld Set Should I Use?

We have 2 meld sets below listed for different purposes, it is possible to make a min meld set using scrip gear but is not advised given the requirements for 6.3 are unknown.

If you craft regularly almost daily generally for several hours or want to focus on expert crafting then meld the high tier set. For anything else use the mid tier.


Mid-Tier Crafting Melds 6.2

This is the all-use, general meld set suggested for most players and was the meld set used in patch 6.1. Many players will need to use Calamari Ripieni Icon Calamari Ripieni to hit the 3700 CMS stat requirements or you can adjust several of the melds at your own discretion.

For most pieces, this build still uses lower grades of materia, such as grade VIII and VII, making it much cheaper and easier to farm.


High-Tier Crafting Melds 6.2

This set is intended for players with a lot of gil and who plan to craft for a large amount of time. If you are confident you will make the gil back, feel free to meld this set. Otherwise, it is recommended to meld the mid-tier set.

It also uses Calamari Ripieni Icon Calamari Ripieni like the mid tier to reach 3700 CMS but it is easy enough to make slight changes if you would like to so that you can use different food.



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