DoH Guide for Crafting Master Books 6.5

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Welcome to the endgame guide on Master Recipe books. This guide will cover how to obtain the master recipe books, provide an outline of what items are generally covered in the books for each class, and explain the cost for each of the books.


Master Recipe Books

Once you have reached endgame for any given expansion, you have the opportunity to unlock master recipe books. These contain recipes that are more difficult than the recipes you find in your leveling or housing logs.

These recipes allow you to create items, gear, and consumables that are widely used for entry into endgame raiding or as a means of catching up your gear item level if your gear is not quite adequate. Furthermore, you will also find gear that is necessary for gearing progression on your Disciples of the Hand/Land (DoH/L) classes.


Why Do You Need Them?

Again, these recipe books are used to help bridge the gap on your gear to help meet the minimum required item level for a given raid or encounter. These master recipe books are also imperative as they contain gear that is used for DoH/L gear. Keep in mind that many of these crafts have a minimum stat requirement to craft.

To help put it into perspective, when you reach any of the endgame levels (e.g., 50/60../90), the first set of gear you can craft at these levels will help you to craft 2* items. As you go forward in the expansion, future recipes will require higher stats that can only be achieved through acquiring scrip gear or gear available from the master recipe books. Additionally, these items can be a good source of gil.


A Realm Reborn

Crafters with the base game have you dealing with an NPC in Mor Dhona, Talan, in order to acquire the Master Recipe books and a wider assortment of goods, such as gear and tools. In order to have access to this NPC, you will first need to achieve level 50 in any Disciple of the Hand or Land class. From here, you can go to Mor Dhona, and locate the Guiding Star NPC (x21.9, y6.9) to complete the quest "Just Tooling Around".

Note: This NPC will require you to present a level 50 or above main-hand tool. Ensure that when you do this quest you have a level 50 tool equipped. You can acquire such a tool with the completion of the class quests, which are highly recommended.

In order to obtain the master recipe books, you will be required to craft specific items to submit to Talan. He is located just by the Guiding Star NPC. You can find a list of all the required items below.

Class Items Required
Carpenter Treated Spruce Lumber
Reinforced Spruce Plywood
Blacksmith Darksteel Ingot
Balanced Darksteel Hook
Armorer Darksteel Ingot
Reinforced Darksteel Wire
Goldsmith Rose Gold Ingot
Calibrated Rose Gold Cog
Leatherworker Hard Hippogryph Leather
Water-Hardened Hippogryph Strap
Weaver Vanya Silk
Intricate Silver Brocade
Alchemist Growth Formula Delta Concentrate
Concentrated Spirits of Salt
Culinarian Sauteed Coerl
Rich Tomato Relish

Note: The second item in each class will require the first master recipe book of the appropriate class. So if you can not see these in your log, make sure you use these to see them.

A Realm Reborn also has a few additional books called Master (Class): Demimateria and Master (Class): Glamours. These unlock a range of crafts using Demimateria or unlock additional Glamour options respectively. Each crafting class has their own book.

Master Book Item Required Total for all Classes
Glamours 300 Gil 2,400 Gil
Demimateria 1 x Fieldcraft Demimateria I Icon Fieldcraft Demimateria I and 1 x Battlecraft Demimateria I Icon Battlecraft Demimateria I 8 x Fieldcraft Demimateria I Icon Fieldcraft Demimateria I and 8 x Battlecraft Demimateria I Icon Battlecraft Demimateria I

Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker

The expansions for Final Fantasy XIV primarily work on Crafters' Scrips. You will start obtaining this currency when you hit Level 50 through the collectable system. If this is your first time being introduced to this system, then you will need to do the requisite quests:

  • Inscrutable Tastes - Morgayne - Foundation (x10.1, y10.4)
  • Go West, Craftsman - Lydirlona - Mor Dhona (x22.3, y6.8)
  • (Lv.60) Reach Long and Prosper - Galiena - Rhalgr's Reach (x9.8, y12.5)
  • (Lv.70) The Boutique Always Wins - Mowen - Eulmore (x11.5, y10.7)
  • (Lv.80) Expanding House of Splendors - Ofpilona - Radz-at-han (x11.7, y9.5)

The above list is all the quests that are also required in order to unlock the master recipe books for each expansion.

The table below summarizes the master recipe books for each expansion and provides the methods to obtain them:

Expansion Master Recipe Book How to Obtain Total Cost Per Expansion
Heavensward Master Recipe Book III
Master Recipe Book IV
100 White Crafters' Scrip 1600 White Crafters' Scrip
Stormblood Master Recipe Book V
Master Recipe Book VI
100 White Crafters' Scrip 1600 White Crafters' Scrip
Shadowbringers Master Recipe Book VII
Master Recipe Book VIII
300 White Crafters' Scrip
400 White Crafters' Scrip
5600 White Crafters' Scrip
Endwalker Master Recipe Book IX
Master Recipe Book X
1200 White Crafters' Scrip
1200 White Crafters' Scrip
19200 White Crafters' Scrip


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