Island Sanctuaries Farming And Best Crop Layout Guide in FFXIV

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This page contains information for FFXIV's Farming Cropland on your Island Sanctuary include the best crop layouts, how to upgrade your farm and how to gain further unlocks.


Farming With Island Sanctuary

During the initial tutorial of the island you will unlock the ability to grow a selection of crops using your farm and, over time, upgrade your farm to be bigger, better and automated.

The farm is important due to it providing both the only method to improve the mood of your animals and having certain materials used in your workshop.


Farming Basics

To interact with the farm you need to change your index the mode to sow and from there you can select the seed you would like to grow. After that simply select the bed of dirt you would like to plant the seed in and it will grow over the next 48 hours real time. All crops take 48 hours to grow.

You can water your plant using watering mode by again selecting the bed of dirt. If you ever need to change your crop while it is still growing the cull mode will allow you to do that. The gathering mode is then required to actually gather the items when grown. Items can be then crafted with in the workshop, turned into feed or sold for Seafarer's Cowries.

Your beds can be watered every six hours and will be automatically watered if it is raining on your island while you are on your island. There are four statuses to know your crops current water level as shown below. These can be found by speaking to the Produce Producer mammet outside the farm by accessing the cropland management menu.

 Island Sanctuary Water Condition.

It will take 36 hours for a plant to become fully dry and at that point they are unable to grow, hindering your progress. There are two ways to avoid this either simply water once a day or use the automation systems at the final upgrade.

You can also check on the growth of your plant using this menu, the plant also has four statuses going from sprout to produce to know when they are ready to be harvested. The plants will also sparkle when they can be harvested.

 Island Sanctuary Growth Condition.

You will yield five crops per seed when you gather from a fully grown plant giving you a total of 100 crops at max rank every two days which is more than enough for food and crafts.


How To Upgrade Your Farm, Requirements and Costs

Your farm needs two things to upgrade, Seafarer's Cowries and cabin rank. Seafarer's Cowries come from mainly your workshop and you can increase the cabin rank over time as you rank up your island.

Island Rank Cabin Rank Seafarer's Cowries Required Upgrade Time Features Unlocked
Tutorial 1 0 0 Initial Farm Unlock
4 2 1000 2 Hours Second garden bed
7 3 1500 4 Hours Third and fourth garden beds, Mammet-sized Cropworker Tools (automation) and seed shop

As stated, the final upgrade actually gives you two garden beds not just one further increasing your yield. You will also unlock a seed shop which is where most seeds can be purchased via Seafarer's Cowries.

To craft the tools you need the following:

  • Island Palm Log x 6
  • Island Copper Ore x 6
  • Island Tin Sand x 6
  • Island Hemp x 6

By the time you hit rank 7 you may have an excess of those items already. These tools will then allow you to automate the gardening.


Crop Automation

Once you have crafted the tools you have a new option within the crop management menu by pressing right click / square on a crop you may entrust this crop to the mammet.

This costs five Seafarer's Cowries each day per seed(100 total a day) to automate the mammet sowing seeds, watering plants and collecting up to 50 yield per crop. This will stop if you run out of cowries or hit the 50 yield per crop limit. This also unlocks a 'collect all' button allowing easy collection of goods.

Early-mid game this is not recommended because you will need the Seafarer's Cowries as major requirements ask for them but it can be handy once island upgrades have been completed so that you do not miss watering or collection.


Island Sanctuary Seeds

Only 4 of the available seeds are actually obtainable via gathering. The other 16 are exclusively bought with Seafarer's Cowries by speaking to your gardening mammet once you reach rank 11, 14 and 18.

Each seed only costs two Seafarer's Cowries so it is not a major investment.

The 4 seeds from gathering are:

  • Island Cabbage Seeds (17.4,20)
  • Island Pumpkin Seeds (18.5,26)
  • Island Parsnip Seeds (13,15), requires rank 5 shovel
  • Island Popoto Set (13,12), requires rank 5 shovel

The 16 seeds from the shop are:

  • Isleberry Seeds
  • Island Onion Set
  • Island Tomato Seeds
  • Island Wheat Seeds
  • Island Corn Seeds
  • Island Radish Seeds
  • Island Paprika Seeds. Requires Rank 11 to purchase.
  • Island Leek Seeds. Requires rank 11 to purchase.
  • Island Runner Beans Seeds. Requires rank 14 to purchase.
  • Island Beet Seeds. Requires rank 14 to purchase.
  • Island Eggplant Seeds. Requires rank 14 to purchase.
  • Island Zucchini Seeds. Requires rank 14 to purchase.
  • Island Watermelon Seeds. Requires rank 18 to purchase.
  • Island Sweet Potato Seeds. Requires rank 18 to purchase.
  • Island Broccoli Seeds. Requires rank 18 to purchase.
  • Island Buffalo Seeds. Requires rank 18 to purchase.

The shop seeds are only available once you hit rank 3 farm and speak to the mammet by your field as well as hitting the respective rank for later seeds.


The Best Crops For Animal Feed and Crafting

Once you reach the final upgrade you will want to start being conscious of which seeds you use in your garden to get the most benefit. There are 20 beds total.

As of patch 6.5 there are now also 20 seeds meaning you want to simply plant one of each. If you find you are running low on a specific item while you have an excess of another due to some crops being more popular, you can always change them.

Most Used Crops Least Used Crops
Wheat Broccoli
Tomato Beet
Onion Watermelon

Always have a stockpile of 80 crops before considering exporting. This ensures you never run out in a single week from workshop recommendations.

Now that there are exactly 20 seeds and 20 plots, there is no "optimal" layout because you need every crop to some extent. Feel free to refer to the list above of the most commonly used and least commonly used crops.

  • 1 x Isleberry
  • 1 x Paprika
  • 1 x Tomato
  • 1 x Onion
  • 1 x Popoto
  • 1 x Wheat
  • 1 x Parsnip
  • 1 x Corn
  • 1 x Leek
  • 1 x Runner Beans
  • 1 x Cabbage
  • 1 x Pumpkin
  • 1 x Zucchini
  • 1 x Eggplant
  • 1 x Beet
  • 1 x Radish
  • 1 x Watermelon
  • 1 x Sweet Potato
  • 1 x Broccoli
  • 1 x Buffalo Beans


  • 04 Oct. 2023: Updated for 6.5.
  • 29 May 2023: Updated for 6.4.
  • 13 Jan. 2023: Updated for 6.3.
  • 26 Aug. 2022: Guide added.
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