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This is the page for all information surrounding your endgame crafting classes, including melding, rotations, gearing into endgame, and more!


Disciples of Hand Endgame Hub Patch 6.4

Once you reach level 90, you can start becoming more involved in endgame crafting. This often involves making large amounts of gil from manipulating the Market Board, producing crafted raid gear for yourself and friends, and even making furnishings for houses or apartments.

Your main goals when you hit max level will be to focus on unlocking your Master Books and obtaining the best gear that is available. The Master Books unlock your endgame crafts, which often require melded crafted gear of a similar item level.


Master Books for Each Crafter

One of the biggest priorities at endgame is unlocking your endgame crafts via Master Books. These books can be purchased from the scrip exchange for various amounts of scrips. Only the most relevant are needed, but we recommend spending time to unlock all of them.

There are currently ten main books for each crafting class with unique recipes, gear, and potential gil-making opportunities. For further information on these books, their costs, and how to unlock them, please check out the guide below.


Gearing Your Crafting Classes and Crafting Best In Slot

While crafting does not require incredibly expensive overmelds, gearing often requires some costs, either from grinding or spending gil to reach a minimum level of comfort. Many crafts in the game can be completed with the minimum stats listed on the craft but would require you to use crafting food and utilize some RNG skills.

For players who craft infrequently, this can be more than enough, but for many players who craft regularly, more expensive melds will be preferred for convenience and efficiency.

Check out our crafting meld guide below for meld sets we recommend, the reasoning behind them, and which players the sets are aimed towards.


Endgame Crafting Rotations

When spending hours at a time crafting various recipes, you always want consistency in your rotations and the guarantee that they will work for your specific stat spread.

Many players use the in-game macros to create their own crafting rotations, which often work for all items of the same tier due to crafts typically having the same progress and quality requirements throughout all eight crafting classes.

Listed in the guide below are the rotations we recommend for our melds listed above. These rotations may also work for different stats.


Splendorous Tools For Crafters

With the release of patch 6.3 a new tool enhancement quest was released known as Splendorous Tools. This will involve you heading to the crystalline mean in the crystarium to meet a legendary craftsman to return from the bottom of the Tempest.

These tools offer a unique ability to improve how effective goods are while crafting making them especially important and useful for expert crafting.


Endgame Expert Crafting

Expert crafting is considered the hardest crafting content available. These crafts have much higher progress and quality values with generally no HQ materials to cheat your way through either.


Achievements and Grinds

There are various rare achievements and grinds that can only be completed on crafting classes, providing players the opportunity to earn unique mounts, minions, and titles. These are:

  • The "Honest Gillionaire" title from earning 10,000,000 gil via levequests.
  • A range of titles from delivering 150 collectables to each custom delivery client.
  • Glowing tools from finishing a Skybuilders' and Splendorous relic tools.
  • "The Disassembler" title from using desynthesis on 5000 items.
  • Titles for melding and spiritbonding materia.
  • "The Hand of Creation" title for gaining 500,000 Skyward Score as all DoH classes.
  • Glowing tools and "The Indefatigable" title from completion of resplendent tools.
  • Luminary and two blessed tools for log completion.
  • 32 titles that are obtainable through the Ishgardian Restoration.
  • Rare items and gil-making opportunities via the FC submarine system for any player with a FC/solo FC and a house.


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