Gear Progression Guide for DoH and DoL in FFXIV

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Crafting Indagator gear as a fresh level 90 player can be daunting with many steps and gear progression to go through before even being able to craft the Indagator gear itself. This guide will support your fresh gearing up as a level 90 player or as a player catching up from a mid expansion break.


Crafting and Gathering Endgame Gearing Guide

This guide is focused on helping players catch up on their crafting and gathering gear for endgame content of Final Fantasy XIV either as a fresh new level 90 player or as a player who took a break mid expansion.

If you have i560 or level 80 gear then start from the beginning of the guide. If you have i590 gear you can go ahead and jump straight into the middle of the guide.

The guide provides rotations and gearsets for obtaining Crafter's Scrip (primarily Purple Scrip), White Scrip, and Materia to upgrade their gear as well as the materials required to craft what you need to help progress.


Purchasing i590 Scrip Gear

To start, we need a lot of Crafter's Scrip, mainly Purple scrip for upgrading our gear, but also White scrip for Master books. There are different ways to get Scrip, but we'll focus on collectibles for now and instead use Custom Delivery for your gathering gear and Materia.

There are no i590 accessories so we will instead need to use i560 crafted instead. This is not a problem and if you already have them you can continue to use them. You may also be able to ignore melding on your perfectionist set if you reach the same stats or more than the meld set.

To get White Scrips, we'll use the rotation below and concentrate on level 89 collectibles for maximum value. You can choose any class based on easy or cheap farming however the craft on ALC is generally popular. This is currently only needed for any masterbooks you still need. Otherwise you can skip straight to farming purple scrips.

To obtain Purple Scrips, we'll follow the following rotation and focus on level 90 collectibles for optimal returns. Any class can be chosen depending on convenience or especially cost-efficiency, but CUL is typically a favoured option.

To efficiently use our Purple Crafter's Scrip, we should do a partial upgrade early on for the ilvl 590 Perfectionist gear set using Purple scrip. First, use 1000 scrip to buy Main Hand and Offhand Tools for your desired class. With those equipped along with Handsaint armour and jewellery, you can use a one-macro foodless rotation for the rest of the Purple Scrip you need to grind out.

You'll need 2100 Purple scrip for armour, 8000 for all Main Hand and Off Hand Tools, and 8500 for Grade X Materia for melding. Check the marketboard for cheaper Materia if you would like to save a bit of time. Again, save custom deliveries for gathering. After that, complete the following melds:

From there you also need to obtain your meld set for Gathering so that you can gather the necessary items for your crafting needs, consider using custom deliveries as a way to streamline the process. Custom Deliveries allow you to turn in items for scrips, which can be used to purchase the materials you need. You can then easily purchase all the materia and gear that you will need.

The following meld set gives you exactly 3625 perception which is the minimum required to gather materials to upgrade to i620 Indagators.

You can avoid the overmelds on the accessories if you would like but you will then need food such as Sideritis Cookie Icon Sideritis Cookie. With how cheap gathering Materia is, both options are viable.


Crafting i620 Indagators Gear

Once you have the i590 gear mentioned above you will need to start gathering materials for your indagators gear. Some of your materials will be from legendary nodes, some from tomes and some crafted.

I would advise putting all your gear into a shopping list such as this garlandtools list of materials. As you can see the main items outside of nodes that you need to farm are the Gripgel and Immutable solutions.

Gripgel and Immutable both need a lot of White and Purple Scrips so please use the following rotations to Scrip farm between nodes with your improved gear:

From there once you have all your materials it is time to craft the Indagators gear! It is generally much easier to equip your gear once complete so that you do not break your rotations by repeatedly changing your stats. Use the following rotation with HQ Tsai Tou Vounou to craft the intermediate materials in HQ.

You will need all of the Paldao Lumber, Ilmenite Ingot, Rutilated Quartz, Bayberry Cloth, and Titanoboa Leather to be HQ, but the Zoisite and Alkahests can be NQ.

From there you simply need to use the following rotation to craft the gear itself. This rotation requires both food and draught and a different food to the previous rotation. This rotation requires HQ Calamari and HQ Control Draught.

Once that is complete, all that remains is to meld your endgame gear to be able to craft battle gear in 6.4 and any new expert crafts that are released.

You may also consider aiming to complete the Splendorous Tools Relics:



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