DoH and DoL Guides for Custom Deliveries in FFXIV

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This guide is dedicated to the Custom Delivery mechanic in Final Fantasy XIV, which allows players opportunities to earn experience, scrips, rewards, and achievements for their Crafting and Gathering classes.


Custom Deliveries

For an aspiring crafter, there are many clients in need of your services all around Eorzea. Each has their own unique questlines and stories for the player to involve themselves in, alongside benefits that they provide.


What Is Custom Delivery?

Custom Deliveries are a system where the player crafts or gathers collectables to various clients on a week-by-week basis in exchange for gil, scrips, experience points, and materia.

A player can complete six deliveries per week for a single client and 12 deliveries total for a week across all clients, so choosing where to spend your deliveries is important. Some clients even have additional bonuses increasing your rewards further.


How to Unlock Custom Deliveries

To unlock Custom Deliveries, you must first be level 60 in either a crafting or gathering class to complete the quest "Go West, Craftsman" located in Mor Dhona (x22.3, y6.8). This quest is required for other collectable-related content, so you may have already completed this.

From there, each client has their own unlock requirements and prerequisites listed further down in the guide.

From there, you simply craft/gather the required items with the collectability the client has asked for. Collectables for crafting are normal crafts, but the quality bar is a rating instead of a percentage. For Mining and Botany collectables, there are separate items that require separate skills, whereas for fishing, they are normal fish that offer a rating when the skill Collector's Glove is used.


How to Complete Deliveries

There are three options available: Crafting, Gathering and Fishing. These will always be in that order, but the items required will change depending on your reputation and at max rank during weekly reset. You can check what items are required for a specific client easily in the timers menu.

Custom Delivery options for a client

The image above showcases what items this specific client wants for the week. When you hover over any of these items, it lists below the collectability ratings required alongside the rewards it offers. The final reward will either be purple scrips or experience points depending on if you are leveling.

Once you have chosen your delivery, simply go to the client in the overworld and deliver those items. You always want it to be max collectability when possible because it gives more rewards.


Reputation (Satisfaction)

One of the rewards you will gain is points towards the reputation of a client called satisfaction. There are five ranks for each client, unlocking a new part of the clients story, improving the rewards available, and changing what item is required.

Satisfaction Gauge

Once you finish raising the satisfaction for a client, many of them will allow you to customise their outfit, allowing you to give them glamour as indicated by the little clothing icon beside the hearts.

You only need three deliveries to finish the first rank of a client and from there require six per rank. This can give you the awkward situation of always being half complete with a rank while you are still raising reputation. This means you would only need to deliver three of an item before it changes over.


What Deliveries Should I Complete Each Week?

Ideally, you want to focus on clients that either have a bonus or you are still ranking up. Bonus of course means more and better rewards, but the more clients you have available, the more clients can have a bonus. Some weeks you might only have a bonus for the scrip type you do not want, so having more clients helps that.

Custom Deliveries are an amazing way to farm scrips, and therefore, scrips should almost always be your priority because of how cheap and efficient they are.

Aside from that, there are a few achievements for each client, which you will either passively obtain over time or you can focus on if you are an achievement hunter.


Crafting Advice

Every recipe can be found under the Special Recipe tab in a dropdown menu for each client. The materials can then also be purchased from a vendor close to each client.

If you are level 80 or above, many crafts are very easy to complete simply by using Trained Eye Icon Trained Eye, but even outside of that, these crafts are very easy.

Do not bother to prepare these collectables ahead of time. At max rank, they can change weekly. On patch days, there are better collectables to store in your inventory.


Gathering Advice

For advice on how to gather collectables, please refer to our gathering collectable guide:

The items required are very easy to find using your Gathering Log. They are however not in the Collectables tab and are spread throughout the leveling pages, so be warned. The search feature is useful for this.


Fishing Advice

For Fishing, the best bait is always Metal Spinner Icon Metal Spinner, which can be purchased in every zone there is a client.

Always make sure you have Collector's Glove on to ensure your fish becomes a collectable. Using skills such as Patience II Icon Patience II and Prize Catch Icon Prize Catch make gathering high rating collectables very easy.


Zhloe Aliapoh

The enthusiastic ─if easily distracted─ Zhloe Aliapoh eagerly regales you with stories of her dream of running an orphanage, while lamenting the financial woes that have thwarted her plans thus far. She asks for your aid in procuring exotic treasures that she might then unload on her most affluent customers. To ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement, she offers to pay for every item you deliver in scrips that can be redeemed at her good friend and associate Rowena's House of Splendors.



"Perhaps you know M'naago, one of the leaders of the Resistance? While I'm sure she's a brilliant soldier with a head for tactics, the collectables market is an altogether different battlefield... Still, with the help of a few good crafters and gatherers, I'm sure she'll find her footing in no time."- Galiena



Kurenai has a dream. And to realize that dream, she needs Custom Deliveries. As a Disciple of the Hand or Land, you may contribute to her ambition to bring change to Sui-no-Sato. And who knows? If you do enough for her cause, she might even let you dress her up...



"Do you know a fellow named Adkiragh? Owner of the Hard Place? Even if you haven't spoken with him, you're bound to have seen him at the very least, by virtue of his...unique attire." - Geimlona

The mysterious Adkiragh has fallen on hard times and only by your Custom Deliveries can he make his way back from the brink.



Since starting to stay in Eulmore, Kai-Shiir has been devising ways to contribute to the city to build a brighter future for his new home. In a bid to help both his city and his friends he seeks the warrior of darkness to help promote the establishment known as the Beehive.


Ehll Tou

Though the people of Ishgard and dragonkind have agreed to a truce, they have yet to fully realize the potential of such an alliance. The dragonling Ehll Tou hopes that by learning the ways of artisans, she and her brethren may contribute to the Ishgardian restoration and strengthen the bonds of trust with their newfound friends.


Count Charlemend de Durendaire

Count Charlemend de Durendaire of the noble house Durendaire of Ishgard seeks to become an aide inside the firmament to support chirurgeons and nurses, manage supplies and seeing to the patients' needs.

"The first step will be to seek out sources for that which we require. Yet why procure from just anyone when we already have an eminently capable artisan among us?" - Charlemend


Ameliance Leveilleur

With the Final Days averted, great waves of change have reached the shores of Sharlayan. The burden of its duty lifted, the long-reticent seat of knowledge has begun to open its borders at last, and in the midst of such upheaval, Ameliance Leveilleur has a new venture in mind...



Anden is one of the many man-turned shrubs due to the Pixies of Il Mheg but suddenly one day the bush starts to speak. Assist Anden in regaining both his memories and his form as he learns about who he was.



Margrat is one of the many researchers working in Sharlayan. Learn about Margrat, researchers and even the construction of The Ragnarock while you use your crafting and gathering abilities to help improve the lives of these researchers.



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